Writings from the heart

now and again, I’ll share writings and musings from the cosmic pen.

kind thanks for being here, reading, and who you are.


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3 ways to connect to childlike joy

about 'childlike joy' in a recent journey to my helping spirits, I asked what is of most service for our beautiful community.  they offered a beautiful seed for us: 'childlike joy.' isn't that lovely?  in our fast-paced, nuttybonkers times, where we can get so busy…

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for the love of cat

  the divine feline did you know I'm a cat person?  it's true!  I love cats with all of my heart - I am devoted to them. I'm going to geek out mightily on cats for a minute, and then share about the magic circle. …

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women’s retreat with the goddess

I hope your heart is smiling today, and things are flowing with kindness and gentleness in your world. I've been busy behind the scenes cooking up a burbling cauldron of goodness, and one of the creations is ready to share with you.  meet... aphrodite's day.…

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how to make a nourishing kit for hard times

I’d like to share something we’re working on in one of the current dreaming otter women’s circles, where we engage our helping spirits in the unseen realms, and each other in loving community. our topic in circle was ‘crisis’…and you might wonder who would voluntarily…

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water rabbit blog

2023 spirit message from the water rabbit

happy year of the water rabbit happy lunar new year to you! in the chinese tradition, we are beginning water rabbit year today, january 22, 2023.  water rabbit has showed up a lot in the unseen realms in my recent spirit journeys, and here's a…

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poppy’s ceremony & the magical life

one woman's healing story: I love reading stories. books saved my life as a little person in some hard times (and lots of sensitives can relate to this), and I feel like humans have been learning and growing through stories shared round the fireside for…

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part 1 of 2: ‘pruning and nourishing’ relationships

the relationships we keep with us affect our live in powerful ways as you look at how you've orchestrated your magical life, it may feel nourishing to explore where you're putting your precious time and lifeforce in relationships.  after all, the friends, colleagues, family, and…

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beauty as medicine for sensitives & empaths

person: what do you do? me: I help sensitive, empathic, and gifted women learn to slow down, work with helping spirits, and live a magical life.  it’s awesome! person: why would you want to work with ‘sensitive people?’ aren’t they just fragile flowers who need…

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holiday survival sessions for empaths

hulloa magnificent sensitive one!  I hope holiday time is feeling kind to you - even if you don’t celebrate the holidays yourself, as a sensitive, empath, or starseed, you may be acutely feeling the collective energies right now, which are certainly bumpy on both personal…

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