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clarity & calm for healers

two-part workshop: dec 6 & 19, 2023

if your work in the world is helping or healing in some form, it’s vital that you learn to regularly slow down, rest, receive nourishment, and fill your well.

meet other helpers and healers, and learn a step-by-step process to create replenishing retreats for yourself, so you reconnect with your heart and sense of inner clarity and calm.

healer’s learning circle

3rd fridays, 2024

learn energy healing tools for yourself and those you serve on a variety of topics, in the company of others in helping professions.

our monthly themes range from energetic boundaries to compassion fatigue, or consciously working with the spirit of service to recovering from client or student projection.

whether you’re an energy healer or a firefighter, it’s important to resource yourself in both daily and unseen realms with strong tools, in community.

year-long advanced training

orientation: sat jan 20 & sun jan 21, 2024

join other experienced healers and helping professionals in a year-long training to learn advanced energy techniques for yourself and those you serve.

learn to clear energy that gets in the way of every healing modality, and perform advanced healings like extraction, ceremony, and soul retrieval.  find support and build skills in a small cohort.

see you soon