lovely one,

kind thanks for visiting!

when I’m considering a new teacher or guide,

I like to read ‘about’ pages to see if there’s resonance and rapport.

in service to your search, here are some odds and ends about me.

the best way to connect is directly, here.

until then, my love to you.

~ anna

Hi folks

I’m anna, an unusual and eclectic creature.  I’ve had lots of wild adventures in my human earthwalk – like living in the mystical cloud forests of ecuador, feeling lightning strike beneath my feet, and having amazing encounters out on the land with serpents, big cats, bears, birds of prey, deer, dolphins, and (of course!) otters.

I hold a lot of extremes and seeming contradictions, and I find that delightful!  I’m made of magic and daydreams and rainbows…and can rock a ferocious spreadsheet with the best of ‘em.  I’m shy and introverted like most high-level empaths and sensitives, and also love grand adventures that require big dollops of courage and badassery.  I hold a biology degree and love hard science, and I talk with spirit animals and live the woo.  I’m simple and complicated all at once, have survived the school of hardest knocks more times than I can count or remember, and no matter what, I love the mystery.

I’m the keeper of a lot of richly varied stories of lived experience, and I’m really grateful for that, because it means I can meet pretty much anyone where they’re at. I’ve been teaching, serving, and holding spaces for folks to learn and grow for 25+ years, with 18 of those as a guide of esoteric healing arts, and business owner.  if this sort of thing is meaningful for you, I’ve trained with lots of big recognizable names and also lots of extraordinary hidden elders.  I have a rockstar history of service that spans teaching healing to homeless youth, to speaking as an expert at global symposiums.  I bring everything I am and all the places I’ve been to my work, and look forward to discovering your rich tapestry of lived experience.

it took me a really long time of ‘doing it the hard way’ to remember who I am and the stars I come from.  these days, I love myself a lot – goofball and magician all at once.  if you’re reading this, I honor everything you’ve survived and thrived through to arrive here.  I give thanks to our guides for connecting us, and I’m here for you when you’re ready.

sacred geometry

Odds & Ends

    • I’m a star trek fan. my dad took eight-year-old me to star trek conventions, and if you’ve been to a vegas star trek convention in recent years, you might have glimpsed my beloved and I frolicking about in star trek costumes.  k’plah!  llap.
    • one of my ancestral lineages has a deeply sacred vow to honor and serve cats – it’s ancient, and bone deep. another ancestral line has walked with otters since druids first spoke with trees, and they call otters ‘the sleek ones.’  otters and cats are my two favorite corporeal beings.
    • my 11 tattoos detail a map of my life, and living.  the most recent is a cosmic otter that swims from wrist to elbow, and it feels like there’s another one arriving soon.  I hope to be an old lady covered in ink and wrinkles, with a lot of miles under my belt.
    • I’m a bookish creature. I’ve managed two of the best darn independent bookstores on the planet, and will happily eat a book a day, left to my own devices.   favorite moment: reading a book, eating a crunchy thing, with a cat on my tummy.  heaven!
    • I can raise one eyebrow, and move my nose in four directions. no kidding!  it’s my silly human trick.  that, and wielding a bad pun.  can’t help it.  hang with me long enough and it’s gonna happen!
    • I’m a craftswoman.  I love making things with my paws – candles, jewelry, chainmail, fine art, you name it.  my true passion, though, is quilting.  I’m on quilt 13 or so by now, and I’m fascinated by how quilts teach me about the language of small parts making a larger whole so much bigger and more beautiful than any one piece.
    • we’re all multidimensional and delightful oddballs, more than could ever fit on a page.  I’d love to learn about you…your turn!