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how healing works here

whether you’re a healer by profession or someone on a spiritual path, there’s a fundamental flow of working with healing energy that creates a strong internal foundation, so external change can happen in a graceful way.

here are truths we honor:

everything is alive, has sentience, wants to communicate, and seeks balance.  when we are well and in flow, we are a gift in creation, and can be effective (and joyful) in our chosen purpose and callings.

1: fundamentals

we all have a spiritual mission, we all have helping spirits, and you can learn to be in healthy relationship with your guides so they can help you fulfill your life’s purpose.  it’s an incredible joy to build deep, lasting friendships with helpers in the unseen realms.

in addition to working with your spirit helpers, you can learn energetic tools that bring alchemy into your life and work – it’s mysterious and wonderful!  once you bring in the strength of community or the support of a skilled healer to help you, solid foundations are in place.

2: healing work

healing what hurts or is no longer aligned comes next, now that you’ve begun friendships in the spirit world and practices that keep you firmly plugged into sweetness, mystery, and flow.

healings like soul retrieval and power restoration help you and your sacred work come home to yourselves, and the release of old energies, cords, and contracts become important pieces to finding wholeness.

when energy is less burdened and your soul is more whole and at home (this feels amazing), you’re able to really be with yourself, and can stop moving so fast in an effort to fill yourself up, or meet outside demands or norms.  you can do what you came here to.

3: embodied life

it’s time!  using your own power and gifts, you can now move external roadblocks on the path of your life and calling.  this requires courage and support, and it’s worth it.

you’re sure enough of yourself and your mission now to engage strong mystery practices like personal retreat and ceremony – these allow you to step outside the noise, find yourself, and actually change the way energy flows in your life and work.  you call down power in a skillful way.

from this deeply well place, you’re resourced to contribute outside of yourself.  that might look like serving as a healer or teacher in your field, embodying joy in a life well-lived, or bringing positive change and healing to people and systems.

your path

after moving through this flow personally and professionally (depending on where you’re at, and your interest), you discover yourself living what I call ‘a magical life,’ which means being in strong service, and walking in deep union with the mystery – you know yourself, your path, and purpose.

if this kind of work feels resonant or you’d like to dive in and begin, you can click the button below and learn about receiving healing support.  welcome!

if you’d like to learn more about me before working together, please click here

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