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reiki soothes, empowers & heals

hi friend!  whether you’re brand new to reiki or have lots of experience, you can request a reiki session by filling out the simple form, below.

in a session, we’ll spend about an hour together (sometimes a little longer) via phone.  solo sessions are $135 and include detailed notes, resources as needed, and check-in 3 days after session to see how your integration is going.

reiki knows what it’s doing, and the process is easy, simple, strong, and sweet.

once you fill out the form below, I’ll get back to you within a day, and we’ll set a weekday time for your treatment.  this usually takes one or two emails, and means we get to lightly connect before session.  if you have questions, please email and let me know.  welcome!

reiki blessings,

request a reiki session

1 hour, via phone, $135
includes treatment, session notes, resources + followup

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kind words

my love and thanks to my reiki clients over these last 20 years.  some of their words:

‘more than anyone I’ve worked with, anna brings JOY to reiki.  laughter, smiles, jokes, curiosity.  anna knows how to have fun in healing, and fun in struggle and complexity.  that’s a rare trait. knowing I am going to visit with her always brings a smile to my face.  and laughter in and of itself is healing…’ seth

‘anna is such a bright light.  she is professional, and very warm-hearted.  I felt at ease and cared for from the moment we met.  her dedication to her craft is second to none.  based on my work with her, the path before me has never been clearer…’ masharika

‘my husband found anna on yelp for me when I was quite ill and needed some self-care. I had never tried reiki before but it turned out I was to receive much much more than just a reiki treatment. anna is an amazing healer who holds every person she meets with such love and compassion.  she has many more resources at her fingertips than reiki and deftly finds just the right ones for you.  her sessions are nourishing, loving and life-changing…’  lisa