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receive healing & support


learn useful tools with other healers


ongoing guidance for life & work

friendship with your spirit helpers begins everything.

from there, you craft beauty in your life and work.

anna banana

hi folks!  I’m anna, the guardian of the dreaming otter, and a teacher of shamanic and alchemical healing for 20+ years.

you’ll find sessions and trainings here to help you build strong friendships with your spirit guides, who love you without condition and want to help you build a beautiful human life + life’s work.

I work with healers and folks on a spiritual path…and our community is kind and strong.

everyone here, whether you identify as a healer, acupuncturist, nurse, therapist, midwife, firefighter, artist, or author, understands that by working with spirit and energy, we become truly well and happy ourselves.  from that place of wellness, we can share what we learn here with the people we’re called to serve.

there’s so much for you to explore here – and it’s all based in the amazing, wondrous world of spirit and energy, having wondrous adventures with spirit guides and each other, and learning how to be good versions of ‘whatever we are.’

how easing and wonderful is that?

if you came over for tea at my home, I’d greet you with a warm hug and show you around.  I’d be sure you know where the tea kettle is, the best sunny spot for an afternoon nap, and the door to the garden.  you arriving here is the same – clicking the ‘start here’ button below will guide you through a few pages that help our work come into focus.

if you have questions, I’m an email away, and reply to every email I receive.  I look forward to discovering who you are, and how we can bring more light into your life and work.  until we get to connect…

my love and blessings to you,

note: I’m not on social media, the website only shares so much, and the best way to gently meet the work we do here is to join the newsletter (below).  it shares helpful articles and upcoming events most sunday mornings, crafted from beauty and the energy of the moment.