here are two incendiary statements I believe to be true:

you can have all of the practical, logical, mundane, nuts & bolts skill in the world…and if you’re missing part of your soul, have energy leaks or unresolved spirit contracts, or are out of touch with your own personal magic and joy, you will not thrive.

you can have all of the mystical, esoteric, visionary, deliciously woo magic in the world…and if you’re not able to skillfully tend practical matters, wield logistics, or create detailed and pragmatic long-term plans, you will not thrive.


simply, we have to be equally at ease in both practical AND magical worlds to live a happy human life.


here’s a story for you: one of my verrrrry first ever clients was extremely affluent. he ran a very successful business, owned multiple luxury properties around the world, was well regarded, had a brilliant logical mind, and every physical opulence possible. despite all this, he came to see me because he was miserable.

there was no magic or wonder in his life.


in our 6 months together, he learned to find curiosity, joy, and ease in the magical realms – he just needed a helping hand to help him rediscover childlike joy in living. his inner changes spilled over into his company’s culture as well, which was a wonder to see. all the practical know-how and logical badassery in the world didn’t make him happy…until he started learning magical approaches to living through our ongoing work together.


here’s a second story: one of the most gifted, sensitive, brilliant women I’ve ever met lived solely in the magical worlds, reading mystical books, taking endless seminars, connecting with her guides, and filling her days with crystals, tarot, and astrology. she came to me because she didn’t know how to handle 3D details, and her daily human life was a mess.

for this woman, so firmly anchored in the woo that paying bills and creating detailed plans or objectives seemed really challenging, we explored and healed her narrative around fully living in the ‘muggle world’ (her words). we developed practical tools for solid (and fun) task management and reaching goals in our 8 months together. today, she’s out of debt, on track to place a house down-payment, and has a modest nest egg for the first time.


I’m not saying that you’re all practical with no magic…or all magic with no practical, but I am saying that without an interesting and creative balance of both, we cannot thrive or reach the dreams that fuel our sacred hearts.

to this point, I’m delighted to share ‘the magical life’ with you.


in ‘the magical life,’ I bring all of my practical skills (business owner, program manager, biologist, grant writer, graphic designer) and magical know-how (fulll-time teacher of energy and spirit healing for two decades, alchemist, healer, ceremonialist) to ongoing coaching and mentoring adventures…that are completely customized based on who you are and what calls to your sacred heart.

the magical life isn’t about me having the answers for you (I don’t)…it’s about a strong container that blends two seeming opposites so you can remember and own your brilliant + balanced nature.


we might support you as you start a business, write a book, or start a new career (goal oriented work) or help you move through deep grief, change your sense of identity, or begin a new life chapter (process oriented work). every practical + magical project is different.  after two decades mentoring and helping folks in a few thousand healing sessions, I truly believe that long-term containers help folks do amazing inner (and outer) work.

if this sounds wonderful or interesting, I’d really like to chat with you about it, to see if we’re a good fit.  you can peek at the web page for the magical life to learn more, and once you’ve peeked through, if you’d like to share a cozy cup of tea together, we can set that up via email.




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