is this familiar?

you’re brilliant, gifted, empathic, and kind.  the list below feels like looking in a mirror, and has you nodding your head along in agreement:

  • there’s a strong, insatiable call in your heart to connect with the mystery.  magic, healing energies, and unseen worlds have a powerful lure for you, and you’re drawn to explore things like astrology, tarot, herblore, reiki, mysticism, goddesses, ancient civilizations, and spirit guides.  (yes!)
  • you have a deep love of nature and animals, and feel reverence for the incredible mystery of the cosmos.  you cannot understand how anyone could hurt the web of life, earth’s beautiful creatures, or each other, and you truly wish to be a force for goodness and healing here.
  • you’ve felt, seen, or sensed energies others couldn’t your whole life, and you might have shut down those gifts from a young age to feel safe – and that’s ready to change.  you’re deeply intuitive, with rich inner gifts.
  • you’re giving, compassionate, empathic and your heart is wide open and loving.  instead of making you fragile or weak, these traits are what make you wonderful.  in your own eclectic and perfect way, you’re a zesty adventurer and a cheerfully intrepid explorer, with great inner strength and resilience.
  • you’re simply not happy if you’re not ‘fulfilling your mission’ and helping others (even if you don’t know what your mission is yet), and meaningful work and projects that make earth more luminous fulfill you in deep, lasting ways.
  • you’re sure there are others out there like you who feel like you do, and you yearn to find them.  you know that when you connect with kindred spirits who also love magic and the mystery, it feels like coming home.

one size fits no one

you’re your own delightful mystery.  there isn’t anyone with your own funny blend of foible-filled perfection, rich history of lived experience, and unique life path – which is exactly the point of ‘earth school.’

without knowing your particular flavor of wonderful yet, I might imagine that you’re a gift to creation.  I understand what it is to be a sensitive and gentle creature with empathic and rare gifts, who often feels baffled by how humans treat each other planetside.  I honor that you house a great spirit that delights in joy, tenderness, and wonder, and that you’re on a mission to wake up, serve, and connect with others who feel the same truths you do.

to cope with how intense and strange the human world is, you might find yourself spending a lot of time alone, where you can explore the creative, inspiring, and esoteric topics that delight and inspire you.  still, you may long for other kindred spirits who feel as you do, and get it.  you are not alone!

the kindred spirits you seek (and yes, they exist) are also strongly called to explore the mystery, do their healing work, and live in service to a shared beautiful dream of harmony for all beings. when you find these wonderful folks, you’ll probably have lots of unique ‘aha!’ moments that unite you, and feel like home.

you know how amazing and beautiful working with spirit is, and how vital magic is for your very being.

welcoming a magical life

there are lots of beautiful, joyful marvels (like healing energies, spirit guides, goddesses, personal retreat, and belonging in community) that can help you create and live your version of a unique, wondrous, magical life.  your way won’t be rigid or dogmatic, and the place you’re headed is discovering your own magic, and coming back home to yourself.

if that feels interesting and resonant, I invite you to join the dreaming otter email list as a gentle, regular way to connect and build trust.  you can see over time if the kind of work we do here is for you, by clicking the button below and entering your email.  welcome!

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