ongoing healing, mentoring & coaching support

welcome, mystery

what needs tending?

you are a gifted, sensitive, and magical creature living in a complicated, intense time on the planet.  it took so much courage to incarnate here – there are experiences you planned to have, lessons to move through, and dreams you came to achieve.

I honor you so deeply.

the fast-paced, exhausting trance we live in today may have left you feeling disconnected from your own deep and brilliant magic, where you can easily access joy in living, your calm center, and a sense of flow and wonder.

‘the magical life’ is a strong container of ongoing healing support, where we meet every two weeks over several months to bring healing to what hurts, help you find a humane pace that feels good for you, strengthen your connection with magic and spirit, and nourish your particular dream.

you might need support because you’re on a physical or emotional healing journey, starting a healing practice, moving through an initiation, starting a new life chapter, working on a big project – you’re your own beautiful mystery, and your version of a magical life is going to be magnificently unique.

in the magical life, we look with honesty at where you’re at, where you might have lost touch with your own magic, what needs tending, what your heart is calling for…

and then we use a whole big magical tool basket 20 years in the making to heal what hurts, look with open hearts to your dream, and help your life become a beautiful tapestry of love, ease, strength, and beauty.

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who this is for

I work with all kinds of sensitive, magical women with one thing in common: we love to work with spirit and the mystery, feel a call to beauty and service, and want to welcome flow and kindness in our lives.

here are a few kinds of women who feel really nourished walking the magical life path:

  • you’ve gotten some kind of ‘wake-up call’ (blessings) that the life you’re living is too fast or complicated. your inner voice says, ‘something is out of balance,’ and your days leave you depleted and longing for the inner spark and flow that used to feel so familiar.
  • you ‘did everything right’ – got the education, found the relationship, did the job, showed up for everyone else, did all the things. still, the tender places in your heart house a deep longing to be filled with magic…and you’re just not sure how. the idea of living a life filled with wonderful woo like herbalism, tarot, children’s books, magical adventures, ceremonies, kindred spirits, and spiritual adventures sounds like cosmic catnip, and you’ve been calling for someone kind to take your hand.
  • you’re successful in your career. it pays well, you’re good at it…and you actually find it draining. some part of you is ‘over it.’ your heart whispers that there’s some bigger purpose, some kind of mystical and important calling that you can feel but not name…yet.  unnamed longing is alive and well in you, and you can feel in your bones that you’re ready to come home, explore the mystery, stop living in this human nonsense, and live a truly magical life

healing stories

we receive healing and inspiration ourselves when we get to witness someone else in their healing.  below, one woman’s journey, to give you a taste of the work.

note: these stories are examples – your healing journey will be unique to you, and beautiful.


a woman I’ll call ‘poppy’ showed up for healing struggling with addictive behaviors (and a lot of shame about that)…and it turned out she wasn’t an addict at all, but instead a highly sensitive and empathic woman working in a truly terrible job who was numbing herself to cope with how harmful that job was for her (and holy wow, it would have just about flattened any sensitive).  ‘poppy’ had struggled with her sensitivity all her life, but had no idea that she was part of the 20% of the population who is highly sensitive, or that sensitivity can be turned from a burden into a gift.

‘poppy’ learned how to talk to her helping spirits and open to the loving world of spirit, and huge doors began to open for her.  in one of my online healing circles, she met monthly with with other sensitive and kind folks to do healing work.

we focused in our individual sessions on deprogramming harmful ideas and hurts from childhood, embracing being a sensitive person and actually enjoying it, while systematically bringing her home to herself through multiple soul retrievals, extractions, sacred storytelling, and ceremonies.

the really big key for ‘poppy’ was being held regularly in a container of complete, radiant love and acceptance, and being bolstered by powerful and effective healing technologies until she could remember her own brilliance and perfection for herself again.  we never pathologized her pain, used lots of gentleness, humor, and play, and ‘poppy’ got to experience being cherished for who she was.

little by little, she found her power and sense of self again.

at the end of our work together, her community came together online (pandemic times) and we all co-created and participated in a truly gorgeous group ceremony of witnessing, declaring, and spiritual rebirthing (I get happy chills just remembering).  in the course of our work, poppy left the painful job, found a great new one, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, found her community, and is now living her own version of a magical life.

‘poppy’ generously wrote up the story of one of her significant ceremonies, and you can read that on the blog here.  such grace!

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mini stories

‘poppy’s’ story is powerful.  and there are so many amazing healing stories!  here are two more stories from some of my beloved clients:


‘ellie’ had lots of health challenges, and was in congestive heart failure when our work began.  aware that the time left to her is limited, ‘ellie’ wanted to focus on her true dream after working in a government job for two decades.  she loves (!) animals and spirit, and dreamed of being an animal communicator.  we worked together to create her healing practice offering reiki to animals, using a process I created and call ‘spaceholding 101’ where you meet the spirit and vibrational signature of your healing practice, so you can birth it easily.

in addition to working on her animal healing practice (she got her first full-paying client within 2 months, yay!), we methodically cleared and tidied her living space and transformed it from a chaotic place to a healing haven to support her body.  she was able to eat again after months of nausea and near-starvation by befriending her hardcore medications in the spirit world.

none of us know how much time we have left, and ‘ellie’ is no exception…but she’s now had the chance to birth and begin living her dream while she’s here.


