hi beautiful one!  kind magics are afoot on your arrival – warm hug of welcome your way.

these sessions are magical vehicles to help us move big energy, and explore together,

while supporting you in what’s arising for you as you lead, heal, and teach.

I love this work more than anything – I’m happy you’ve arrived.

here’s to joyful magic, miracles, and sweet momentum.


Joy & Support

$350, 90 minutes, via phone

there’s such joy and magic in connecting together when we’re following our heart’s calling in the world, whether we’re holding big space for others as leaders, healers, or teachers.  I don’t think we have to be precious or fancy about moving big energy around to change our lives for the better – we can pour a cozy cup of tea, hop on the phone together, dive right in, and connect as brilliant, foible-filled, passionate, tender, curious explorers on our paths.

we get to relax in these sessions, let our hair down, and let it all hang out.  I’m adept at helping folks feel comfortable from moment one, and there’s room for all of your experience as we connect, whether it’s sitting with the wound where the light gets in, laughing together at the delightful complexity of it all, or nurturing the most tender seedling of dream that’s the next step in your calling.

if you hold a lot of space for folks, you know how amazing it is to be held yourself by someone who’s been there, gets it, and can welcome you and the messy bits and the mystery all at once.  I’ve been doing this work for a long time, have a robust basket of tools and depth of experience, and work with wondrous spirit helpers who alchemize things for us, so that we can zip along at light speed and do what we came here to.

the toolkit is vast and wide – we might bring in soul retrieval, oracles, extraction, storytelling, unburdening, medicine keys, host a magical council, work with reiki or healing stones or dowsing, journey together, or create sacred art or ceremony.  my spirit helpers will let us know what’s of most benefit, and we’ll have a gentle, kind, powerful time together.

sacred geometry

Big Energy

I find most sessions start with a heart-to-heart chat about what’s really going on for you and getting right down to it, with our guides working powerfully behind the scenes on your behalf.  my helping spirits will let me know what’s needed, and the medicine delivered is always heart-opening, and big.  I’m a skilled listener, and can quickly listen beyond that subtle quiver in your voice, read between the lines and any unspokens, and feel the energy of what’s happening with you.  often, being really seen, heard, and truly met where we’re at is a profound relief in itself.

here are a few reasons folks who hold space for others show up for some support, relief, and alchemy:

  • a new dream visits us, and we’re called to change the shape or trajectory of our work.  there are a lot of practical nuts and bolts to review and tend here – we’ll do that – and huge transformation requires support and healing as our actual identities change.  here, helpers might provide direct support and healing energy transmission
  • we’re often asked to ‘level up’ through tricky situations with students, clients, or colleagues.  spirit helpers let us know what the underlying dynamics are, how to shift energies, hold compassion, and claim our power gently and firmly.  it’s deeply important in these situations to feel truly heard, see next steps clearly, and feel the support of guides
  • our paths are initiatic.  we’re visited by sudden life change, loss, illness, unexpected events, attack, and still need to do our work and hold our commitments as impeccably as we’re able.  guides may create a ceremony or practice to lend extra support in trying times, and help us see the larger picture where we remember it’ll be okay again

Lived Experience

‘everything feels so much sweeter, more magical, and full of hope.  at the same time, it’s also a perspective that’s deeply grounded in truth. doing this work together was another unbelievable sweetness.’ ~emery

note:  if you don’t identify as a leader or teacher and feel interested in working together, please email.  if we’ve worked together before, please use the link above.  bright blessings!