the divine feline

did you know I’m a cat person?  it’s true!  I love cats with all of my heart – I am devoted to them.

I’m going to geek out mightily on cats for a minute, and then share about the magic circle.  one of the topics in it connects us with divine felines…  and first:

I have buckets of personal cat stories.  like the first cat I rescued from the street at age five (george), the cat who introduced me to reiki and changed the course of my life forever (mufasa), the kind, gentle, and maimed cat who saved my life in a dark time (dakota),

the tiny fierce cat who could (and did) take on adversaries ten times her size (atari), the one-eyed cat who taught me through his survivorship and courage about what healing really is (maximus)…​I could go on and on.  kate, spot, gwenhyvar, greyfoot, tom, dusty, tipsy, henry, grey kitty…and on, and on.

cats are magic.



special kinship

turns out, this ailurophilia runs in my ancestral lineage.  even into their 70s, my grandparents drove miles in their RV to trap, neuter, and release ferals, before returning home to a house filled with cats, cats, cats.  regular donation to orgs who help cats big and small runs steadily through the generations of my family, and there are many, many stories I carry of my family’s beloved cats from before I was born.

there’s a special kinship among people who revere cats. 

we know that cats are exquisitely sensitive, intelligent, caring, wondrous beings, and most folks whose hearts have been touched by the sacred love of a cat will literally move heaven and earth to help them.

when I learned how to work with the spirit world (like what we do in circle), I learned that my lineage has a sacred vow to honor cats that goes waaaaay back, and I am a small part of a larger devotion.  over the years, I’ve devoured cat myths and legends, walk today with reverence with cat goddesses in the unseen, and feel the presence of my cats helping in every healing or circle I hold.

cats are magnificent healers and teachers in 3D and the unseen worlds, and we can talk with them in spirit.

this is one of the things we do in the magic circle.


working with the divine feline

I’m mentioning my cat nerdiness because our march gathering focuses on cats & the spirit world in ‘the magic circle,’ where we’ll connect with the spirit of ‘the divine feline’ directly.

I’ve been teaching folks how to talk to their spirit guides for two decades, and the whole reason the magic circle exists is to help us deep dive and celebrate a wide variety of topics with helping spirits…and because it’s fun to do this in community.

working with our helping spirits in a guided way and safe container can change the course of a life.  I’ve seen it happen countless times.

and when we work together in loving community, we can help and support the entire web of life.

so, I want to invite you with utmost love to the magic circle, beautiful ones.  our world is nuttybonkers and fast, and it’s easy to lose sight of the magic that lives inside us, in spirit, and in each other.  please consider joining our circle and community – we’d love to welcome you.



‘for the love of bast’

at one of the magic circles, ‘for the love of bast’ we’ll celebrate, exalt, cherish, and deep dive with cats and the feline mysteries in the spirit world, and send healing to cats worldwide.  (byoc, laughter)

we follow that up with ‘dragons, dragons, dragons,’ and then dance merrily along into how to make ‘medicine keys’ that are like spiritual apps that launch support in your life at need…and so on for an entire beautiful year together.

we’ll cover 12 deliciously geeky, mystical, fun, tender, useful, and magical topics, just for the joy of it all.  think ‘mystical work with practical applications with good humans.’

if you’re a highly sensitive, empathic, and magical woman like me who wants community and magic in your world (without breaking the bank or taxing the nervous system), please come play at the magic circle.  we would love to welcome you.

there can be regular magic and wonder in your world…

purring away mightily,


ps – here are a few catly orgs run by good humans to check out:
kennel quilts (our cat came home with one of these. I donate them as a result)
cat town (finds homes for ‘unadoptable’ cats in the traditional shelter model)
petfinder (finds home for shelter cats.  a petfinder cat is sitting right next to me)
alley cat allies (TNR, SNR, policy reform, education, advocacy, outreach)
senior cat action network (networks with 501c3 to resource senior kitty care)
best friends (I can’t say enough good things.  kindness.  compassion.  dignity.)