as I’m writing this post, the air is crisp and cool here in the redwoods, with crimson and gold leaves falling like gentle rain to the earth. I’m hearing from some of you that first snow is falling, and that others are drinking in radiant desert sunbeams…

wherever you are planetside, may you be feeling resourced, well, and happy.

at the time of this writing, we’re moving this into the holidays, and that can feel like a lot – especially if you’re sensitive or empathic, and have a tender heart.

even if you curl up by the fire with a good book and avoid the masses at this time of year, you may still sense the collective energies right now, be asked to visit more or longer than you might like, or feel other people’s stress around you. eep!

to support you in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, here’s a simple and effective idea to help you slow down and nourish yourself at holiday. we’ll start with a…

‘miniature magic moment’ tip.

why the title ‘miniature magic moment?’  here at the dreaming otter, my clients give their healing projects fun titles, because this helps an experiment or adventure have identity and momentum. ‘miniature magic moments’ is a phrase shared with permission from one of my wonderful clients – here’s one to start your holiday season…

if you know you’ll be more ‘on’ or have more input than you’d like later this week for holiday time (travel, traffic, long hours at a gathering, challenging people, or if holidays bring up grief or loneliness), you can try this miniature magic moment tip to intentionally nourish yourself in the middle of it all:

plan ahead on how you’ll carve out 2-3 magic minutes for yourself to self-soothe, even in the middle of too much input or emotion, and be ready to implement it.

let’s say you’re at a family dinner for 5 hours, and you flew or drove for a long time to get there. the company is lovely or less than lovely, your smile is feeling frozen in place, and your nervous system is scratching at the door like a cat who needs out, and it’s a lot.

excuse yourself from the table, kitchen, or living room, and step outside for 2-3 minutes of restorative time for your nervous system, and relish it with intention. escape to the restroom if that’s what’s possible.

invite and allow this short time to be magical and impactful.

in your ‘miniature magic moment’ (2-3 minutes), you might:

  • plan ahead. bring essential oils. inhale deeply, rub on your temples.
  • look up at the sky and really see it. feel your body. get slow.
  • bring a cup of tea outside, and feel it warming your belly. savor.
  • sit quietly. ask your helping spirits to release energy that isn’t yours, and replace it with peace.

if you have reiki, do a hand position for two minutes. if you do yoga, enjoy a simple pose. if you enjoy tapping, do a tapping round. think ‘short, sweet, and this is my time to restore myself.’ the whole idea here is 2-3 minutes of intentional, planned-on time for you to reset and restore. it will help.

about ‘practicing the practice…’

it’s pretty amazing how much sensitives respond to mini-oases like this, even in overwhelming situations. the key is to actually do the practice. 😉

please consider giving this a try – I’d love to hear how this works for you!

here’s to slowing down so you can experience your own magic,

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