3 magical paths

there are 3 magical paths to explore at the dreaming otter,

with occasional extras shared via the email list.

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the magical life

a path of flow state, ease, and joy.  shift into your magical life sooner, rather than later.

6+ months of deep ongoing support

restructure your life in a potent and organic way, by learning foundational skills to work with the mystery, receiving healing work, and then creating and living your magical life.  in a strong container, you find dream seeds, work with helping spirits, perform ceremony, receive soul retrievals, release what doesn’t serve anymore, and create a magical life you love, that lasts.

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aphrodite’s day

nourishing retreat for women who work well in small groups, love working with the feminine divine, and want to slow down.

women’s circle & personal retreat

circle with other sensitive women in sacred space.  opening ceremony and women’s circle online, followed by 3 hours of guided personal retreat at home with purification, feasting, and questing practices.  completion circle online to share, witness, and close.  a lovely day to be in community, engage spirit, and slow down enough to experience your own magic.

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healing session series

anchor healing and new energy in your life in a strong and lasting way, through a series of sessions.

3 sessions over 3 weeks

there are depths and layers to every healing journey, and consistent, regular sessions bring lasting change.  we meet once a week to uncover what wants to begin, end, or change in your life, dive deep with custom healing modalities, and root the work with solid integration practices.