hi there lovely folks

I’m anna…kind thanks for visiting the dreaming otter.

if you’re here, you may be noodling on a session or a class – welcome!

the best way to learn about each other is through experiencing and connecting…

until we do, here’s a bit about me to support your discernment.


Younger Years

when I think of my first 7 years in santa cruz, I remember learning the natural world out on the land with my father, a dramatic encounter with lightning, falling in love with animal friends and trees, and feeling strongly the presence of magic, and the unseen world.  those years were idyllic in many ways, and I give thanks.

a time of great tumult followed, and I spent the next 20 years in san diego.  it was there that I discovered in myself a voice of strong advocacy for the earth, animals, and sensitive creatures.  I’ve been involved with environmental advocacy since age 8, and my passion to help here earthside drove me to earn a degree in biological sciences.

I chose that degree because (well, yay science!) I wanted to be able to teach children, as I feel that seeds of kindness planted early on can grow to wondrous fruit in later life.  before leaving southern california, I worked at non-profits as an environmental educator, and taught 22,000+ children and adults about the intricacies of our beautiful planet, and how we can kindly coexist with all beings in the web of life.

sacred geometry

Healing & Teaching

in the san diego era, a magical cat named mufasa led me to my first encounter with reiki, when I was seeking a miracle to save his life.  in awe and gratitude, I witnessed reiki save my friend…and that experience changed my trajectory forever.  I was present for mufasa’s first breath, and gave him reiki during his last – his gifts and guidance have rippled out to a lot of folks since.  I give thanks!

once mufasa opened the doorway to the unseen for me, magic arrived fast and furious, inviting me to tend to what was hurting within.  my lived experience has held intensity, robust initiations, peak moments, and a lot of trauma.  I accepted sacred wounds that needed healing…and reiki delivered.  reiki opened the door for bridging the seen and unseen worlds, and volunteering reiki led to starting a healing practice, which has beautiful you reading these words today.

these days, although the shape of my work has changed form, I find that those early seeds of loving the natural world, being a kind human, and living in service have blossomed and thrived.  I serve by holding frequencies of light here, with thanks.

Treasures & Gifts

I’ve created some rich human experiences! I’ve lived off the grid in the high desert of new mexico, hauled soil samples up and down mountains in the cloud forests of ecuador, found peace in ancient jungle ruins deep in the yucatan, and heard glaciers sing and calve in the alaskan wilderness.  I’ve had amazing encounters out on the land with owls, serpents, bears, big cats, dolphins, deer, whales, and otters, and have seen scenes of natural beauty that even today take my breath away.

I feel like my spirit wants to explore extremes, mine them for treasure, and share with others what meaning or healing is available there.  I’ve lived in posh zip codes and out of my car, and I’ve known attack and love without condition.  I’ve been too poor to afford ramen, and rich enough to be able to gift friends when they need help.  I’ve howled in anguish and blackest despair, and laughed in purest delight and deepest joy.  I’ve walked in deep community and wandered alone as a nomad.  I’ve had high highs and low lows – I’ve been down on my luck, and blessed beyond belief.

a helpful friend on the road has been creating beauty.  I love to sing, draw, dance, craft, and my happiest place is quilting with my cat, and a good star trek episode.  I love walking in nature, consulting the oracle, communing with my friends in the spirit realm, and cherish quiet moments of peace and contentment.

I know who I am, and remember the stars I come from.  I look forward to learning some of what makes you magical and unique, and how we can learn from and support each other on our human earthwalks.  to the great mystery of life and experience, I give thanks!

sacred geometry

Healing & The Unseen

since meeting reiki in 2004, I’ve been graced to teach reiki to homeless youth, volunteer reiki with young women in recovery, offer reiki for veterans and hospice patients, and lay on hands in disaster relief centers.  I created and ran a low-cost healing clinic in san francisco for 9 years, and helped cocreate the first ever collaborative bay area reiki retreat unifying 5 reiki schools.  I’ve studied reiki with 5 wonderful reiki teachers (thank you joann, malia, jeanine, hyakuten, and laurelle!), and completed training in 20 reiki levels, spanning komyo, lightarian, karuna, and usui reiki.  through holding a few thousand reiki sessions and a few hundred reiki classes, I’ve witnessed what miracles can wait for us on our healing paths.

reiki led me to working with helping spirits, and that course of study made sense of many spontaneous spiritual happenings in my life.  I’ve studied with a lot of lovely human teachers (thank you sandy, serge, daniel, nan, david, and nicki!), and a lot of helpers in spirit form.  I’ve been graced to host elders from siberia, peru, and australia here in the states, and to learn with teachers from tibetan, mayan, hopi, q’ero, and hawaiian lineages.  it’s an honor and a joy to bridge the seen and unseen worlds for our beautiful community with ceremonies honoring rites of passage, reclaiming, birth, and death.  to well, healing ancestors, and everyone who walks this path with lovingkindness and grace as guiding stars, I honor you, and give thanks.

the shape of my work is changing these days, and it’s a wild and sweet ride.  whether you’re after an energetic tune-up, calling in a dream, or walking peacefully into what scares you most, kind magics can help support you in our times.  until we connect, great love to you.  ~anna