the dreaming otter’s dream is powerful and beautiful.  in it, we each respond with lovingkindness, curiosity, and respect to help heal what is broken here planetside.

as the guardian of the dreaming otter, I honor you regardless of age, color, disability, economic background, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or weight, and I recognize the complexity and struggle that can come with each of these identities.

my strong vision includes wellness for the living earth, her systems, and all of her children, whether they walk on two legs or four, swim or crawl or fly, or exist as tree people, rock people, or elemental and spirit beings.

if you wish to receive them, I send you blessings of peace, ease, and grace.  may we be kind stewards of the earth, and of each other.


service is one of my core values.  to this end, an integral part of the dreaming otter is regular donation practice to folks participating in the web of life in a good way.  you’ll meet some here who are teaching, leading, and healing, and also nonprofits up to amazing and profoundly needed service.  my deepest thanks to those who help, and show up.

in my own small piece of the larger quilt, beyond regular donations and ongoing education to open my heart and mind to important global, social, racial, and environmental narratives, I serve through healing arts, gently guiding folks to resources as they discover me, visionary work to support a new earth, and craftivism.

currently, I’m researching an organization who plants trees for each energy exchange at the dreaming otter, and I’m right excited about it.  stay tuned!

Healers & Teachers

there are so many wonderful healers and teachers in action in our evolutionary times – heartfelt thanks for everyone who dedicates their lives to helping bring healing (in all kinds of forms) to us as we navigate being on planet earth at this time.

it takes devotion and dedication to walk a healing path and help bring light to the web of life, and I have deep gratitude and respect for the folks who have taught me, and helped me heal.  here are some friends and teachers who have helped or taught me through the years – I offer gratitude, respect, and appreciation, in the spirit of ‘sharing resources benefits all of us:’

Chalita Photikoe, Tamalpais Community Acupuncture
acupuncture wizardry, community sessions

Daniel Leonard, The Medicine Circle
shamanic and reiki teaching

Francis Rico, Shaman Zone
elder, shaman, magic maker

Madeline, You Are Magick
tarot readings, reiki, magick

Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess, Ahhhmuse
stone beings, evolutionary tools

Masharika Maddison, Lightwell Coaching
interconnected systems healing

Reese San Agustin, One Illuminated
intuitive development

Sandra Ingerman
shamanic elder, mentor

Scott Bowman, The Soul’s Adventure
guide, coach, magician

Serge King, Aloha International
healing help, inner guidance

Shannon Willis, Red Earth Healing
ancestral healing

Sacred Geometry Bright Colors

Non Profits

reverence, gratitude, and respect to folks in service to dreams we believe in, as we do the best we can in the moment we’re in on a complicated planet.

one of my backgrounds is as an environmental educator in nonprofits, and I believe strongly in normalizing regular donation as a way of life – even $5 can make an important difference.

if there’s an org here who resonates with you, you might consider donating time or money, or sending a lovenote of appreciation.  here are some I’ve donated to over the years, believe in, and am aligned with:

American Cetacean Society
volunteer run org supporting cetaceans, local chapters

protection and care to prevent cruelty to animals

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
sanctuary for homeless pets, adoption, education

Black Girls Code
tech marketplace skills for young women of color

International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF)
conserving, protecting, and caring for otters

International Rescue Committee
global crisis support after disaster

conservation of 40 global big cat species and ecosystems

Planned Parenthood
advocacy for reproductive health, access, and rights

Quilts Beyond Borders
quilts for global child orphans and refugees

Shakti Rising
social change for women and girls

wildlife rescue & rehabilitation, environmental education


‘be kind whenever possible.

it is always possible.’

~ the dalai lama