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‘The Egg’ by Andy Weir

hi loved ones!   if you hold space for folks waking up from 'earth amnesia,' this can be powerful to share in healing sessions when the moment is right.  kind thanks to andy, for being who he is, and for his gracious permission to share the…

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when you feel too scared to shine

in this article, we'll look at 3 reasons healers, teachers, and leaders might feel too scared to shine and do our work in the world: • fear of being targeted or cancelled online • lived experience, where attention was unsafe • past life persecution memories…

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the dreaming otter: origin story

what does it mean to follow your dreams? it started about two decades ago.  night after night, I was visited by incredibly vivid dreams of swimming with river otters.  in them, I got to be an otter myself, clever paws and strong tail propelling me…

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