Create a collective oracle deck

3 month circle for folks who adore oracle decks (and want to make one): 3rd sundays @ 4pm-6pmPDT
oracle card teachings, practice sessions, each circle creates a collaborative printed oracle deck + booklet
2022 groups: dragon (jan 16), hedgehog (apr 17), sea turtle (jul 17), owl (oct 16)
$333 energy exchange


if you’re like me, you’re fascinated (!) by oracles.  whether it’s oracle cards, dowsing, iching, reading clouds or dreams, there is an excited kind of delight in consulting the unseen as we navigate our human earthwalks.  oracles can be beautiful, goofy, fierce, or mysterious, and some of us just can’t get enough!

it’s possible that a, well, rather comical number of oracle decks have trotted through my eager paws over the years.  each has it’s own sentience, it’s own flavor of magic, and they’re SO fun to play with!  turns out, they’re even more fun to CREATE!

I’ve organized the collective creation of several oracle decks now (and I’ve gotten good at making easy-to-use templates for folks), and it’s a sacred and wonderful process.  there’s something so thrilling and wondrous about holding a deck in our hands that we created with loving folks and a shared vision…welcome, sister and brother oracle hounds!

sacred geometry

Let’s Create!

our format is simple and sweet – we’ll meet online for 3 months, on 3rd sunday afternoons.  over the course, we’ll learn about and play with:

  • our cohort – hi new oracle family!
  • preparation + sacred objects
  • working with + honoring our decks
  • 9 ways to interpret card meanings
  • ‘popping the (skillful) question’
  • traditional card spreads
  • trusting your intuition

in the first two months, we’ll each create 3 cards for our collective deck.  NOTE: proof of purchase from istock or depositphotos, or print release for your own photography or fine art is required to honor copyright.  if you purchase images, expect $20-$100 additional bucks.  a stellar, professionally printed oracle deck and booklet are shipped to you for our graduation circle.  (woot!)

Cards of yore

I’ve facilitated lots of collective oracle decks now, and it’s a JOY to do!  here are three cards I’ve created for decks over the years, with a brief excerpt from the booklet that accompanies each deck.

what will you create and contribute?

voice of light sample card

‘voice of light’ is about allowing light to speak through you, without hesitation

lost is alright sample card

‘lost is alright’ normalizes those lonely edge places we can feel as seekers

gentle strength sample card

‘gentle strength’ is about unexpected support showing up at just the right time

2022 cohorts

3rd sundays via zoom, 4pm-6pmPDT
+ paired student practice sessions
+ printed oracle and booklet
$333 energy exchange

group dragon: jan 16, feb 20, mar 20
group hedgehog: apr 17, may 22, jun 19
group sea turtle: jul 17, aug 21, sept 18
group owl: oct 16, nov 20, dec 18