energy medicine for women:
learn reiki & talk with your guides

3 afternoons: thurs, fri, mon
online, 3:30-6:30pmpt,  jun 1, 2, 5

small group, wonderful women

this class teaches you how to support yourself with energy medicines like reiki (channeling healing energy) and shamanism (connecting with your spirit guides), with a special focus on women’s health and women’s mysteries.

we each come to to this course with a special story – a trusted friend shared about a beautiful experience with energy medicine, you’re navigating a major life change or healing assignment, you feel a strong call within to connect with the sacred that can’t be ignored, or your feet are on the path to become (or deepen) as a healer.

or, all of the above!

when I started teaching energy medicines like reiki and shamanism 20 years ago, I used to spend a lot of time explaining what the modalities are (details below).  these days, energy medicines are well-known, which is wonderful.  with so many beautiful and unique trainings and teachers to choose from, you get to quest and find the way that’s just right for you.

what you’ll find here is ‘energy medicine for women.’  groups are intentionally kept very small so you make friends with other wonderful women, with 10 maximum participants and 3 powerful ingredients:

  • reiki level 1 (learn how to treat yourself and others with reiki)
  • intro to shamanism (building friendships with your spirit guides)
  • women’s healing (reiki & shamanic techniques just for women)

my notion is that you’re intelligent, intuitively gifted, innately kind, and capable of really showing up and doing your work.

as such, I deliver the bulk of the course teachings in a beautiful written format for you to digest at your own pace, so you can show up fully prepared for circle.  when we’re together, you can ask lots of questions – this approach means you and everyone else arrive sharing the same knowledge base.

our time together is precious.  so we use it to really connect together in circle, as women have done for millennia.  we practice lovingkindness together, we share our stories, and practice energy medicines together.  special magic happens in women’s circles, and you can make friends for life here.

below, some ideas about reiki, shamanism, and women’s wellness – happy reading!



reiki is mystical energy with practical applications, that feels nourishing, soothing, and healing.

as a reiki practitioner, you can treat yourself and others after a sacred initiation (attunement) that enables you to act like ‘hollow bamboo’ that reiki flows through.  reiki is gentle, but also powerful and transformative.  being a reiki practitioner brings profound change and healing in your life.

learn more about reiki in the FAQ below.


everything is alive, has spirit, and wants to communicate – there is so, so much more to life than what our five human senses perceive!

in circle, you learn how to talk directly to your spirit helpers (shamanism) and also your reiki guides, which is tremendously beautiful and useful.  having this important life skill lets you receive healings and guidance for the rest of your life.

learn more about shamanism & spirit guides in the FAQ below.

women’s circle

women have come together in small circles to share about their lives, witness each other, and feel seen and heard for millennia.  circling is an ancient practice, special and powerful.

it’s easy to get stuck in your own head, or story.  and when you hear other women sharing about their challenges and triumphs, you remember that we’re all human and doing the best we can in a complicated world.  we learn from each other in circle, and we change and grow stronger when we’re witnessed in a loving space.

part of this circle is a special focus on women’s health and wellness.  you’ll learn reiki positions to support menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal balance, and meet a shamanic spirit guide who tends the women’s mysteries.

learn more about circling with women and women’s wellness in the FAQ below.


before class, I’ll email you the required reading (details listed below).

I’d plan on about an hour to read through the reiki materials, and another hour for the short home-study course on shamanism & spirit guides before the course.   please be very sure to set this time aside before circle so you can email questions in advance, and arrive prepared.  this is key!

your strong preparation means our precious time to connect and circle together live can be used for building community, connecting, asking questions, and practicing together.

day one: thursday, spirit guides

join us wherever you are planetside via zoom for two and a half hours.  I’ve been teaching healing and holding space for 20 years, and have an easy and kind spaceholding style that’s held in a strong container.  you’ll feel comfy, and we’ll take regular rest breaks offscreen – circle energy can be bright and lively, and also tender and deep.

