one size fits no one

you’re your own delightful mystery.

there is no one planetside with your particular blend of gifts, rich history of lived experience, or special life path.  and yet, this may feel familiar:

  • there is a strong, insatiable yearning in you to connect with the mystery.  you’re called to explore topics like mysticism, divination, herblore, druidry, astrology, reiki, goddesses, ancient civilizations, dowsing, sacred art, shamanism, channeling, and spirit guides.  (yes!)
  • whether you’re an adept or a beginner, you know in your bones that working with the brilliant world of spirit is part of why you came here.  you may be able to sense or feel energies that others can’t, or crave cultivating your healing gifts, personally or professionally.
  • as a visionary, creative, and wayshower, you march to the rhythm of your own drum, and value direct experience with the mystery over others’ teachings or truths. there is nothing more wonderful for you than reaching to the face of the divine, and feeling it reach back.
  • you have a deep love of nature and animals, and feel profound reverence for the incredible mystery of the cosmos.  you cannot understand how anyone could hurt the web of life, earth’s beautiful creatures, or each other.  you truly wish to be a force for goodness and healing here.
  • you’re simply not happy if you’re not ‘fulfilling your mission’ and helping others – the call to serve is strong in you.  meaningful work and projects that mend what’s broken planetside fulfill you in deep, lasting ways.
  • you’re sure there are others who feel like you do, and your heart is quietly whispering about finding them.  in rare and wonderful moments when you encounter kindred spirits on mystical paths similar to yours, there is relief, belonging, and a feeling of coming home.

if this feels like looking into a mirror, hullo!  big heart hug to you, and I’m so very glad you’ve arrived here amidst the noise and bustle of our times.  you’ll encounter friends and heartmates here on paths similar to yours.

I’d love to share the work we do here with you – unique, eclectic, and in tune with the energies of the moment.  I’m not on social media, and I invite you to join the email list as a gentle, regular way to connect and build trust.  you can see over time if this kind of work is for you, by clicking the button below and entering your email.  warmest welcome!

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