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how to make a nourishing kit for hard times

I’d like to share something we’re working on in one of the current dreaming otter circles, where we engage our helping spirits in the unseen realms, and each other in loving community. our topic in circle was ‘crisis’…and you might wonder who would voluntarily get…

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your origin story & the path of service

below, a simple exercise and ceremony of ‘re-membering’ for you...   aren’t origin stories wonderful? when you engage self-inquiry like ‘why do I serve?’ you encounter your own origin story – that led you onto the path of service you’re walking today in your profession.…

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the little dog & vulnerability

once upon a time, I had an experience with a dear friend that felt challenging to the core, and I was feeling rocked and unhappy.  the way I handle my upset is to walk in the woods and talk it out with myself, until I…

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