we’ll call in sacred space, start meeting each other in an easy, casual way (this can be fun, even if you’re shy like me), and then take two shamanic journeys with live drumming to meet our spirit helpers and guides.

we start here because this life skill is really important.  it can feel overwhelming or confusing to live in our accelerated, complex times, especially if you’re intuitive, kind-hearted, and empathic.  being able to build friendships with your spirit guides, who can answer your questions (about reiki or anything else) makes life feel more graceful, interesting, and supported.

for the specific purpose of our circle, being able to talk with your guides lets you ask questions about healing even after the course is complete – you’ll have direct access to your spirit guides and teachers for life.  we’ll journey with our helping spirits, journal, and share together.  this opening circle is really sweet, and it’s fascinating to hear all the shared journeys.

day two: friday, learn reiki

the second day is always really fun, because we know each other a little bit, and it’s easeful to reconnect, instead of things feeling like ‘the first day of school.’  welcome back!

we’ll invoke sacred space, check in with each other, answer any questions from the written reiki teaching materials, and receive the magic of reiki attunements.

the attunements are sacred spiritual initiations that initiate you to reiki, so you can act like a ‘hollow bamboo’ that reiki healing energy flows through for the rest of your life. you’ll be able to treat yourself and others with reiki after the course.

before we close and head into the weekend, we enjoy a full reiki self-treatment (bliss!).

weekend homework is to give yourself a daily self-reiki treatment on saturday and sunday, and also take a short journey to meet your reiki spirit guides (topics and a drumming track are included).  the weekend pause gives you time to really integrate the teachings and healings.

day three: monday, integrating

third time’s the charm! (laughter) by now, it feels easy to be together, and you’re getting to know your sisters in circle. our spirit guides and reiki itself engineer the perfect group, and there are hundreds of long-term friendships that have come out my circles in the last 20 years.  one group has been meeting regularly for almost 15 years – holy wow!

on our final day together, we’ll call in sacred space, check in on how our healings with reiki and spirit guides went over the weekend, and then practice a series of reiki hand positions specific to women’s physical health.

in particular, we’ll focus together on reiki hand positions to support menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause, breast health, and hormonal balance – good tools to have.

after the healings, a really fun part comes when you meet a spirit guide who acts as a healing specialist for the women’s mysteries.  this helpful spirit guide will support you in integrating course teachings regularly into your life, so you can offer healing for yourself, others, and your communities.

we close with a simple and sweet graduation ceremony, and circle members who feel resourced can share contact information, and set up a practice circle to keep our work in motion.

life after class

ever take a class, feel super interested, and not really put it into practice?

I have, and I don’t want that for you with the magics of introductory energy medicines.  instead, my strong prayer is that this course awaken something within that truly roots and blooms in your life.

there are 3 containers for you to be supported by after circle:

all of these things are designed to welcome magic, community, spirit, healing, and wonder into your life in a regular, strong way.  my love and blessings to you – welcome!

anna banana

about me

my reiki story started when reiki saved my beloved cat’s life in a miraculous way (it’s quite a story!).  in the same month, reiki guided me to begin working with shamanism.  since then, I’ve been graced to teach hundreds of students and work with thousands of clients in the last 20 years…and it all started with one little magical cat.

my original reiki teacher, beloved joann pun, offered me reiki and friendship more than 20 years ago.  joann, I love you!  since she opened the door to reiki for me, I’ve trained in 20 different reiki levels (usui reiki in the takata lineage, komyo reiki in the yamaguchi lineage, and karuna and lightarian lineages), and I’ve been teaching reiki full-time since 2004.

before the pandemic, I taught hundreds of in-person reiki classes, held low-cost community reiki clinics, created reiki retreats and multi-lineage gatherings, organized students to provide reiki for fancy corporations, taught about reiki at universities, and held reiki classes for homeless youth. I’ve created many annual retreats to help people connect with their spirit guides out in nature and at retreat centers, lectured in global symposiums, and held space in a few hundred community ceremonies, circles, and workshops.

