live a magical life

with energy healing & helping spirits

hello, kindred spirit.  you are a special, brilliant, and beautiful being, worthy of love, belonging, and ease here planetside.  I’m glad you’re here!

if the idea of living a magical life makes your heart smile, you’re in the right place.

in a magical life, you build strong and marvelous relationships with your helping spirits, and you feel their presence, love and support in your life every day.  you learn how to heal what hurts within, so you can bring your gifts to the world.  you know your purpose, feel love, and are happy.  there is mystery, sacredness and flow everywhere (even in hard times).

in a magical life, you wake up one day, and notice with joy that your whole world is filled with wonders.  you are surrounded by truly loving, well, sensitive, caring humans who are also doing their healing work, and living in service to the precious web of life.

you’re not the only empathic, sensitive soul wondering if there are others out there like you, who also yearn to engage with spirit and be kind with each other.

our times are robust, and we were very brave to say ‘yes!’ and come here.  there is comfort and joy in working together so that our times feel less intense, and more interesting, alive and joyful.

what’s here for you

in my 20 years of teaching energy work and holding space for healing, I’ve seen these 3 things build resilience, strength, and inner calm for the beautiful people I work with:

helping you learn to talk directly with the world of spirit.  you can build friendships with compassionate spirit helpers who love you deeply, are kind and wise, and can help you navigate your life with more ease and grace (this is a deep joy).

mending and tending past hurts, current struggles, and future fears through receiving healing.  you can release old energies, agreements, and patterns that limit you or make you small, and welcome home parts of your soul, lost power, and dreams so you remember who you are.

deep, ongoing work nourishing the most lovely and tender parts of you.  we weave in joyful magics like helping spirits, goddesses, oracles, labyrinths, ceremonies, personal retreat, play, art, reiki, divination, joy and wonder so you can discover what makes your heart sing.

welcoming magic in your world

to learn more about this work – being in community with kind people who love also spirit, healing and are living magical lives – you can join the email list below and I’ll send you emails most sunday mornings.  I’m not on social media, so this is the way to receive gentle support and build trust together.

you’ll receive a beautiful PDF when you join the email list, which will help you find your ‘sacred dream seeds.’  your dream seeds are special signposts on your path you incarnated with, to help you find your way to your version of a magical life.  this short and friendly home course takes about 15 minutes to complete, with a cozy cup of tea.

your sensitivity, empathy, special gifts, kind heart, and yearning to connect with the mystery are strengths.  you are very much not alone, and there are many kindred spirits and beautiful adventures waiting here to meet you.  until we connect, all my love and blessings!

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