Writings from the heart

now and again, I’ll share writings and musings from the cosmic pen.

kind thanks for being here, reading, and who you are.


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Practical & magical

here are two incendiary statements I believe to be true: you can have all of the practical, logical, mundane, nuts & bolts skill in the world...and if you're missing part of your soul, have energy leaks or unresolved spirit contracts, or are out of touch…

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Ceremonies are where humans wake up from the trance

hi friends!  today, I'm writing about ceremony, which is at the heart of everything at the dreaming otter.  otter offers us this beautiful teaching: 'ceremonies are where humans wake up from the trance, and remember how powerful they are.' delicious, yes?  good ceremony changes the…

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Do you check your phone

“do you check your smart phone before you pee in the morning, or while you are peeing?” ​ ~the social dilemma   I​ think about that question a lot. then ​I think about the thousands of folks who have come for healing sessions because they…

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The Mystery Wants To Meet Us On Personal Retreat

the mystery wants to meet us on personal retreat ‘personal retreat’ is an evocative phrase, a portal to some special kind of magic.  like water on parched desert soil, a marvelous inner adventure that reminds us of who we are, or a yearned-for exhale, personal…

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Cartwheels & The Labyrinth

as you read, I invite you to notice where you are in your life in this story.  do you see yourself here? once, I accepted help from someone when I needed it most, what unfolded wasn’t feeling good.  simply, I was doing all the things…

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For Leaders: The Show Must Go On

as leaders, we’ve got a library of stories worth cringing, crying, or laughing over, yes?  on our best days, we make it look easy. if you and I were enjoying time together by firelight under a sea of stars, I might share a couple of…

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The Little Dog & Vulnerability

once upon a time, I had an experience with a dear friend that felt challenging to the core, and I was feeling rocked and unhappy.  the way I handle my upset is to walk in the woods and talk it out with myself, until I…

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The Dreaming Otter: Origin Story

what does it mean to follow your dreams? it started about two decades ago.  night after night, I was visited by incredibly vivid dreams of swimming with river otters.  in them, I got to be an otter myself, clever paws and strong tail propelling me…

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