gentle traveller

‘today you are you, that is truer than true. there is no one alive youer than you’

-dr seuss

is this familiar

perhaps as a sensitive, empathic, and gifted one, some of these experiences might feel familiar to you…

  • you’ve always had a strong connection to nature, natural beauty, animals, and the beautiful mystery of the universe, and can’t understand how anyone could hurt the web of life, or each other.  harsh or harmful energies (eep!) are super painful for your tender heart, and you might dwell on them for days, weeks, or even years.
  • there is a strong magnetic draw in you to connect with magic, unseen worlds, and the mystery.  you may have felt or seen energies others couldn’t your whole life (and maybe you shut those gifts down from a young age).
  • you’re giving, compassionate, and empathic, and you might feel lonely or like you have to ‘do it all alone.’  on an intense day, you might want to turn it all off, put paw over nose, and hide under the covers.
  • just because you’re incredibly sensitive and kind doesn’t mean you don’t relish rich new experiences. you might cheerfully hunt fun and grand adventures (even when they’re overstimulating), and you can show up like a shooting star that lights the night sky.
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one size fits no one

you’re your own delightful mystery.  there isn’t anyone with your own funny blend of foible-filled perfection, unique history, gifts, and life path.  which is exactly the point of ‘earth school’ – if your helping spirits and heart have helped you arrive here, there are kind magics afoot.  may your path feel supported, and may you feel held.

without knowing your particular flavor of wonderful yet, I might imagine that you’re a gift to creation, a sensitive and gentle creature with empathic gifts, who often feels baffled by how humans treat each other.  perhaps you house a great spirit that delights in joy, tenderness, and wonder, and the world can feel harsh or challenging to your heart.

insatiably called to explore the mystery, your inner world is rich with beautiful dreams, and there is peaceful joy for you in rapport with animals and nature. because you’re built differently from the average bear, others often don’t understand how deeply you feel everything, or how important harmony is for your spirit.

probably, as a kind-hearted creature who seeks out magic with a rich history of lived experience, you’ve done a good bit of self-work, and are yearning to move at your own easeful pace, and discover and live a magical life.

welcoming a magical life

there is a series of beautiful and organic steps that lead to finding and living a magical life…

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