there’s a little more here – it’s been a long, rich ride.

since the pandemic, my work has evolved a lot. I teach online now, and love welcoming students from all over the world. our planet and times have changed!  if you’re called to train here and join our community, you become the next stage in the evolution of healing. I can’t wait to discover with you what that looks like, and send you so many blessings on your path.

lived experience

kind thanks to my lovely students who have shared five-star yelp reviews over the years. here are a couple quotes from previous students:

‘(anna) is love and compassion, and has an incredible ability to take complicated concepts and break them down in a way that is understandable and feels safe. my life is completely different today than it was when I started. I am calm, grounded, balanced, and happy. I can’t imagine my life without this work, and am taking everything I have learned out into the world to help other people with it now. thank you anna!!!’ – gayle r

‘I have just completed a reiki 1 class with anna, and it was a wonderful experience. I’m so glad to have found a teacher who exudes love, compassion, warmth and kindness. she knows her subject very well, and her teaching style is very interactive. she was able to connect with, and involve, everyone – and it did not take long for us to become a very bonded, cohesive group. it was an amazing way to learn and experience the love that is reiki. she was clear in her instruction and guidance, and gave us plenty of opportunity to practice which is so important. she also has a wicked sense of humor, and is very candid. I cannot wait to attend her level 2 class. anna is awesome! I have also had a personal session with her, and she is very nurturing, focused and present. I highly recommend her classes and her private sessions!’ – angelica r

‘I have to say that this was one of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve had in my life. our group came in as strangers, and by the end we felt like family. anna supported us all to get to know one another and to connect on a deep and joyful level, and the training itself was FANTASTIC. she offered a perfect balance of discussion, theory, history, techniques, and hands-on learning and partner work. I can’t say enough as to how incredible anna is and how MUCH I got out of this. I feel forever changed, and I’m so deeply grateful.’ – katy h

time & cost

I’d expect to spend about 2ish hours before circle reading through the reiki teachings and taking the self-paced home course on working with spirit guides, depending on the kind of pace you enjoy.  please, please don’t leave reading to the last minute – you may have questions, and emailing them before circle helps us be efficient with time when we’re together.

your course includes:

  • 21-page reiki teaching PDF (what reiki is, history, hand positions, taking care of you and others with reiki)
  • 15-page self-paced home study course (what spirit guides are, how to journey with a drumbeat, sacred space, honoring your helpers)
  • 12-minute drumming track with whistles and rattles (special thanks to sandra ingerman and sounds true for their kind permission to include this)
  • 8-9 hours together in live circles via zoom (with rest breaks), class size is limited to 10 participants
  • contact information for classmates who want to connect and practice together
  • completion of the prerequisite to join monthly practice circles

tuition for the 3-day class is payable in full one week before the course: $375 if you train as a ‘solo adventurer’ or $295 if you and a friend sign up as ‘reiki buddies’ (save $80).

circle details

circle size is limited to 10 participants, because small groups feel safe, sweet, and nourishing for intuitive, sensitive women.  this small group size allows us to really connect, share vulnerably and authentically, and heal in the process.  if you’re interested and willing to show up, this can build friendships that last for life.

to take care of our nervous systems, you can expect about 3ish hours in each circle gathering, with regular rest breaks offscreen to have a snack, get outside, or just relax.

