the magic of reiki

reiki is extraordinary, powerful, and sweet at the same time.  it opens doors for you to discover your heart’s purpose here planetside.  it surely worked that way for me!

most folks drawn to reiki tend to be sensitives, empaths, and starseeds with loving and generous hearts.  if you find yourself feeling baffled by humans and the fast pace of our modern times, reiki is a tremendous gift to help you slow down enough to feel your own magic.

the path to living a magical life

you’ll find reiki woven into ‘the dreaming otter,’ a gentle haven where sensitive women can exhale, welcome healing energies like reiki, slow down, connect with other empathic and gifted ones, and move into living magical lives.

in addition to reiki, you’ll find beautiful ways to engage the mystery here like ceremony, journeying with helping spirits, oracles, magical councils, light codes, retreats with the goddess, and medicine keys.

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all my love to you,