bright blessings to you

hi beautiful! I help sensitive, empathic, and gifted women

learn how to heal, slow down, connect with spirit, and live a magical life.

in the middle of our fast-paced times, I invite you to slow with me, and explore the site.

what’s ‘a magical life?’  why might you want one, as a gifted and sensitive creature?

here are some thoughts about that for you…

you are magical

you may have arrived here because you’re way more sensitive and magical than the average bear.

you may have arrived here because you love connecting with spirit and exploring the mystery.

you may be an empath, and energetically feel everything around you (whether you like it or not), or a starseed who chose this human incarnation to learn specific lessons, evolve, and grow.

for you as a sensitive and gifted one, the human world may not make a whole lot of sense, and might often feel harsh, too fast paced, and lacking in the deep magic that sings through the web of life.

there might be an inexplicable longing in you to connect with the mystery (hello tarot, astrology, divination, ancient civilizations, herblore, and the wonderful world of woo), to slow down and live at a pace that makes your heart sing without apology, and live whatever brilliant mission you came here to.

as an empath, sensitive and starseed myself, I understand how baffling and totally weird it can feel to try to fit in with the fast-paced (and often exhausting) human world, and how much longing you might feel to live in a slower, deeper, more magical way with the unseen.

always, there can be more light, joy, and hope.  my love and blessings to you – I’m so glad you’re here.

Sacred Geometry Bright Colors

what’s here for you

I’ve been teaching people how to heal through energetic healing arts and working with helping spirits for about 20 years, and in that time I’ve discovered delight and liberation for the magical ones I work with in three main areas:

helping you learn to talk directly with the world of spirit.  you can build friendships with goddesses, elementals, animal and mythic beings who help you navigate your life with more ease, grace, and wonder (this is such deep joy).

mending and tending past hurts, current struggles, and future fears through receiving healing.  you can release old energies, contracts, and patterns, and welcome home soul parts, lost power, and dreams.

deep, ongoing work nourishing the most lovely and tender parts of you. we weave in magics like helping spirits, goddesses, oracles, labyrinths, ceremonies, personal retreat, play, art, reiki, divination, joy and wonder so you can discover and live your own version of a magical life.

the path available for you at the dreaming otter is about slowness, kindness, normalizing what hurts without ever pathologizing, living deeply and gently with the unseen and the gobsmackingly beautiful mystery, and coming home to yourself through a variety of healing tools and mystical experiences…so magic can root deeply in your world.


I hope in reading these pages you can settle in for a cup of tea, feel seen for a little while, and listen to the quiet songs in your heart.

if this is feeling resonant or nourishing, a gentle way to introduce magical practices into your world is by joining the email list, which will initially deliver the PDF ‘finding your sacred dream seeds’ to you.

‘dream seeds’ are sacred gifts you incarnated with to help you create your version of a magical life, and you can read about them wrapped in a cozy quilt with your favorite cup of tea. you’ll need a journal, a pen, and about 15 minutes to play.

once you receive ‘dream seeds,’ clever otterly paws will deliver weekly articles to your inbox about how you can gently slow down, work with spirit, and welcome more magic into your world.  that begins by clicking the button below, and entering your email.  welcome.

blessing: may you feel here how deeply marvelous and magical it can be to embrace your sensitivity instead of being hurt by it, answer the insatiable call within to live a life deeply interwoven with magic and the mystery, and may you learn how to come home to yourself.


if you’d like to see if this kind of work is for you, please click here