I’ll email enrolled students all of the teaching materials before we gather for circle, so you’ll have time to review and really absorb the content at your own pace before we meet.

if you have any questions, I’m an email and a happy thought away.  this work is my life, I love it more than anything, and truly wish to welcome you.  I hope to see you soon!

frequently asked questions

I’ve done my best to answer questions you may have,

with questions grouped by topic, below.

great question!  and an important one, because working with your spirit guides will both strengthen your understanding of reiki, energy, and healing, and also help you live a skillful, beautiful human life.

you might think of it this way: there is a whole huge, magical realm beyond what we experience as reality in our daily, 3D human lives.  there are lots of ways to access your spirit guides, and one of them is to listen to a rhythmic drumbeat.  this changes your brainwave state, and you enter a light, waking trance that allows you to enter the unseen realms (this is also called shamanism, and we work in a universal tradition).  in the world of spirit, you can can connect with the sentience of all things.

in the world of spirit (which is another kind of reality, as valid as the one you’re experiencing now) we can connect with goddesses or gods, elemental beings and nature devas, ascended healing masters, mythic or archetypal beings, bright and well ancestors, animal beings, personal guides, and helping spirits who specialize in reiki teachings and healing.

the list is pretty endless – think, ‘everything is alive, has sentience, and wants to communicate.’  once you learn how to talk with your compassionate helping spirits (and you have lots of them, even if you haven’t met them yet), you can consult them at any time and ask for guidance, insight, counsel, and healing on any situation in your life.

the beauty of this approach is that you’re having a direct experience with your concept of the divine – there is no one to direct or interpret what you yourself experience.  you are connecting with the sacred directly, in your own way.

if you’re new to working with shamanism and your spirit guides, the self-paced, home-study course included in your course preparation materials will lead you through with ease.  I’ve been teaching folks how to journey with spirit since 2004, and make the process easy.

as working with helping spirits and the unseen worlds is part of our collective human heritage, we’re not so much learning how to connect with the web of life, but are instead remembering.

I love this work, and have dedicated my life to it.  if you have any questions, please reach out and let me know.  I’m here!

super big welcome to you! everyone can learn to journey, and humans have been connecting directly with the spirit world and the mystery for millennia.

the home-study course (included in your materials) offers a broad idea of 3 spirit worlds, how to set strong intention, who might show up to help you, and how to take a basic beginner journey to meet a spirit guide or helper.  once you can connect directly with your own helping spirits, they can offer you healings, teachings, and information about situations in your life.

the journeying course is practical, efficient, and short – it’s intended to give you skillful access to working directly with your helping spirits so you can engage in circle and let your world open to magic.  the course itself is a really beautiful 15-page PDF, and includes a drumming track for practice.  you’ll be provided with several ‘seed journeys’ to begin exploring before circle (these are super fun!).

it can take a time or three to ‘get the hang of it’ – don’t worry if you need to practice at different times of day, or with different ‘journey seeds.’

I’d set aside about a half hour to read the teachings and take a short practice journey, and maybe 15 additional minutes once or twice to practice before we meet for circle.  you can think of this preparation like flexing a new muscle, and getting comfy with the process.  essentially, you want to be able to take a successful journey, connect with your helping spirits directly, and bring back a beautiful story to learn from and share.

journeying with spirit guides is wonderful, and so is sharing the wisdom we receive directly from the divine.  I’m excited for you to begin!

great question! and, nope!  you don’t need to believe in god, the goddess, or hold any religious or structured beliefs.  one of the wonderful things about journeying with helping spirits is that your experience is completely your own – you have a direct experience with an aspect of the divine, and you make your own meaning from it.

there is no one to ‘tell you what is so’ or that you ‘have to believe in anything.’  this is about you connecting to spirit via journeywork, and being held in community with those who share similar interests, and who uphold values of lovingkindness, respect, and gentleness.

that said, if you have a hard time accepting your own direct experience after successfully journeying with your helping spirits or feel like working with spirit is ‘too woo for you,’ another container is probably a better fit for you.

there’s no need to believe in anything…but there is a need to trust your own experience, intuition, and the wisdom you receive from your helping spirits and the mystery.  curiosity and an open heart are key here, as is a strong and real desire to show up in true kindness and generosity.

originally founded in 1920s japan by usui sensei, ‘reiki’ is actually two words – ‘rei’ can mean something mysterious or sacred, and ‘ki’ can be translated as energy.  so, we can think of reiki as a sacred or mysterious energy.

