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the dreaming otter: origin story

what does it mean to follow your dreams? it started about two decades ago.  night after night, I was visited by incredibly vivid dreams of swimming with river otters.  in them, I got to be an otter myself, clever paws and strong tail propelling me…

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cartwheels & the labyrinth

as you read, I invite you to notice where you are in your life in this story. do you see yourself here? once, I accepted help from someone when I needed it most, what unfolded wasn’t feeling good.  simply, I was doing all the things…

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the little dog & vulnerability

once upon a time, I had an experience with a dear friend that felt challenging to the core, and I was feeling rocked and unhappy.  the way I handle my upset is to walk in the woods and talk it out with myself, until I…

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