help yourself & your clients with energy healing

learn advanced techniques to enhance your work

year-long training: orientation jan 6-7, 2024

hello healers, acupuncturists, midwives, hospice and social workers, therapists and helpers.  you offer yourself in service because you house a big heart, have survived initiations and wish to help others through theirs, and feel the call to help our world become a more humane, beautiful place.  I honor you!

let’s name it – there is so much complexity and depth to what we do.

in my 20 years of teaching healing arts, I can’t count the number of healers and helpers who have come for help after hurtling along at an unsustainable pace, lacking tools to help themselves clear client energy, wishing for a more effective tool kit to help clients get unstuck and make real progress…or limping along and offering work from a depleted place.

as a helper and healer, you are vital.   we need you.  and we need you happy and well, so you can live a magnificent life, and also do what you came here to.  everything you learn applies to you, your loved ones, and those you serve.

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core ideas

  • a strong, foundational connection with the mystery sustains us as helpers in our intense and often disorienting times, so we can continue doing what we came here to
  • understanding ‘energy hygiene’ and being able to effectively and reliably clear client energy is lifesaving, personally and professionally
  • delivering advanced energy work beyond traditional techniques helps our clients get unstuck and in motion, and it’s a deep joy to see the people we serve make real progress
  • spaces that hold the sacredness of being a healer are essential.  regular connection with colleagues on a helping path brings relief, support, humor, and sweetness

in our year together, you’ll learn how to build strong friendships with your concept of spirit, receive tools to handle client energies so they don’t affect or burden you, be able to release detrimental energies hurting your clients, learn to welcome home client soul parts after trauma or hardship, and be comfortable creating personal retreats and alchemical ceremonies that anchor lasting change in a human life.

everything you learn in circle applies to you, your personal life, your loved ones, and clients.

all of this happens in a strong container with like-minded folks up to good work in the world.  welcome!

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the training

we start with spiritual and self-care fundamentals as helpers and healers, and build up to increasingly more complex material as we go along.

my spaceholding style is strongly based in circling, sharing, and building community.  these things keep you from feeling alone or isolated in your work, and help you relax into resonance and rapport with colleagues who become treasured friends.

here’s a glance at our 12 months together – you’ll find more info in the FAQ and at the orientation:

months 1 and 2: spirit & the unseen
we open with ceremony to set the stage for our year together.  you’ll learn how to communicate directly with your helping spirits and guides, which is foundational to all our work together.  building strong friendships with the mystery gives you access to guidance, information, and wise counsel from your spirit helpers – having strong ‘spiritual scaffolding’ in place is an immense help in your personal life, running your practice, and helping your clients.  you’ll meet several spirit helpers, engage personal work about your life path and purpose, explore blocks and limitations, and give and receive multiple healings.

months 3 and 4: energy hygiene
you have a ‘spiritual immune system’ every bit as important as your physical immune.  you’ll learn what your spiritual immune system is, how it’s doing, how to strengthen it, and (important!) how to clear client energies from your own energy body and therapeutic space so you’re physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically well.  unresolved or projected client energy, secondary and tertiary trauma, and unclean energy dynamics affect not only your ecosystem of clients and body of work, but also your own human life and happiness.  we’ll also explore self care, boundaries (energetic and otherwise), and energy system reset.

months 5 and 6: removing what doesn’t belong
ever had a client who does all the work, and their life still sounds like a country song?  you’ve probably helped people who just seem ‘stuck’ no matter what work you do together.  from an energy standpoint, this may be due to energetic intrusions like limiting beliefs that have accumulated enough momentum to (literally) have life and persist, or energies like spirit attachments that act like energetic weights or disruptors for your clients.  by now, the foundational work we began with has yielded you strong friendships with your helping spirits, who will guide you in removing toxic, unhelpful, or harmful energies.

months 7,  8, and 9: welcoming home what was lost
this is the jewel of this training.  to arrive here, you’ll need trusted friendships with your helping spirits, a strong spiritual immune, and ability to clear energies that interfere with true healing.  all of this is leading to your training in two distinct forms of soul retrieval, so you can help your clients come home to themselves after trauma, hardship, loss, struggle, shock, illness, and overwhelm.  simply, a client can receive all of the healing in creation, and it won’t do much until their soul parts are back home in their body.  soul retrieval is complex, fascinating, and profound.  there is deep joy in this work!