I like to describe reiki as intelligent energy, or sentient love.

in practice, reiki is delivered by a reiki practitioner (someone who has been through an initiation process called an ‘attunement) who places their hands on their own body or someone else’s with permission, and acts like a conduit that reiki healing energy flows through.  (at later reiki levels, we learn to send reiki through over long distances, and forward and backward in time)

for those who experience it, reiki is warm, relaxing, and transformative.  really, I can type all the words in the world about reiki – and like a really glorious chocolate mousse, the best way to understand reiki is…to experience it.

if you choose to train in reiki, you’ll find that you don’t deplete your own personal energy as reiki flows through you.  quite the opposite!  just like a pipe gets wet as water flows through it, you receive reiki as you channel it.  whether we give or receive reiki, we benefit – and how cool is that?  ;)

reiki is intuitive and intelligent.  by that I mean that you could come to a healing to ease a physical imbalance, and find that your mental, emotional or spiritual path gain momentum as well.  reiki supports every healing journey – from intense periods of transition, to cancer, to spiritual awakening, to folks who feel worn out and lost.  a lovely thing about reiki is how it integrates with every single healing modality out there, and is never contraindicated, whether you’re working with pregnancy, antidepressants, chemotherapy, acupuncture, talk therapy, etc.

in addition to restorative and therapeutic effects, reiki supports specific issues such as:

  • recovery from illness
  • rehab after surgery
  • depressions
  • grieving
  • immune disorders (HIV/AIDS)
  • releasing addiction
  • fertility issues
  • old triggers and patterns
  • insomnia
  • major life transition
  • healing trauma
  • clearing energies that aren’t yours
  • ancestral lineage healing
  • grounding
  • anxiety and stress
  • overall happiness, and recovering joy

one of the most beautiful aspects of reiki is that it is always beneficial, and supports our fundamental capacity to heal, and create full, joyful lives.  everyone can learn reiki, and everyone can receive reiki.

if you’re reading these words, you’re already connecting with reiki… welcome!

everyone experiences reiki a bit differently, and here’s what I’ve seen and learned in the last 20 years of working with the miracle of reiki:

early in a treatment, reiki brings a deep sense of support, relaxation and calm, as your busy mind or tense body begins to relax.  if you’re treating yourself or are receiving an in-person, hands-on reiki session, you may be aware of hot reiki hands – that’s reiki flowing, and it feels warm and soothing.

you may feel healing energy flowing through you, enter a dreamlike state, see colors, communicate with spirit guides or your own inner wisdom, enjoy a catnap, or experience powerful shifts in your life that ripple into days and weeks to come.  sensitivities vary, and some people ‘feel’ very little during reiki, and still notice effects like stress reduction and increased physical healing.

most folks feel amazing receiving reiki – peaceful, balanced, and happy.

reiki is more – much more – than just feeling relaxed, although that’s an important part of the healing process.  simply slowing down can be miraculous, and allow our physical, mental, and emotional bodies to recalibrate and move to our own sense of equilibrium.

beyond the magic of feeling peaceful in the moment, I think one of the most exciting effects of reiki is what happens after a session or series of sessions – reiki has a way of aligning us with the people we need to meet, engineering situations in our outside lives that help us clear old patterns or fears, or helping guide us to changes in our lives that align us with our purpose, or why we came here.

in my two decades of walking with reiki, I know that it can totally transform a life.  I’ve seen it in my own life, and for hundreds of clients and students.  reiki is simple, mysterious, and sweet.

like chocolate mousse, you’ve just got to experience it to really get it!

reiki has levels of practice – in my lineage, reiki I (hands-on reiki), reiki II (distance reiki), and reiki III (teaching and the mystery).

