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if you are of service in the world, this applies to you. 

if you work with humans, animals, or living systems, this applies to you. 

if you dream, this applies to you.


you don’t live in a vacuum, and your work in the world (which has sentience and selfhood) doesn’t either.

note: for ease of sharing, I’ll be using phrases like ‘your body of work’ in this short article, which applies to anyone who helps, mends, and tends in the world.

this is for healers of all kinds, therapists, nurses, coaches, first responders, midwives, teachers, animal communicators, authors, firefighters, hospice workers, acupuncturists, spiritual teachers, physicians, social workers, channels, visionaries, and so on and so forth.


let’s think about the beautiful web that holds and sustains you.  you’re supported by a veritable helpful horde of humans in 3D – your friends and family of course – and your assistant, web designer, massage therapist, grocer, dentist, business coach, postal worker, veterinarian, tax preparer, mechanic, lawyer, hairdresser, librarian, marketing staff, and so on and so forth.

that’s just in your waking human experience.  in the unseen realms, you’re also supported by your bright and well ancestors, guardians and mentors,teachers in human or animal form, elementals, soul groups, goddesses and gods, ascended masters, devas, specialist helpers, and so on and so forth.


this isn’t true just for you.  this is also true for the living being that is your body of work, which has a life and existence of it’s own.  it has a whole team of wondrous, helpful, powerful specialist guides…just like you do.


have you met the spirit of your body of work?

are you familiar with your work’s specialist guides?


just like your helping spirits (who help you, whether you ‘believe in them’ or not) can change your life in the best ways once you learn how to talk with them and become friends…your healing practice, business, service, or body of work in the world has a whole team of spirit helpers who are super interested and vested in your work itself staying happy and healthy.

isn’t that beautiful?

I love, love this topic for exploration.  your particular work in the world – as only you can perform and lovingly tend it – has strong, useful specialist helping spirits who act as guardian, visionary, networker, muse, wise elder, magician, bouncer, healer, lightning rod, cheerleader, lorekeeper, and so on and so forth.

knowing who they are, and building friendships with them changes everything for you.


instead of imagining that ‘you run the show’ all by your lonesome in 3D (eep!  please don’t do that!), there is tremendous power (and fun, and grace) in learning who the team of spirit guides are who champion and support your actual work in the world.

your life and service become more magical, efficient, and in flow once you learn who these wonderful helping beings are, and how to work directly with them.


so, how do you connect with these marvelous specialist helpers who are waiting in the wings for you to start talking with them?  there are so many valid and interesting ways to connect with what’s beyond our five human senses.

I like to journey with my spirits, and you might instead enjoy channeling, dreamwork, mediumship, direct revelation, trancework, deep retreat, formal contemplation, or intuitive connection.  the form of how you connect with specialist guides – who support both you AND the living being that is your work – doesn’t matter.

knowing that they’re there, that they most fervently want to help and celebrate you + your work in the world, does.

however you engage your helping team of specialist spirits, they’re waiting to hear from you.


this is the kind of work we do here at the dreaming otter.  we live in evolutionary times, and we were all brave to say ‘yes’ and arrive here planetside on our respective missions.   if you need help connecting with your amazing team of specialist guides in the unseen realms, if these ideas are new for you or you’re ready to deepen into the mystery, please email and let me know.  we can do a session, I can send you self-paced teaching materials, and if there’s an upcoming course that’s a good fit to resource you, I can share that, too.

happy exploring, connecting, deepening, learning, trusting, and receiving from the marvelous (and effective) specialist guides who support you – your own spirit and the spirit of your work in the world will thank you immensely for it.


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