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what healing is

healing is love.  that’s both simple, and profound – and healing wears many, many faces.

the face love wears here is working directly with our compassionate helping spirits and the vast, interconnected world of living energy that sings through the web of life.  its extraordinary (and fun, and inspiring) to make friends with our spirit helpers who love us without condition, and offer us information, guidance, and healing.

the work we do here is about wonder, service, healing, and joy.

at the dreaming otter, we connect with countless loving denizens in the marvelous worlds of the unseen, who are generously committed to helping us anchor hope and positivity in our human world.  our work here is based in these ideas:

  • everything is alive, sentient, and can communicate
  • in its way, everything seeks harmony and balance
  • healing is always possible (sometimes, miracles as well)

a really beautiful thing about working directly with our spirits is that no one can gainsay or interpret our experiences for us.  by working with the path of direct revelation, in community and on our personal paths, we remember the magic and joy in living, and our own hearts.

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3 ways we work here

I’ve always been fascinated by ‘the fulcrum and the lever’ – I interpret it as ‘how can we can apply the most skillful amount of positive energy to achieve the greatest amount of good?’ we do that here by:

  1. anchoring positivity, real healing, and joy (even in the midst of struggle and complexity)…by becoming well ourselves
  2. regularly dunking ourselves in the sweetness and exultation of living, and connecting with other kind humans doing the same, so we strengthen each other
  3. learning powerful tools that make us more skillful, effective, and filled with grace in our professional work and personal lives (and that ripples out…)

we’re past the evolutionary time on our planet where we can be small, frightened, angry, hopeless, mean, or not do our work in a generous, kind, and resolute way.  we are needed in our wellness, lovingkindness, and our joy, so we can emit those frequencies and share them with others.

whoever you are, whatever you do, however you embody light and goodness, you can learn how to work with your helping spirits and healing energy directly, so that you are an ambassador of love and healing in thought, word, action, and deed.

Sacred Geometry Bright Colors


by working with your helping spirits – goddesses, gods, ascended healing masters, teachers in animal and human form, elementals, devas, mythic and modern archetypes, and well ancestors – you can come home to yourself, be well, and in your wellness extend your gifts to others through tools you learn here.

we dream a big dream here, of lovingkindness.  there are good humans here.  if this is a good fit, we invite you to join us in our work with helping spirits, healing energy, and love.

an easy way to begin is to join us for a couple monthly gatherings of the healer’s learning circle, or we can share a cup of tea on a free call to learn together what path forward might work for you here.

until we connect, my love and blessings to you.  thanks for being here planetside!

if you’d like to learn more about me before connecting, please click here