‘reiki for women’ includes reiki level , and by the end of the class you’ll be able to treat yourself or others with permission (hands-on) for the rest of your life.

in this introductory class, you’ll connect with your classmates, and quickly become a cohesive group in a contemporary setting that’s both sacred, joyful, and playful.

between the written teaching materials, review sheet, q&a in circle, and hands-on practice, you’ll learn:

  1. what reiki is
  2. the history of reiki
  3. hand positions (self and others)
  4. what to expect after your attunement
  5. how to take care of yourself
  6. how to offer a reiki session
  7. intuitive (scanning) treatments
  8. traditional (hand positions) treatments
  9. grounding and clearing
  10. reiki meditation
  11. attunements (initiation)
  12. group reiki in circle

each class includes discussion of the ideas above, your reiki attunement, experiential practice time, teaching materials, reiki certificate, and is held in a safe and nurturing space.

feeling reiki flowing through your hands for the first time is magic – and we laugh a lot!

reiki brings us together in exactly the right way at exactly the right time – each class is unique, and amazing.  you’ll have a week before class to read through all of the materials and email me any questions, and we meet via zoom from anywhere on the planet.  we’re a global reiki family, after all!

we’ll aim for a two-hour circle, and we may end a little early or a little late.  this is because every group is really different, and it’s important to me to honor what arises in circle without rushing or pushing. please allow some gentle down time after each circle gathering to be gentle and loving with yourself – expect that you might want some down time after circle

each group becomes a family, and the most extraordinary folks show up.  circle is warm, loving, and can change your life forever.  we glow together after days of laughter, hugs, silly jokes, play, openness, and fun, and often plant seeds for lifelong friendships.

it’s very possible to engage deeply with the sacred and experience powerful, profound healing…while having a great time and laughing a lot.  welcome to reiki!

circling together is ancient.  for millennia, women have gathered around the fire (or, via zoom in our modern times?  perfect!) to talk about their lives, connect, and support each other.

there is power and strength in sharing our hearts, and we change when we’re witnessed by others who are kind, and care.

every woman’s story in circle is a facet of human experience.  sometimes, you’ll be able to relate with a woman’s story, because you’ve walked through something similiar in your own different way.  sometimes, you’ll learn with humility about something you haven’t walked through, and can witness with compassion, curiosity, and gentleness.

always in circle, we heal and grow together.

I think everyone craves belonging, and being part of a community – for humans, this is instinctive and fulfilling.  in circle, we get to show up however we are (and I do a lot of normalizing around this) – it’s a real relief to get to name where we’re struggling (without complaining), what our growing edges are, or get to celebrate a victory with other kindred spirits.

as a sensitive, empathic, shy creature (I show up like an extrovert, but I’m a pretty quiet critter), I totally get how nervous-making it can be to show up to a new space or a new circle.  you might wonder, who will be there?  will they like me?  will I be able to ‘do it right?’  will I make friends?

big, warm hug to you.  I get it.  I’ve been leading circles, groups, retreats, and workshops since 2004, and my spaceholding style allows for a strong, safe container and also mutual gentleness and compassion.

we’ll giggle, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll share, we’ll sip tea, we’ll marvel at the mystery, and let the divine hold us.  if you have any questions, please please let me know – I’m here for you.

the women I work with are intuitive, sensitive, empathic, and deeply kind.  because our hearts can be tender, and each of us are deserving of love, care, and respect, I hold firm boundaries around our circle space, so we can feel safe and welcome.

here are our circle agreements:

