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self care soap and flowers

I’d like to share something we’re working on in one of the current dreaming otter circles, where we engage our helping spirits in the unseen realms, and each other in loving community.

our topic in circle was ‘crisis’…and you might wonder who would voluntarily get together to circle about crisis if they didn’t have to?

actually, it was nourishing and beautiful.  we explored what we’d learned from past (resolved) crises and how we’d built resilience, compassion, and strength as a result.  we noodled on how we can support our future selves, in case the going ever gets tough.

I’m not calling in ‘crisis’ or hard times for any of us, just acknowledging with open eyes that we live in complicated times, and initiations we move through can be darn uncomfortable, or even excruciating.

in those hard times, part of living a magical, spirit-guided life means having strong structures already in place, and being ready to receive deeply when we need it.

(note: big hug to you if you’re in an initiation or hard time, and you’re not resourced for this exercise in the moment.  I understand how that can be.  you are loved, and you will get through this.)

if you’ve got the bandwidth, here are some ideas about how you might make a nourishing kit to support yourself when you need it, because…

nourishing kits mean the world when we need them.

quick personal story: I remember when my dad died in a tragic way, and my world was rocked.  a friend who lived in another state mailed a box of bath salts and self-care goodies, with a loving card.  not a huge gift, but thoughtful and so, so nourishing.  I was in such a state that going to the store to get bath salts for myself was about as possible as walking on the sun.

that nourishing box meant so much in a hard time, when I couldn’t do much for myself.

take home: in crisis (or during initiations) our neofrontal cortex is often not online – we go into fight/flight and aren’t our best thinking selves.  ergo, preparation is queen. (and may our lives be gentle if we wish it so)

how to make a nourishing kit for your future self

step 1. 
find a small box or bag that makes you happy.  this is the home of your nourishing kit

step 2.  write a letter to your future self about how much love and care there is for you, and how you will get through this hard time.  be generous, and loving with future you.  offer cherishment.

step 3: add nourishing goodies you love into your kit (after all, you know you best).  examples:

  • bath salts, salves, essential oils
  • stuffed animal or talisman
  • flash drive with a guided relaxation
  • beautiful pictures that make you happy
  • support book (‘things fall apart’ or a sweet children’s book like ‘odder’)
  • list of healthy, supportive people you can turn to in times of need
  • life teachings you’ve learned and cherished that might help you
  • oracle deck or tarot cards
  • beautiful places you can easily go walk or labyrinth
  • music you love (music is effective state change)
  • treats you love to eat (and be sure they can last a while)
  • the love letter you wrote in step 1
  • (if you get stuck, think about the five senses, activities, and spirit)

step 4: package up your box, label it well, and put it somewhere that’s easy to get to.  the trick is remembering you have it…and here’s where a little magic comes in.

step 5: ask your spirit helpers (out loud) to please help you remember your nourishing kit if you need it in the future.  they can remind you with an intuition, a dream, or through something you see in a movie or hear a friend say (for example).  thank them kindly.

…and that’s it!

as always, I offer a gentle reminder that it’s one thing to think about making a nourishing kit, and another to actually make one.

I’d love to hear about or see pictures of your nourishing kits if you’d like to share.  this is a beautiful, strong practice, and I hope it brings you ease when or if you need it.


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