oasis & alchemy

kind welcome to sensitive, powerful leaders, healers, and teachers who hold lots of space for others.

this unique VIP day is a deeply magical, bespoke experience to support and transform you.

your day is completely customized to where you’ve been, and who you’re becoming.

VIP days are about deep rest, identity change, and being seen.

if you’ve been holding a lot for others,

there’s magic here for you.


we need support, too

I’ve been holding space for folks for 25+ years.  that’s looked a lot of ways – huge summits, intimate groups, long-term trainings, individual clients, community circles, and a lot in between.  I’ve got strong drive to serve and help, deeply understand what it feels like to hold space for thousands, put everyone else’s needs first, juggle a million plates and dreams all at once, move through initiation after initiation, and do it all with a forward-facing smile on my face.

if you’ve worn any of those hats, you know like I do that there’s a big price tag for those roles behind the scenes. there are hidden conversations (and burdens) that need airing and honoring for leaders, teachers, and healers.

it’s a thing not a lot of spaceholders talk about, specifically because we’re the ones holding space for everyone.  our roles can be demanding, complicated, nuanced, and require everything of us, and then some.  there’s joy in our work, holding space, but trials and sometimes soul-numbing weariness, too.

I get it.

those of us at the helm of the big ship deserve loving support, skillful tending, confidential spaces where we can say the unsayable, someone who has our back, and wild, kind magic from our spirit guides that helps us restore ourselves, level up, and come home.

this is a safe space that is just for you.

I’m here.

sacred geometry

wild, kind magic

our guides have called us together – if you’re feeling seen, heard, and curious, let’s hop on the phone and connect.  I’d like to hear about what’s got you needing a strong container and alchemical experience to resource wonderful, resilient, luminous you.   as we chat, we get to connect as sisters who’ve been through the mud-splattered spaceholding trenches, and are ready to put that in the rearview mirror.

if we feel like a good fit (we’ll laugh a lot together and have a great cup of virtual tea), I’ll send you a deep-dive questionnaire to help me understand where you’re at, how you flow, what hurts, and where the light can get in.  it’ll take time to complete, you’ll learn a lot about yourself along the way.

based on what you share, my guides and I craft deeply together, creating an out-of-your-world container for everything you didn’t know you were looking for.  I’ll present your VIP day and support materials on a prep call, and then you’re off into the adventure to be held your VIP day itself, crafted by spirit and wild, kind magic.  expect to step fully out of your daily life, and be held by the mystery in the way you uniquely need – these are wondrous experiences.  we’ll chat after your day to decompress as the work integrates, and the magic does its thing.

this is a rich experience, worthy of a Very Important Person.  here, you are held, and honored.

tiny peek

part of every VIP day is ceremony, based on what you’re working with.  in an effective ceremony, there is ‘life before’ and ‘life after’ – these processes change us deeply, and make new things possible.  here are two tiny peeks to feel some of what might be designed for you:

for a teacher in a state of burnout and exhaustion, helpers shared how to rewrite outdated spiritual contracts around serving at all costs, and replace them with new agreements about joy and freedom.  to integrate, this teacher rented an air b&b a few hours away for 3 days, and brought a special portable altar and healing elixir created with guides.  in 3 days away, she received bodywork, walked labyrinths, read oracles, rested deeply, and let the elixir build in potency.  to close, she wrote a brilliant story of her new life, before whispering it into the completed healing elixir and drinking it, inviting it and her new story to inform her breath, blood, body, and bones.

for a healer who was publicly criticized and shamed, and felt paralyzed by fear.  she invited trusted friends to help her build a simple 2-foot wooden boat, and put objects inside it representing her feelings of hurt and humiliation (inner feelings), and adorned the outside with beautiful paintings, representing her public grace and professionalism (outer actions).  speaking words of power, she set the boat alight on a lake, and stood with her friends as it burned and sank.  under the stars, the group sang songs of hope and healing, each friend gifting her a small object of power to celebrate her resilience and future success.  bonus: every participant received healing as well.

sacred geometry

this magic is for you

this experience is potent and alchemical, designed for leaders and teachers who are ready to truly make positive change in their lives, get resourced again, and be able to head back out into the world as a leveled-up, best version of self.  this means we both really show up – ceremonies like the ones shared here are special, each requiring generous sharing, healing as catalyst, preparation, ceremonial helpers, and power object creation.  depending on what’s going on in your life, we’ll adapt things as needed – and expect to ‘put yourself out’ a bit, to invite real support and change into your life.

I mention that as big alchemy requires big support.  I can’t do your work for you, but I can show up to help you and resource you and cheer you on.  your heart has brought you here for a reason, and if you’re reading, you’re ready to do things in a new way.  right on!

that means big healing, powerful ceremony, kind integration, and embracing a new way forward.  all of that can feel like a lot, so I’ll be present with you in the process.  you can think of me like a healer, cheerleader, friendly kick in the rump, comedian, hostess, shoulder to giggle on, and magician all at once.

my superpower thing is to help you remember how brilliant, gifted, talented, whole, and magnificent you are, and how much hope and joy there is in creation.  I’ve got your back, and I’m on your team, especially if you’re the one who always holds it together for everyone else so they can make their magic work.

this magic…is for you.

I believe in you!

Sumptuous Feast

VIP days are $4,000, a singular experience, and have several main components.

that said, you’re different than everyone else, so your custom-crafted experience will be, too.

the main flow looks like this:

  • INITIAL CHAT: connecting and sharing, are we a good fit?
  • QUESTIONNAIRE: deep dive, who are you, where is alchemy welcome?
  • PREP CALL: receive your custom VIP day blueprint, refine if needed
  • VIP DAY: you luxuriate in the day itself.  do the work.  let magic do it’s thing
  • INTEGRATION CALL: witnessing, decompression call, support

lived experience

‘anna inhabits a spirit of unfailing kindness, playfulness, and exuberance about life, while holding space for the intense, challenging places where healing is most needed.  working with anna is a joy.  and I’m not gunna lie, a bit of an adventure.  the best kind.  every moment.  adventure & pure joy.’

~misha, oldbury, england


I’m happy to set up a call with your lovely self to explore and see if we’re a good fit for a VIP day.  kind thanks for filling out the form below – I’ll get back to you shortly.

note:  if you feel this work calling you and don’t identify as a leader, or we’ve worked together before, please fill out the form below.  I trust you in following your heart.

whatever has led you here, something wonderful is afoot…

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