I’ve been holding space and working with magic for 18 years.

below, some reflections from folks I’ve worked with.

my gratitude and respect to you…


‘anna is a master of ceremonial magic and channeling, and always seems to intuit just the right medicine for the moment.  through the years, I’ve seen her in full, bright, effervescent power and leadership; and I’ve seen her respond to many challenging situations with heart, vulnerability, courage, and integrity.’

‘anna is TRULY MAGIC! I have never met anyone else who embodies radiance on a daily basis and literally exudes unconditional love.  when in her presence I immediately feel seen, loved, and valued.  the depth of her empathy, vulnerability, and integrity, as well as her joyful sense of play, are such incredible qualities as a teacher.  in addition, she is brilliantly smart, an incredible facilitator, highly intuitive, and hugely skilled in her practice.’

‘anna is such a bright light. she is professional and very warm-hearted.  I felt at ease and cared for from the moment we met.  her dedication to her craft is second to none.  based on my work with her, the path before me has never been clearer.  I highly recommend anna for anyone seeking support or healing.’

‘I cannot speak highly enough of her ethics, expression of joy, and the care she gives in her practice. working with anna has provided me with deeply intense, beautiful healing experiences where I have felt what it is to be held lovingly, safely in sacred space.  in turn, I’ve learned to develop my own practice of holding sacred space.  this teaching alone has been a life-changing experience for me.’

‘anna has a remarkable way of holding space.  she is a compassionate teacher, fierce advocate, and caring guide for those in her care.  I feel honored and blessed, and wholeheartedly recommend the experience she offers.  it will change you and fill you with more light, empowerment, gratitude, spiritual well-being, and love.’

‘I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers in my life, but anna is very special – fully present and aware, so generous, loving, in full integrity, fierce, hilarious, goofy, and truly gifted as a teacher.  these words of recommendation will just keep falling short.  you will be changed for the highest good.’