‘clover’ came for healing sessions because she had a strong sense of ‘something is missing and there has to be more than this.’  like all of my beautiful clients, ‘clover’ learned how to journey with her helping spirits (this is such a blessing), and they guided her to learn about Slowing Down.

‘clover’ was a sensitive, a perfectionist (this is a coping strategy lots of sensitives develop to deal with a chaotic world), and had a deep pattern of over-commitment and people-pleasing that led her to having long, exhausting days.

we uncovered the root fear that had her moving so fast, and created a series of nourishing personal retreats.  she discovered a love inside her heart of the goddess, so we used the channeled activations from one of my group courses called ‘the goddess & me’ to invite maiden, mother, and crone into retreats with her, so solitude could feel warm and welcoming.

today, ‘clover’ doesn’t over-schedule, has learned to comfortably say ‘no,’ enjoys excellent self-care, and has a thriving spiritual practice with personal retreat and the goddess.

one size fits no one

…and a generic approach to healing, moving energy in your world, and inviting magic to teatime isn’t going to nourish marvelous, unusual, wonderful you.

the best way to understand healing and coaching work like the magical life is to experience it. like eating chocolate mousse – you can read all about mousse, but have to eat it to really get it.  that said, here are some main tools (but not all of them) in the tool basket we can use to help you on whatever project, life situation, or dream you bring to working together:

DREAM SEEDS: you incarnated with ‘dream seeds’ that are like lights on the path in your human life to help you navigate.  we learn what your dream seeds are, and they become the constellation we steer by together, as we create your magical life

JOURNEYING WITH YOUR HELPING SPIRITS: everything is alive, has sentience, and wants to communicate.  you have lots of spirit guides and helpers who love you, and true magic enters your life when you learn how to connect and work with them directly (this is so fun!)

CEREMONY: ceremony changes the shape of creation.  learning how to perform effective, reliable ceremony with your helping spirits and the mystery allows you dependable access to magic.  as a ceremonialist, you become an artist who weaves energy into form in your life

SOUL RETRIEVAL: this form of healing brings you home to yourself after trauma, illness, or long challenge.  when your soul is at home, you can stop moving so fast to fill yourself up.  soul retrieval helps get you unstuck, so you can move through life with curiosity and peace

EXTRACTION: we can release old energies, cords, and spiritual contracts that don’t belong in your life anymore or serve you.  this is enormously freeing, because lugging old (or draining) energy around takes a lot of your energy and resources (oof)

PERSONAL RETREAT: when was the last time you had time just for you?  to unwind, relax, engage the mystery, and learn who you are, real time?  in stillness, you can hear the song in the silence.  you call…and the mystery answers you back

OTHER MAGIC TOOLS: there are lots of other effective and mystical tools we’ll weave in to your healing, like the magical council, divination, dreamwork, channeled activations, dowsing, reiki, herb lore, tarot, storytelling…the tool basket is vast and wide, and will offer what’s needed as need arises.

lived experience

‘when I started this work, I had a fast-paced job in social media where I was constantly trying to numb myself out just to cope. I couldn’t imagine being able to work with nature and children for a living instead of my corporate job, or ever learn to actually slow down, but today I do both.  this was an adventure – honestly there were times I didn’t think I could pull it off.  but anna was so kind and loving, and held my dream with such strength and patience, that I actually created a life I love instead of one I try to escape. this work was like an answer to a prayer I’d been sending my whole life.’ – mary

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strong container

this work doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process.  and, it doesn’t have to take forever, either.

we work together for a minimum of six months, and often more like a year, during which your life becomes progressively more easeful, beautiful, and magical. when you feel the changes firmly in place, you’re ready to soar on your own – it’s a joy to move through this process!

along the way, you’ll have a strong container to balance out all of the energetic, healing, and emotional mysteries we’ll engage.  you’ll have a really beautiful custom asana board filled with lush images that we share – this tracks call notes, recordings, resources, PDFs, links, ongoing and completed projects, and is beautiful living hub that offers accountability, tracks progress, and keeps us in connection.

twice a month, we spend two hours together in session with some important main ingredients: slowing down, working with helping spirits, reconnecting with inner guidance, integrating, doing ceremony, supporting you in moving blocks, and relearning your own pace and flavor of magic in a life that happens for you, instead of to you.

we do this while working with the unique challenges and situations that arise in your world.

