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learn to talk to your spirit helpers

this is the heart of the work


begin with basic healing & clearing

small cohort, friday afternoons


receive healing & mentoring

session packages

deepen your gifts as a healer

through shamanic journeying

& light-based tools

anna welcome chair 2024

hi folks!  I’m anna, a shamanic and energy healing teacher for 20+ years.  the work we do here is beautiful, and I’m happy you’ve arrived here amidst all the noise of our times.

the dreaming otter is a light-based school for healers.  you can tend your own personal healing, and learn tools that strengthen your sacred calling in the company of kind, gifted healers and humans. 

the best way to learn what the dreaming otter really is, how the extraordinary practice of shamanic healing lives for you, or what it feels like to be in community is to…connect.

more on that – real connection, healing, and community – as we go along.  for now, if you’re here, you’re probably an established healer, dreaming of stepping into that role, a strong healing journey has woken some part of your heart up, or your helping spirits have guided you here.  welcome.

honestly, the best way to connect is…to connect.  when you’re ready, we can do that by sharing a cup of tea, or saying hello in circle or session.  and, those things require trust.  to build that, you can learn how to journey yourself in our self-paced free course, or join the newsletter.  healing journeys are rarely linear, and here’s a possible way to move from beginning to advanced work here:

step 1: work with your spirit guides

we work directly with compassionate helping spirits, love, and healing energies here.  one way to have direct experiences with spirit/goddess/god/mystery/divine is through shamanic journeying, where we build friendships with spirit helpers who offer us love, guidance, and healing.  working in the mysterious and beautiful worlds of the unseen is fascinating, wonderful, and feels like coming home.  this skill is helpful for all humans, and extraordinary if you hold space for others.  if journeying is new for you, you can learn how in our free, self-paced course.

step 2: learn basic clearing & healing

once you’re familiar with your main guides and have begun mapping the unseen worlds, it’s important to meet ‘specialist helpers’ who support you in your particular sacred work.  your specialist helpers facilitate clearings and healings for yourself, your clients, and students, and also help you remember and align with your lifepath and purpose in this incarnation.  if energy clearing and healing is new to you, you can join a small cohort and learn basic skills over 6 weeks together.

step 3: receive healing work

by now, you can communicate with the spirit realm, understand your purpose here planetside, and you’re able to offer basic divination, clearing, and healing.  from here, you can mine your lived history, akashic assignments, and soul trajectory to do personal healing work so you’re well enough to truly help others.  if you’re at all interested in holding space for anyone, it’s important to receive the support you offer others, and do your own healing work.  by tending the sacred wounds you chose to help you evolve, you learn pathways to help others in their own healing.  that’s a beautiful cycle of service and waking up to be part of.   every healing journey is unique and special, and we can work together in session series, or mentoring.

step next: learn advanced skills

this aspect of the dreaming otter is a bit ‘mystery school.’  it might be appropriate to join one of our small cohorts to explore the intricacies of advanced extraction, soul retrieval, working with the goddesses, channeling, or ceremonial work, and you’ll find these courses shared online periodically.  for core community, our helping spirits sometimes call special circles into form, guided by energies of the moment.  advanced offerings are dynamic, unusual, and strong.  after we’ve worked together for a time, we’ll know what the next best fit is for you – and if you’ve trained elsewhere and feel ready for advanced work, we can chat and explore together.

special note for healers

I’ve been doing this work full time for decades now – it’s my passion and purpose in this lifetime.  the dreaming otter herself is a sentient being whose mission is helping humans wake from the trance so we can heal and do what we came here to.  there are mysteries here that connect you with healing energies, spirit helpers, ancient and contemporary goddesses, lightcodes, lovingkindness, strong community, kindred spirits, and devotion to walking in union with the unseen.  as we learn each other, we’ll know what tools, skills, and gifts housed here can help you on your own mission.

being earthside right now is robust – we were brave and generous to say ‘yes,’ and accept a human experience.  should they be welcome, whether you’re just starting out as a healer or have been in the initiatic trenches with me from afar for decades, I send you my warm welcome, and highest blessings.

in grace,

‘anna dorian is an extraordinary woman who is a truly vibrant and gifted healer and teacher. she creates a very sacred and safe space for her students, as well as keeps her teaching fresh and filled with wisdom, compassion, and humor.

any student or client who finds their way to anna will feel empowered, and be rewarded with a depth of healing and potent transformation.’

‘I have long admired anna’s capacity to be able to gather just the right people together for her circles and shamanic gatherings.  with her disarming and unique style of teaching and leading, she immediately guides you to feel that something really special is about to happen.

and then.  something really special happens.

she holds sacred circle in a way that is mind blowing: just with her natural charisma and refined intellect guiding us all along with her.  people are excited and happy to be in her presence.  she is a very special lady: kind, loving and very giving.  if you want to know what a true healer and teacher looks like, look no further than anna dorian.’

social media?  nope.  our monthly newsletter (link below) offers helpful articles and events, crafted from beauty and the energy of the moment.  this is a gentle way to discover our work.