all of my work is based in these sweet truths – they are the strong foundation that allow me to support wonderful folks in creating and living magical lives:

  • magic is real, and you can miss it when you move at a fast, contemporary pace.  slowing down allows the loving mystery to reveal itself to you.
  • everything seeks harmony and wellness.  revealing what is stuck, hurting, or not given a voice helps healing begin to happen..and it wants to.
  • love without condition welcomes grace and flow, even in the face of struggle. the support and friendship of helping spirits teaches you to embody your own frequency of love.
  • you carry sacred dream seeds within you that want to be remembered, so they can sprout into a meaningful, magical life that fits for you, and delights you.
  • in your complexity and perfection, you can get caught in your story.  being truly seen and deeply accepted melts hurt away, so alchemy has room to happen.

when you integrate these truths and live a magical life, you no longer see your sensitivities and yearnings as burdens, but instead as beautiful gifts that allow you to come home to yourself.

if your heart is saying ‘yesyesyes!’ you might start with the self-paced practice ‘finding your sacred dream seeds.’  the practice will take you about 15 minutes, and is best enjoyed in a quiet moment with a cozy cup of tea.

please let me know if you have any questions about finding your sacred dream seeds, and have fun discovering yours!

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