there are other goodies, like the initial welcome package in the mail with a specially chosen divination deck and power object for you, and monthly ‘boxes of magic with your choice of herbs, crystals, or divination tools, because it’s fun to always be learning.  and opening gifts in the post is fun!

outside of calls, I’m available for you most weekdays (except when I’m on monthly personal retreat) between 10am-4pm for email support, and I’m happy to deliver one additional impromptu, ‘as-needed’ session in each six month segment of working together, if the need arises.  the work is deep and rich…and fun and sweet all at once.


for deep work like this, where we spend several hours a month together during regular sessions bolstered by email support, goodies in the mail, and at-need healing sessions, I charge $1,550 a month, or $9,300 per six-month engagement, payable monthly via credit card.

if finances are a challenge and $1,550 is out of reach, and our hearts feel aligned, we can modify and meet twice a month for a shorter amount of time and a smaller investment if that fits the kind of work you need.  if money is in easy flow for you, we do it up with all the bells and whistles (like packages in the post), and enjoy a lush experience.

I don’t want cost to stop you from doing the work, and I’ll do my best to meet you where you’re at with the resources of time and energy I have available, while taking good care of myself.

if an initial call or healing session series reveals we’re a good fit together, we’ll both commit to a series of agreements to ensure a strong container, and easeful flow.  the work is deep, and we move together into it with open hearts and the mystery as our guides – it’s a beautiful ride.

sample session

let’s say you’re a month or two into the magical life process. we’ve built trust and rapport, you’re clear on your dream seeds, you’ve begun building strong friendships with your helping spirits, we’re tracking everything in your beautiful asana workspace, and you’ve received your first magic package in the mail.

we begin session with a meditation to clear energy, and then process the personal retreat you took since last session, designed so you could slow down and experience your own magic.  you share about how preparation, invocation, slowing down techniques, meeting your own magic, signs and omens, devocation, and integration went.  if other life events need to be witnessed, we tend that, too.

as you share, I’m listening deeply and taking detailed call notes that I share in your asana board.  my helping spirits offer questions to help you process, and we witness and unearth until you feel settled in your bones. somewhere around 45 minutes in, we’ll take a biobreak to rest, stretch, refresh our tea, and return to session.

new work opens after biobreak – we’ll talk about what ceremony actually is, preparation, and how to perform one.  we’ll both journey to talk with our helping spirits on the call, and receive ‘ceremony ingredients’ that are particular for your journey and dream seeds.  based on what we received from spirit, we’ll create you a solid step-by-step set of ceremony instructions to perform on a date you choose aligned with lunar rhythms.  we close with a blessing for your work.

after session, I’ll send your call notes via asana, with learning PDFs to support your ceremony, and any other resources that came up (site links, healing music, books, etc). I’ll be present to support you via email, send you weekly check-ins, and you’ll be ready to perform a first ceremony where you work with your spirits and weave dream seed energy into form.

lived experience

‘some of the results I’ve seen in my own life that I attribute to working with anna have included such tangible things as leaving a job that no longer served me, and such intangible things as getting back in touch with my intuition, and realizing now that I can create and call in my own magic in life – anytime, anywhere.  I feel more at home with me than I ever have.’ – jordan

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about me

since 2004, it’s been my joy to support clients in over 1,100 sessions, and teach more than 600 students in over 400 circles, retreats, and ceremonies. my work connects people with helping spirits and healing energies, so they can live a magical life…

I love what I do!

as a 4th generation teacher, I weave a lot of different life experiences into the space, like my biology degree with supporting study in anthropology, environmental nonprofit background as a program manager (I live magic, but relish fine-grain detail, too) and educator, and career of 19 years founding two magical healing businesses.

in the 3D world, I’ve studied with many well-known folks and also beautiful hidden elders in experiences like completing author and teacher sandra ingerman’s 2-year teacher training (all my love to you, sandy!), and study with luminaries in the field like francis rico, nan moss, david corbin, daniel foor, nicky scully, and serge kahili king. a lot of my training in this work comes directly from my helping spirits, who are my best friends and teachers – I visit with them daily, and came here to build bridges between humans and the loving spirit realms.

if I’m not engaging with helping spirits, labyrinths, oracles, omens, magic, and the mystery, I’m probably quilting, singing, spending time with my magical one-eyed cat, or walking in a lagoon with birds, wind, and natural rhythms.  my life is made beautiful by magic…and I give thanks.


if this work calls you, you’re most likely a magical creature with sensitive and empathic gifts, and a yearning to connect deeply with the mystery and live what makes your heart sing.

the magical life journey helps you regularly feel the presence of joy and wonder in your life, and in touch with deep self trust, access to personal power, humility, curiosity, and grace.

if you feel a healthy curiosity or a ‘heart yes,’ let’s start with a conversation so we can see if we click, and learn what kind of magical life and format is calling you.  I’ll email you a day or two after you send me the little form below, and it’s a deep joy to welcome you into this work.

let’s share a cup of tea and explore