I agree to…

  1. embody a standard of highest integrity, rooted in lovingkindness, gentleness, and respect at all times
  2. embody patience and generosity with each other, with tech hiccups, and with individual and shared experiences that come up
  3. attend every scheduled live zoom circle meeting to the best of my ability, and log onto each zoom call 10 minutes early
  4. show up sober, well-groomed, prepared, and fully present to honor the circle, and stay present by never checking email, phone, or other media while we meet
  5. pay the entire circle tuition in full before class, whether or not I attend
  6. purchase materials needed for circle (journal, pen, etc), and also have on hand what is needed for my physical comfort
  7. honor that anna may extend the circle if she is unable to lead on a scheduled date, or cancel the training if a significant life event occurs.  in the case of cancellation, no further monthly payments will be collected
  8. honor that anna has zero tolerance for intentional violence, unkind words, or aggressive acts towards anyone in circle.  in the unlikely event of that occurring, the aggressor will be removed immediately from circle, and pay tuition in full
  9. hold personal shares in circle as confidential information, also understanding that anna may consult colleagues about individual shares if needed
  10. honor that anna does not offer refunds, and reserves the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason
  11. if I feel I need individual support outside of the circle container, I will book a paid session with anna to support myself
  12. honor that I am responsible for my own experience
beautiful, graceful, skillful question!

spaceholders are all different, and the container you find at the dreaming otter is going to be different than other spaces you might have encountered.

that said, here are some main ideas about how to carry yourself in circle to help you decide if this is for you:

  • ATTEND: in circle, be fully present.  you are not checking your phone or email, or tending any media beyond the zoom call we’re in.  you’re mindful of your body language, so you stay engaged and don’t look like a ‘zoom zombie’ with glazed eyes, leaning back, or otherwise looking ‘checked out.’  it’s a lot to share and be vulnerable and be in an organic, dynamic experience with other women, and when it’s your turn to share, you certainly wouldn’t want everyone looking at their phone or appearing to be half-asleep.  so, we honor each other with full, focused presence.  it is a gift to offer our true focus, wonderful to both receive and give.
  • DON’T GIVE ADVICE: this one can feel tricky, especially if someone shares something really close to what you’ve lived through, or you feel concern or empathy for someone’s struggle.  and.  our circle is not a place to offer opinions, reflection, advice, or counsel.  for the purpose of this class, we’re coming together to explore the basics of reiki and working with spirit guides with other women who value lovingkindness.  there is an art to honoring others by allowing them to have their pain, and see them in their strength through struggle.  this doesn’t mean we don’t care (we do, often very much), but that we understand that our gentle witnessing is healing in and of itself.  it is a gift to listen with care, wonderful to both receive and give.
  • BE WILLING TO SHARE VULNERABLY:  this class is set up in three short meetings for two reasons: looooong zoom meetings are too much for nervous systems, and gathering again and again helps build trust and camaraderie.  a big part of having a beautiful experience in circle is how we can deepen together, through sharing.  note: sharing is different than ‘dumping’ or ‘complaining.’  example: let’s say I’m having a real issue with someone in my life, and it has a lot of emotional charge.  I will not show up to circle saying ‘this person was so horrible, and they just suck’ (ouch!).  I will instead show up in circle and say ‘I’m really in struggle with a situation with someone in my life who reminds me of a family member.  when I interact with them, I feel like an angry teenager, and I’m carrying some shame about how hard this is to deal with.’  see the difference?  the more vulnerable we can be about our experience, with humility and curiosity, the more space there is for healing, empathy, and kindness.  it is a gift to share with generosity and skill, wonderful both to give and receive.


we gather on 3 afternoons (pacific time): thursday june 1, friday june 2, and monday june 5.

we circle for three(ish) hours at each circle, with the understanding that we may end a little early or a little late, depending on the energy and questions in each circle.

solo or buddy?

there are two ways to sign up below, as a solo adventurer (brava!), or as ‘reiki buddies.’

if you sign up as a ‘reiki buddy,’ you and the friend who takes this class with you both receive an $80 discount on tuition.  please be sure to enter the name of your reiki buddy along with yours in the ‘first name’ as you sign up.  note: if your buddy can’t attend circle with you, your card will be charged the additional $80 tuition and you’ll train as a solo adventurer.

welcome to circle!