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essential energy tools for personal & professional use

take good care of yourself & learn with other healers

3rd fridays @ 10ampt, live or recorded

it takes courage, humor, determination, tenacity, resilience, and such a big heart to hold space.

welcome healers, helpers, nurses, therapists, midwives, hypnotherapists, doulas, acupuncturists, massage therapists, social workers, hospice providers, and teachers of healing arts.  if you help, mend, or tend in the world, come and learn tools to support yourself, your family and friends, and the people you serve professionally.

our circle is based in these 3 strong ideas:

  • energy work: everything is alive, has sentience, and wants to communicate
  • walking in both worlds: to be truly effective, we need both practical and magical skills
  • kindred spirits: sharing with colleagues helps us remember the joy in our work

these short, effective gatherings help you learn reliable tools that benefit your personal life and professional work.  this helps you be resourced long-term, so that you love living, avoid feeling burdened or burned out, fulfill your purpose, and perform beautiful work in the world.

it’s fun to learn new tools and work with helping spirits in good company, and explore how energy healing supports us and the people we serve.  we’re so much happier and stronger when we come together, learn, and celebrate and support each other…

in these short and sweet monthly circles, we do just that.

Sacred Geometry Bright Colors

circle format & tools

at each circle, we ground, connect in an easy and relaxed way, receive teachings, and connect directly with our helping spirits to learn tools and receive healings under the umbrella of our monthly topics.  circles are about 2 hours in length.  if you can attend live, you get to connect with other healers, and if another time is better for you, I’ll send an audio recording after circle.  we take a short biobreak midway through, and move at a comfortable pace – there’s no need for us to be ‘on’ in this space, but instead to learn, relax, and receive.

every circle is based in working with our spirit guides directly to learn how to take better care of ourselves, the people we serve, and our communities.

at each gathering, we’ll listen to a live rhythmic drumbeat to help us enter a light waking trance state, which allows us to talk directly with our spirit helpers.  this approach is really beautiful, because we each receive personalized guidance for our specific situations from our guides, in the larger context of our shared gathering topics.

*if journeying is new to you, I’ll provide a beautiful self-paced home study course that teaches you the basics.  study and practice take less than a half hour, and prepares you to attend circle.  journeying is fun, mysterious, and wonderful – this is a strong skill to use regularly in your daily life, and professional practice.

each topic (below) is interesting, fascinating, or fun by turn, whether you’re just starting out or have been in practice for a long time.  welcome!

anna banana

about me

my work connects you with helping spirits and healing energies that support you personally and professionally – thanks so much for what you be, and do.

for 20 years, it’s been my joy to hold space for more than 4,000 students, clients, and participants in hundreds of small classes, sessions, retreats, and ceremonies.

as a 4th generation teacher, I weave a lot of different life experiences into the space, like my biology degree with supporting study in anthropology, environmental nonprofit background as a program manager and educator, training as a ceremonialist, and long career as a business owner blending practical and magical approaches to living.

join a monthly gathering

upcoming topics are listed below, and we gather 3rd fridays @ 10amPT.  some circles build on each other, some stand alone, and all of our work is based on working directly with spirit guides.

if you have questions, or wish to cover one of these topics in a private session, please email me. 

thanks for being who you are.

please take good care of you.