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‘childlike joy’ as a gentle antidote for weariness:

if you’ve been ‘adulting’ too much lately (meetings, bills, commitments, challenges, burdens, sorrows, burn out, compassion fatigue, overgiving, you name it)…

my helping spirits invite you to turn towards cultivating ‘childlike joy’ as a gentle (and sweet) antidote for whatever may have your heart feeling weary.

isn’t that lovely?  in our fast-paced, nuttybonkers times, the trance of ‘doing’ and ‘busying’ can make you forget the pure wonder there is in living.  I’m not immune to getting caught up in the nonsense of the modern-day human…and part of what I love so much about working with spirit guides is that they remind us, with gentleness and kindness, of what’s really important.

there is simplicity and peace in embracing childlike joy.

when I think about all of the beautiful spiritual elders and healers who have graced my life, sometimes in tiny circles on starlit mountaintops, or fireside at the ocean’s edge, there is one thing they have in common:

spiritual elders laugh.  a LOT.

that’s not to say they can’t be solemn and serious when that’s called for.  they can.  like all great teachers and healers, they’ve walked through unimaginable crucibles of suffering, and come out the other side to help others along on their paths.  and you’d know every one of them by the crow’s kisses left by laughing long and often on their cheeks.

the elders I love most, the ones I want to learn from – they embody childlike joy.

a note about ‘childlike joy.’  I don’t mean being childish (which is wonderful, too).  I mean ‘childlike’ as in being filled with wonder, innocence, curiosity, and delight in living.

even if you’re feeling road-weary, overwhelmed, and like you’re carrying too many adultish burdens (warm, gentle hug to you if so), my spirit guides offer that you can, at any time plug yourself into the frequency of childlike joy.

and what we visit over and over shapes and creates us.

childlike joy is important because it’s like magical fuel that keeps us from becoming crusty, deadened, hard, or uncaring.  childlike joy is vital because when we focus on it and nourish that quality in ourselves, joy begins spilling out into all areas of our lives.  our energy becomes lighter, sweeter, more fun to be around, more healing, and we actually delight in our magical lives when we attenuate and embrace childlike joy with intention and open arms.


3 simple ways to connect to childlike joy

1.  go study with the masters…young children
a thing I often have my clients do, when they’re learning a new frequency like courage, gentleness, prosperity, etc is to go ‘study’ with folks who have already mastered the thing they’re yearning for.  by that I mean, ‘go dunk yourself in it.’  for childlike joy, if you have young kiddos or know anyone who does, go spend time with them and relish the wonder of living with them.  if you don’t, go hang out in the kid’s section at your local bookshop, or a local park, and see what you can learn.  when you do this, truly be present with these ambassadors of childlike joy.  what are they teaching you by living example?

2.  time travel…what was your particular joy?
some of us had lovely childhoods, full of nourishment and kindness.  others of us bravely chose different guardians, unable to give us those gifts.  either way, what was something you really, truly loved to do as a little one?  if you can’t remember, what would you make up as a story of what you might have loved?  for me, I loved pretending I was a wild horse as a little girl, and I’d go galloping around whinnying and making up horse adventure stories.  for you, was it merry-go-rounds?  blowing bubbles?  make-believe?  baking cookies with an elder?  making art?  dressing up?  swimming?  puzzles?  mud puddles?  homework: don’t just read about it – go DO that.

3.  spirit journey template: the garden of childlike joy
taking a moment for something that makes your spiritual practice feel really special (lighting a candle, anointing with aromatic oil, singing, etc), and journey to your spirit guides and ask them where in your life you lose the most energy to ‘adulting.’  whether it’s confusing accomplishment for being lovable, a zesty addiction to social media, or taking other people’s energy on as your own, ask your guides to unburden you, and release or help you heal that pattern.  in its place, ask them to escort you to ‘the garden of childlike joy,’ where you’ll play, romp, and delight for a time with a new spirit guide who can unlock unfettered joy again in your life, and heart.

sound simple?  darn tootin!  the best antidote for too much complexity is…simplicity.  these 3 practices are beautiful open doors to bringing some ease, wonder, and play back into your world.


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