healing wants to happen

one of the teachings from my helping spirits I love most:  healing is the art of ‘holding more light.’

there’s a gentle and loving world of spirit and energy that wants to help you remember your purpose, heal what’s blocked or stuck, and help you come home to yourself.

you were never mean to suffer through your human life, wistfully wondering where your kindred spirits are, or feel yearning about finding and shining on your path.  you are meant to get yourself free, be a good ‘whatever you are,’ and live in a strong, luminous way.


Sacred Geometry Bright Colors


we’ll work on what’s alive for you in a private session.  we can work on anything you wish, and here are a few ways my clients tend to show up:

  • you’re feeling weariness, exhaustion, burnout, or compassion fatigue
    (soul retrieval, reiki, and cord healing are first steps)
  • you’re needing to find yourself again after loss, hardship, illness, or trauma
    (power restoration and soul retrieval are beginning places)
  • you’re calling in a partnership, birthing a dream, or starting a new life chapter
    (personal retreat and refining soul contracts are helpful)
  • you’re moving through a complex initiation or ascension process
    (magical counsel and divination are strong here)

there’s no ‘one size fits all’ with healing work – you and your situation are unique, and the work to support you needs to be, too.  you can read more about healing modalities in the FAQ below if you’re interested in some of the tools in the healing basket, book a session if you’re ready to dive in, or set up a consultation so we can chat about a clear path forward.

whatever it is that brought you here – if you’re feeling lost, something is missing, a new dream is coming into focus, it’s time for a big reset, or you simply need an energy clearing and time to deeply rest – your life can become more beautiful, in flow, and hold more light.


anna banana

welcome note

hi lovely.  I’m anna – nice to meet you through the site!  I’ve been offering healing work full time for 20 years, and you can read more about my background here.

it takes courage and strength to show up for yourself, and tend what’s calling out for healing.  it can feel really vulnerable to show up for a session with a new healer – I get it!

no matter what has called you here, I honor you.

I’m an easy person to talk to, hold a gentle space with humor woven in, and can meet you wherever you’re at.  we’ll have a sweet time together, whether you’re bringing sacred tears, or laughter.

weekdays via phone

all sessions are delivered via phone on weekdays, and include detailed session notes, recording, support materials as needed, and email followup to check on your healing process.

note: I do keep some session times open that aren’t listed here.  if you don’t see a time here that works for you, please email and we’ll see what we can create for you.  until we connect, my love and blessings…

pricing & format

two-hour sessions are $345

sessions are available weekdays, via phone

includes healing summary, support materials, followup

frequently asked questions

I sure can!  (laughter)  everything at the dreaming otter is based on direct work with healing energies and spirit helpers, and the idea that everything is alive, has sentience, and wants to communicate.  learning how to work with spirit guides and being able to engage the mystery directly are two powerful keys to living a skillful, beautiful human life.

I work in the unseen realms, which are another kind of reality as valid as the one you’re experiencing now.  in the worlds beyond what our five senses can perceive, we can communicate directly with goddesses and gods, elemental beings and nature devas, ascended healing masters, mystical or archetypal beings, bright and well ancestors, animal beings, or personal guides – the list is pretty endless.

it is these wonderful beings who perform healing on your behalf – it’s my joy and honor to hold the space for you in 3D while healing happens.

my particular way of working with helping spirits is twofold:  I’m an intuitive and a channel, so I’m receiving guidance from my compassionate helping spirits, and they perform the work.  when you receive healings like soul retrieval, cord healing, power restoration, psychopomp, divination, etc, I’ll use the rhythmic beat of a drum to help me drop more deeply into sync with my spirit guides, so they can show me the healing they’re offering on your behalf.   that’s a fun part of a session, as you get to hear the rhythmic drumbeat, which is healing in and of itself.

I love this work, and have dedicated my life to it because working with spirit guides is amazing, mystical, powerful, relieving, and effective.  if you have any questions, please reach out and let me know.  I’m here!

caveat: you can read a whole big bunch about different healing modalities…and that’s super different than diving in and receiving.  just like chocolate mousse, you’ve got to experience it to really get it, yes?

that said.  speaking for myself, I might feel a little anxious if a healer I haven’t worked with yet says ‘I’ll figure out what to do for you based on my experience.’  that’s valid, and I’d also like to at least have a little sense of what’s available from a healer, as I discern if they feel aligned and supportive for me or not.

in service to helping you feel into what work with me might be like, here are some (very brief descriptions of) kinds of techniques we might weave in to support you.  I’ve been doing this work for 20 years, and the tool basket is deep and wide.  here’s a short sneak peek at a small handful of the things we might bring aboard to help you:

dream seeds: you incarnated with ‘dream seeds,’ which are like kindly little lights revealing the path your spirit chose for this lifetime.  it’s really fun and cool to figure out what they are, so you’re not stumbling around in your life wondering ‘why am I here?  what makes me happy?’  note: you can receive a little PDF exercise (15 min) to discover yours, when you sign up for the email list.  this is important information, because once you know what your dream seeds are, you can see what is (or isn’t) aligned with them in your life.

