I hope your heart is smiling today, and things are flowing with kindness and gentleness in your world.

I’ve been busy behind the scenes cooking up a burbling cauldron of goodness, and one of the creations is ready to share with you.  meet…

aphrodite’s day.

because our times are so fast and tumultuous, and our sensitive hearts can be hurt or just worn out by the intensity of it all, it feels really yummy to invite you to this women’s half-day retreat, on spring equinox and solstice as the energy guides us.

a little background:  this circle came into being when the pandemic began, and all of us who hold space for healing were trying to pivot and figure out how to deliver exquisite experiences…via zoom.  (laughter)

when I sent up prayer, beloved goddess aphrodite answered, and she showed me how to create a unique hybrid retreat that blends online circling + offline ceremonies of purification, feasting, questing, and resting.  it’s one of my most favorite creations ever, and I’d be so honored for you to join me.

you might ask, ‘why is a half-day personal retreat at home important?’

and I might answer, ‘because many highly sensitive, empathic, and magical ones are feeling an overwhelm so constant we barely remember what it felt like to truly go slow, and be able to hear the song in the silence.’

that phrase is really important, ‘the song in the silence,’ and the webpage shares why in more detail.  the link is below – please come peek!

I invite you with all of my heart to a simple, powerful, unusual, and deeply restorative day with aphrodite.

this is for you if:

  • you feel stressed out, tired, depleted, weary, or burdened by the times
  • you check your phone before you even get out of bed, and literally.  cannot.  stop.
  • you yearn to get your nervous system un-ratcheted, and find time to learn who you are, today
  • you crave connecting with lovely, kind empaths and highly sensitive women who understand you
  • you have a pull to connect with spirit, the mystery, and specifically the feminine divine
  • the idea of a half-day to feel slow, nourished, supported, carried, and loved made you a little teary

more on the webpage below, and I’d love, love it if you’d consider joining me, inviting one of your sisters to participate with you, or sharing this with highly sensitive and gentle women in your life.  we need this.

when even one of us slows down, comes home to herself, and connects again with spirit, the whole world heals…

all my love,


learn more about aphrodite’s day here


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