as leaders, we’ve got a library of stories worth cringing, crying, or laughing over, yes?  on our best days, we make it look easy.

if you and I were enjoying time together by firelight under a sea of stars, I might share a couple of my stories, where things went sideways and I held the space anyway – the show went on.  here are a few (often funny, at least in retrospect), from a large  stable of them, like when…

  • a large rattlesnake crawled into a circle of students I was leading on top of a remote mountain
  • a tree blight closed an outdoor site down…less than a day before attendees arrived from all over the world
  • a fire department marched in full gear (axes over shoulders and all) through the first opening ceremony I ever held

I’d laugh and cry with you and hang on your every word, as you shared your stories with me – each funny, tragic, or tender by turn.  those of us who hold big space can weave magic and mystery together…while navigating the ups and downs and peculiarities of leading the humans we’re called to serve and making it look easy.  (or, we hope to!)

for many of us, behind the scenes, there is a cost in holding it all together so ‘the show can go on.’

no matter how accomplished, fierce, or visionary we are on stage, we’re sensitive critters when the curtain gets pulled aside and we fully let our hair down and let it all hang out.  we love our work with ferocity, and deep passion  – it’s why we’re here, and we can’t not do what we do.  and yet.

perhaps sometimes we feel there isn’t space or people who truly understand what it’s like to be a leader who navigates complex inner experiences and initiations while holding space for so many folks.  perhaps we don’t speak loudly or often about how isolating it can feel to be a leader, how sometimes we want to throw in the towel and go run away with the circus, or how we might feel so called to do our sacred work in the world that we’ve hidden even from ourselves how weary we are.  has it been that way for you?

no one really gets it like other leaders.  whether we operate our own businesses, field the attention of tens of thousands, lead teams doing big extraordinary work, run therapy or healing practices, or shine at global summits, we’ve found our way through the mud-spattered trenches, lived to tell the tale, picked ourselves up day after day, and continue to offer our incredible, vital, visionary work.

our work as leaders is rare and complicated, and there is relief when we’re held by someone who truly gets it – like getting into the goddess’ own bubble bath, or coming home.  it takes skillful tending to keep the dreams that led us into our roles alive…so we can keep going, and serve in a healthy, grounded, fulfilled way.

if you haven’t felt balanced, juicy, on purpose, and happy in your work recently as a leader or teacher, it might feel very far away, but the kind of support that keeps those yummy feelings alive is deep, restoring, essential, and it’s the kind of work I do.

this post will find it’s ways into the paws of those who hold big space, and when you arrive, I hope you know that I truly, really, deeply understand what it takes to juggle all the things, make it look effortless, and be sure ‘the show goes on.’

if you lead a large community, tend a big dream, or hold big space for others, I’d really love to hear from you, and connect.  I know how to weave the magical (soul retrieval, anyone?) and practical (indemnification language? on it!) together to support you with everything you navigate behind the scenes, so you can do your beautiful work in the world.

your work is vital.  you being truly well makes your work possible.  more importantly, your balance and happiness matter to me.

I’m here.

thanks for all you do and be,