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Writings from the heart

below, 3 flavors of articles: for healers, kindred spirits, and ‘just for fun.’

happy reading!

for healers

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‘The Egg’ by Andy Weir

hi loved ones!   if you hold space for folks waking up from 'earth amnesia,' this can be powerful to share in healing sessions when the moment is right.  kind thanks to andy, for being who he is, and for his gracious permission to share the…

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when you feel too scared to shine

in this article, we'll look at 3 reasons healers, teachers, and leaders might feel too scared to shine and do our work in the world: • fear of being targeted or cancelled online • lived experience, where attention was unsafe • past life persecution memories…

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specialist spirit guides who help you

if you are of service in the world, this applies to you.  if you work with humans, animals, or living systems, this applies to you.  if you dream, this applies to you.   you don't live in a vacuum, and your work in the world…

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‘the show must go on’

as spaceholders, healers, and leaders, we’ve got a library of stories worth cringing, crying, or laughing over, don’t we? on our best days, we make it look easy. if you and I were sharing stories by firelight under a sea of stars, I might share…

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your origin story & the path of service

below, a simple exercise and ceremony of ‘re-membering’ for you...   aren’t origin stories wonderful? when you engage self-inquiry like ‘why do I serve?’ you encounter your own origin story – that led you onto the path of service you’re walking today in your profession.…

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part 1: ‘pruning & nourishing’ relationships

the relationships we keep with us affect our lives in powerful ways: as you look at how you've orchestrated your life as a healer, helper, leader, or teacher, it's of benefit to explore where you're putting your precious time and lifeforce in relationship. after all,…

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part 2: finding the lesson in relationships

in part 1 of this article, you engaged the ‘elevator exercise,’ where you imagined 8 hours in an elevator with someone in your life you love spending time with, and someone in your world who feels challenging.  hopefully, you then calendared a gentle way to…

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ceremonies are where humans wake up from the trance

ceremony is one of the strongest tools we can use to help our clients, students, groups, and audiences.  river otter offers us this beautiful teaching: 'ceremonies are where humans wake up from the trance, and remember how powerful they are.' delicious, yes?  good ceremony changes…

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the best helping tool for healers

the mystery wants to meet you on personal retreat, so you can come home to yourself. ‘personal retreat’ is an evocative phrase, a portal to some special kind of magic.  like water on parched desert soil, a marvelous inner adventure reminds you of who you…

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for kindred spirits

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how to make a nourishing kit for hard times

I’d like to share something we’re working on in one of the current dreaming otter circles, where we engage our helping spirits in the unseen realms, and each other in loving community. our topic in circle was ‘crisis’…and you might wonder who would voluntarily get…

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meditation candle

the art of asking spirit for support

there is power and fruitfulness in the most 'simple' spiritual practices. in this article, we'll start with your personal altar and close with...a helpful hippopotamus to make you smile, that also illustrates a fundamental truth about how energy flows. the altar altars are deeply personal,…

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blowing dandelion golden light

childlike joy for when you feel weary

'childlike joy' as a gentle antidote for weariness: if you've been 'adulting' too much lately (meetings, bills, commitments, challenges, burdens, sorrows, burn out, compassion fatigue, overgiving, you name it)... my helping spirits invite you to turn towards cultivating 'childlike joy' as a gentle (and sweet)…

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cat in sun

for the love of cat (journey)

  the divine feline: cat lovers don’t need it explained. there is something in us, deep in our hearts, that reveres, cherishes, and delights in cats! some of us have felt it all our lives – a strong need to serve, rescue, help or support…

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beauty as medicine for sensitives & empaths

person: what do you do? me: I help sensitive, empathic, and gifted folks learn to slow down, work with helping spirits, and live a magical life.  it’s awesome! person: why would you want to work with ‘sensitive people?’ aren’t they just fragile flowers who need…

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holidays: the miniature magic moment for sensitives

as I'm writing this post, the air is crisp and cool here in the redwoods, with crimson and gold leaves falling like gentle rain to the earth. I’m hearing from some of you that first snow is falling, and that others are drinking in radiant…

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tools for sensitives, empaths, starseeds

there are lots of types of sensitives here planetside.  here at the dreaming otter, we believe that those of us courageous enough to incarnate in our evolutionary times (and those who find their way here) might identify as a highly sensitive person (HSP), intuitive, starseed,…

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about slowing down: do you check your phone

“do you check your smart phone before you pee in the morning, or while you are peeing?” ​ ~the social dilemma   I​ think about that question a lot. then ​I think about the thousands of folks who have come for healing sessions because they…

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armchair adventures, just for fun

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the dreaming otter: origin story

what does it mean to follow your dreams? it started about two decades ago.  night after night, I was visited by incredibly vivid dreams of swimming with river otters.  in them, I got to be an otter myself, clever paws and strong tail propelling me…

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cartwheels & the labyrinth

as you read, I invite you to notice where you are in your life in this story. do you see yourself here? once, I accepted help from someone when I needed it most, what unfolded wasn’t feeling good.  simply, I was doing all the things…

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the little dog & vulnerability

once upon a time, I had an experience with a dear friend that felt challenging to the core, and I was feeling rocked and unhappy.  the way I handle my upset is to walk in the woods and talk it out with myself, until I…

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getting lost, tea & tie dye

Hulloa armchair adventurer! This is a sharing of a recent personal mini-retreat that lasted just 24 hours, almost to the minute. It wasn’t grand or fancy, and it didn’t cost and arm and a leg…and it delivered absolute clarity for me, along with gentle and…

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poppy’s ceremony: in her own words

one woman's healing story: I love reading stories. books saved my life as a little person in some hard times (and lots of sensitives can relate to this), and humans have been learning and growing through stories shared round the fireside for millennia. when we…

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