spirit guides: pretty much ALL of the energy work here is based in working directly with spirit guides.  it’s an incredible joy to build deep, lasting friendships with yours, be they goddesses, elementals, well ancestors, animal helpers, or enlightened teachers.  spirit helpers are deeply kind and powerful, and can support you by offering information, counsel, and healings.  it’s amazing to be able to connect with your helping spirits, any time on any topic, and feel how loved and supported you are.  this is the heart of everything at the dreaming otter…and you can absolutely learn to talk with your helping spirits directly.  it’s like having a strong crew of best friends who want nothing but goodness for you, and can help you.

ceremony: ceremony is beautiful, creative alchemy that changes the shape of reality.  your helping spirits can teach you how to create your own totally unique ceremonies, and I can help you learn how to set strong intention, solidly prepare for a ceremony, move effectively through the beginning, middle and end of a ceremony, normalize anything that arises (ceremonies are sentient, and a lot can happen in them), and then integrate the experience.  you can use ceremony to release what doesn’t serve you anymore in your life, invite a big new beginning, or serve the web of life.  knowing how to use your power in a good way is potent and wonderful, and waking up to the ceremonialist within you is a real joy.

soul retrieval: you can lose parts of your actual spirit after long illness, trauma, challenge, or overwhelm, and end up feeling ‘stuck’ or like there’s no flow or grace in your world.  if you feel like you ‘just can’t get over something’ or ‘something is missing’ there is probably some soul loss at play (and there can be other dynamics at work, soul retrieval is a good place to begin if you feel lost or stuck).  when your soul is more whole, you’re able to be with yourself, and can stop moving so fast in an effort to fill yourself up.  (aha!)  you can think of it this way: you need all of you here to live a happy human life – you could also call soul retrieval ‘coming home.’

releasing old energies: in a human life, you’ll accumulate many artifacts, ideas, identities, dreams, friends, agreements, and ways of being.  as you grow (how beautiful), you’ll release some of these in physical form (how natural), but old cords, energies, and spiritual contracts can bog you down (how tiring).  healings from spirit guides get you free of old energies, so you’re not wandering around the planet like some beleaguered turtle carrying every old relationship and energy you’ve ever experienced around with you all the time (wow, you’d be one exhausted turtle!).  a note about this one: if energetic cords are involved, I don’t do ‘cord cutting.’  my helping spirits propone ‘cord healing’ which is different, compassionate, and liberating.  we can also remove energetic intrusions (exactly what that sounds like), and other people’s residual energy.

personal retreat: our world is full, full of noise.  there is an art in being able to slow down and hear the ‘song in the silence’ – which is the truth and simplicity of your own heart.  you can learn how to relax, exhale, and come back to yourself.  from this place, you have access to feeling love, being happy, and remembering your purpose.  and, I’ve seen lots of folks try to slow down without understanding why they’re so ratcheted up all the time and have a pretty crappy, bumpy experience trying personal retreat.  there are skillful ways to set intention, prepare, move through the experience, tend what comes up (like phone addiction), glean the medicine and meaning of what happens in that sacred space, and then reenter your life.  even one personal retreat can change your life in a big way, like a powerful ‘reset.’  when you learn how to build your own effective personal retreats, you can really invite flow, ease, and grace into your life.

feeling full yet?  but what about sacred storytelling, medicine keys, dowsing, reiki, labyrinths, divination, magical counsel, sacred art, unburdening, talismans, circling, working with the goddesses, altars, elemental declarations, oracles, crystal grids, channeled activations, and resetting the nervous system?  (grin)  there are LOTS of tools in the tool basket.

reading is less helpful than receiving – if any of this has your heart saying a shy or cheerful ‘yes!’ please email me.  happy healing!

do you do in-person sessions?

I offer all of my work remotely.

this allows us to work together from anywhere on planet earth without the limit of physical location.  you can show up for session in your pajamas with a cup of tea and a snuggy quilt, and you don’t need to travel immediately after receiving healing (gods, that’s relieving!).  being snug at home allows you to really rest after session, and enjoy smooth integration.

working via phone also allows you to go deep without worrying about how you look or how you’re showing up.  the energy is there, and our helping spirits are leading the way.  note: a big part of my work is about slowing down, and living in a gentle way – we’ve got enough intensity and screen time going on.  ergo phone – less for our nervous systems to deal with, more spaciousness to relax and heal.

note: if we coordinate time zones outside of the US, we’ll use zoom with audio only for sessions.

do you offer sessions on weekends?

I do not offer sessions on weekends, although there are occasional group circles on weekend dates.

YES!  this is actually the way I prefer to work.  reason being, there’s only so much one session can do, just like how one therapy session, one chiropractic session, one acupuncture session can be beneficial, but not tend to the complexity and layers sometimes required for deep, lasting change and healing in your life.

if your situation invites deeper work, depending on what’s going on for you, you might choose to do a series of 3 sessions to start, or work together for 6 months in an ongoing container.  you can read more about ongoing support here.

that said, I don’t want people to work with me forever.  I want you to soar on your own, and a big focus of my work is putting tools into your hands so you receive what you need, ‘graduate me,’ and go on to live your marvelous life here planetside.

it’s a wonderful thing, to have a healer in your corner, who knows you well and walks with you through times of transition, change, endings, or beginnings with clear perspective and lots of effective tools.  if you feel you’d benefit from ongoing work and would like to do a free half-hour consult, you can email me here.