Welcome to Circle

there is something enormously settling about the ritual of brewing favorite tea in a favorite mug,

feeling the energy of the circle building, with blanket and journal at hand,

mulling over what we want to bring today, and learn,

before each friend arrives.

…it’s time for circle.

we are home.


those of us who have led and taught for years uniquely understand how our work – that we love more than anything, like a beloved babe or best friend – can also feel isolating at times.  we’ve given our lives, hearts, breath, blood, dreams, time, and hope to what we’re creating in the world, and our calling is sacred.

we are not meant to be in isolation.

spaces to share the conversations that are kept as leaders, where we can set it all down, can be rare.  I’m curious if you’ve encountered any of these moments?

  • ‘I’m noticing themes around boundaries and claiming my power coming up lately, and feel curious about how other folks handle this.’
  • ‘I’m meeting new (or strange) challenges in my work, and I wonder if anyone else has moved through similar experiences?’
  • ‘I’ve been at this a long time, and feel weary around the edges.  I love my work, it’s a lot, and I need to feel seen, heard, and inspired again.’

a special magic visits us when we circle, and speak what’s so for us as visionaries in a space of safety and acceptance.  each share is a deep wisdom and gift, and we change through being witnessed.

it’s amazing to watch our friends grow along with us – we grieve and honor together, and we celebrate victories and tender moments.  leader circles are connected, respectful, interesting, and supportive.

sacred geometry

What We Do

there’s a kind of happy peace that visits us just being around other folks who follow our calling and hone our craft with everything we’ve got.  it feels amazing.  we get inspired, we let our hair down, we get to really be ourselves.  because we’re all professionals, we’ve probably all been there or somewhere close, we all care, and we want to both show up for other folks doing beautiful work, and have the rare treat of being shown up for ourselves by Colleagues Who Get It.

our format is simple and sweet, magic is at work, our guides and big dreams are walking with us, and here’s a simple snapshot of how it works:

  • morning meditation: slow down, sync up
  • circle deep dives: we listen, but don’t advise
  • pair shares: a space for giving/receiving reflection
  • resourcing: we each share a book, person, practice
  • occasional presentations from specialists

friendships form outside of circle – sometimes something moves us, we’ve had a similar experience, we want to offer or ask for support, or just connect and make friends.  that’s how the magic works.

the wondrous thing about mastermind groups is the synergy and mystery that guide and weaves together the entire experience.  my superpower is facilitating circles where everyone feels safe and heard and held, and it’s my joy to welcome you into the container with other leaders and teachers.  your work is beautiful, and you feeling resourced is important.  welcome home.

mavens & masterminds

$1,500 a month (4 month minimum)
1st and 3rd tuesdays, 10am-12:30pmPDT
share contact info for support outside circle, if you wish
weekly energy message from guides (you’re busy, 10 min or less)

lived experience

‘anna has a gift for creating deeply authentic, inclusive spaces.  she is a master of ceremonial magic and channeling, and always seems to intuit just the right medicine for the moment.’
~ jordan


I’m happy to set up a call with your lovely self to explore and see if we’re a good fit together.  kind thanks for taking a moment to fill out the form below – I’ll get back to you to schedule a chat, or let you know where the wait list is at.