how do you actually ‘hold space?’

learn your signature spaceholding style

4.5 hour workshop, 10ampt-2:30pmpt

q: how do you create skillful spaces where transformation and healing happen?

a: you learn what your ‘signature spaceholding style’ is, and bring to conscious awareness what creates authentic, effective space for the people you support, along with solid ‘how-to’ steps.


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‘signature spaceholding style’

your signature spaceholding style is the amalgam of every life experience you’ve had, all of your training, and (this is the jewel) your unique gifts and essential nature…

that no other living being can reproduce.

a signature spaceholding style, when brought to light, speaks to every.  single.  aspect.  of holding space.  yours informs the colors you choose, the language you weave with, the content you create, the complexity or simplicity you house…and what becomes possible for those in the spaces you hold.

once you really understand what marks your signature spaceholding style, and also bring to conscious awareness how to prepare for, begin, hold, end, and recover from holding space, you can learn some of the most common pitfalls to avoid (these are rarely talked about), and strong, reliable practices to embrace.

from there, you’re ready to hold strong, beautiful, transformational space for others.

who this is for

this is a strong, short, and sweet offering for healers, therapists, workshop leaders, people running trainings and classes, or any kind of transformational or healing work, whether you’re just starting out or want to understand better what you’ve been doing for years or decades.

by bringing brilliant spaceholding ingredients to conscious awareness, we gain greater skill and ease.  this makes our offerings and the spaces we hold rewarding and soluble in the long-term for us…and beautiful and meaningful for those we serve.

what we cover

  • mine your own lived experience from healings & trainings you’ve attended – the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  you’ve learned a lot already – let’s explore exactly how and why things did or didn’t work for you, and how these hard-won wisdoms can fuel your work and spaceholding style
  • discover your own ‘spaceholding signature’ – bring to conscious awareness the energetic signature that embodies you and your body of work, so you can use it to best effect.  this informs EVERYTHING you do, consciously or otherwise, for you and those you serve
  • learn a simple, solid list of questions that, when answered, easily form and guide every single workshop, gathering, seminar, retreat, or training you hold
  • review 8 core ideas of spaceholding that help you navigate the inevitable bumps and bruises along the way with resilience and humor
  • I’ll share 5 ‘behind-the-scenes disaster stories’ that built me into a strong spaceholder. (oof!) a lot goes on behind the scenes and in our hearts when we hold space for others, and that can sometimes feel disorienting or overwhelming.  normalizing the challenging experiences we navigate as spaceholders is powerful, and needed
  • 12 ‘spaceholding seeds’ offered in q&a format that every spaceholder should be aware of, on topics ranging from navigating client or student meltdowns, to taking care of yourself physically and energetically after you take care of others, to embodying grace when you feel triggered or out of your depth
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about me

I’ve been teaching people how to connect with helping spirits and healing energies for 20 years, and taught as an environmental educator before that.  all told, I’ve been teaching and holding space for somewhere around 30 years.

for all of the ups and downs of holding space, I’m built for it, love it, and can’t imagine anything else.

holding space for transformation is unique, unusual, demanding, and rewarding.  instead of you poddling along all by your lonesome (been there, done that, I don’t recommend it), there is beauty in coming together with other kind folks who truly wish to serve, and take good care while doing it.

we’re stronger together, when we share stories and support each other in our sacred callings.

nuts & bolts

we’ll be together for about 4 hours, with hourly off-screen breaks to rest and integrate what we’re exploring.  this pace honors our nervous systems, and also lets the work land in a gentle, strong way.

cost for the half-day workshop is $275, and includes support materials and the creation of a mini workshop you’ll create in our working off-screen lunch, based on the signature spaceholding style you discover in the first half of class.

I like a small circle so we can share with each other – this is part of my signature spaceholding style – so we’ll cap out around 8-10 folks and be easy together.  you’ll need a journal, prepared lunch, and fresh flowers for the workshop.

join the circle

you can join us by registering below.  you’ll receive a zoom link and circle reminder – if you have any questions, please email and let me know.  welcome!

see you soon