month 10: ceremony & healing
you’ve built strong friendships in the spirit world, are working with energy hygiene for yourself and your clients, and are able to extract nonnative energies and help bring clients back home to themselves –  it’s time to learn how to create and perform effective ceremonies as a healing tool.  working closely with your spirit guides and strongly focused intention, you’ll learn to prepare, perform, and integrate ceremonies, which change the shape of reality.  ceremony is mysterious, fun, potent, and enormously helpful for energetic catharsis, completion, and graduation of even deep-seated issues for you and those you serve.

months 11 and 12: rest & completion
part of working is resting, and compassion fatigue and burnout are real.  there’s an art to truly resting, and we’ll expand on the self-care and boundary work we began with, and embrace the magnificent practice of personal retreat.  this is an incredibly strong and empowering tool for yourself and your clients to restore the weary or frazzled soul in our fast-paced times.   we’ll walk step by step through intention, planning, preparation, retreat itself, and integration.  in our final month, we’ll celebrate our growth as a group and as healers, closing as we began with ceremony and gratitude.

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colleagues & community

ongoing work, support, and connection are rich and fruitful.

there is a real relief and joy in being in the wheel of life together.  we collectively and individually crest big waves together, and hold each other through the initiations of life and professional practice.  we were never meant to offer our time and skill as healers and helpers in a vacuum – it takes a village, and we build one here.

so much of what we’re all feeling planetside is disorientation – ‘what is happening, being a human on the planet at this time?’  how wonderful to sit with other healing professionals, land together, and be all in this together.  we’ll all have different skill sets that complement each other – in addition to creating friendships, we’ll build a strong network we can refer our clients and loved ones to.

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format, dates, cost

we gather via zoom one full sunday each month, with hourly offscreen breaks for rest and an hour for lunch.  you can expect to set aside the entire day for our regular gatherings (this includes integration time after circle), and you can attend a mid-month tuesday support circle to keep engaged, in motion, and in community.

a lot of my spaceholding style involves self-reflection, sharing, and circling after digesting the teachings, and our community is strong and deep.   I’m sensitive to screen time and nervous system overload, and make zoom fun, productive, and lively.

cost for the year-long training is $6,600, payable in monthly installments of $550.  support sessions outside of circle are available as needed.

the orientation (required) is saturday january 6 and sunday january 7 @ 10amPT-1pmPT both days.  if you enter the training, we meet the second sunday of every month for 12 months, 10amPT-3pmPT, beginning january 14, 2024.

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who this is for

a year is a lovely amount of time together – we build strong friendships, and celebrate each other as colleagues and good humans.  a really important reason that happens is that you share these characteristics with the group:

  • you’ve been in full-time practice in a helping profession (healer, counselor, hospice worker, etc for at least 5 years)
  • regardless of your level of experience, you understand that unseen energies powerfully shape our human experience
  • you’re fascinated by the mystery, and sense that adding energetic work to traditional techniques benefits you and your clients
  • you’re comfortable sharing your inner process with authenticity and humor, and can listen with deep respect
  • you do your work, are able to ‘think outside the box,’ have healthy boundaries, and are willing to grow and change
  • your spirit is jumping up and down, reading this page, saying ‘yes!  yes!  I’ve been wanting this!’  (you’ll fit right in!)
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about me

for 20 years, it’s been my joy to hold space for more than 4,000 people in hundreds of classes, sessions, retreats, and ceremonies.  my work connects humans with helping spirits and healing energies, so they can engage the mystery in a beautiful way.

as a 4th generation teacher, I weave a lot of different experiences into the space, like my biology degree, nonprofit background as a program manager and educator, two-decade career as a business owner teaching esoteric healing arts, and natural capacity as an intuitive and channel.  (read more here)

I’ve dedicated my life to service, as you have.  I look forward to connecting!

orientation: jan 6 & 7, 2024

if you’re heading off on a big adventure, you might like to know who you’ll be traveling with, and what the journey might look like, yes?

attending the orientation is required for everyone in the training.  we’ll meet each other and our work in the world, have a direct experience with our helping spirits and the mystery, learn about the program and ask questions, and feel into whether this group is a good fit.

there is a deep, exultant joy in circling with kindred spirits doing beautiful work, leveling up in our craft, and learning how to take better care of ourselves and the wonderful people we serve.

if this kind of work is for you, you’ll know – it will feel like coming home, and what you’ve been yearning for.

let’s share a cup of tea

if you feel interested in attending the required group orientation on january 6 & 7, please fill out the short form below.   I’ll email you within a business day, and we can schedule a phone chat about the training before the orientation.  we’ll be easy together, have a lovely time, and see if this work is for you.

to set that in motion, please fill out the short form below.  welcome!

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