deep flow

engaging the beautiful worlds of spirit and the mystery create a strong internal foundation, so external change can then happen in a graceful way.  to give you a sense of what’s possible, I’ll share some healing ideas and methodologies here for you.  and, as with most things in life, experiencing healing is more powerful than reading about it!  ;)

the process of building a magical life, where you know your purpose, feel love, and are happy, can be organic and delightful…

it’s a fun, mysterious, lovely adventure to be on.

as you heal what hurts or feels limited within, your journey can house whimsy and wonder, while still calling in power and joy.  to help you meet some of the work we do at the dreaming otter, let’s engage the idea of ‘the healing basket’…

the healing basket

if we think of happily rooting about in a big, juicy healing basket with lots of mystical and wondrous tools in it, we might encounter the contents of the basket in layers.  here’s a first layer of healing tools (and these don’t have to be sequential, this is just a framework to help you meet the work):

essentially, we all have ‘dream seeds,’ we all have helping spirits, and you can learn to call them in and be in healthy relationship so you can receive their help.  it’s an incredible joy to build deep, lasting friendships with helpers in the spirit worlds.

once you know how, you can ask your helping spirit friends to support you in one of the most powerful tools for transformation: ceremony.  with ceremony aboard, you have consistent access to magic and creating real change in your life.  here are the first three potent resources you might meet in the healing basket:

  • YOUR DREAM SEEDS: understanding your personal ‘dream seeds,’ which are like lights that reveal the path your spirit chose for this lifetime
  • YOUR SPIRIT HELPERS: meeting and building relationships with your helping spirits is life-changing, because you can always access love and healing
  • CEREMONY: once you learn how to perform reliable, effective ceremony that you develop directly with your helping spirits, you can weave energy into form in your life
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healing work

a next possible layer in our healing basket, now that you’ve started friendships and practices that keep you firmly rooted in sweetness, magic, and flow, is meeting technologies like soul retrieval, extraction, and sacred storytelling.

healings like soul retrieval (welcoming yourself home) and extraction (releasing energies that aren’t yours) become important pieces to finding your wholeness.  when your soul is more whole, you’re able to really be with yourself, and can stop moving so fast in an effort to fill yourself up.  (aha!)  there is a big, wonderful, relieving exhale as we meet the second layer of the healing basket, where you:

  • COME HOME TO YOURSELF: soul retrieval heals trauma, brings home lost energy and power after something that hurts, and gets you unstuck
  • EXTRACT OLD ENERGY: release old or stagnant energies, cords, and contracts that don’t belong in your life anymore, or serve you
  • SACRED STORYTELLING: we live in story, and learning how to permanently shift the painful chapters of your story from poison into medicine offers freedom and strength

energy into form

in the deepest layers of our healing basket, having found your dream seeds, built relationships with your helping spirits, learned to perform effective ceremony, come home to yourself, released old energy, and healed your relationship to your life’s story, you’ve done a lot of brilliant inner work.

it’s now time to move external roadblocks on the path of your life – this can require courage and support, and it’s worth it.  by now, you’re have real clarity on what’s authentic, aligned or nourishing in your life, and you can really dig into:

  • PERSONAL RETREAT: there is a true art to being able to slow down and be with yourself.  in this space, you can hear your own heartsong in the silence
  • BRAVELY SAYING GOODBYE: even endings can be sweet – using everything you’ve learned in the healing basket so far, you can dismantle what doesn’t fit for you anymore
  • CREATION!  CREATION!  you’ve done the inner work.  you have the resources, strength, and capacity to work with magic and the mystery to bring your dream seeds into form.  YES!

the journey

we meet all of the layers in the healing basket surrounded by the gentle and nourishing backdrop of slowing down – this isn’t a process to be rushed through, but instead savored.

after my clients learn to slow down, engage with the mystery, and cheerfully riffle about in the healing basket for what’s needed, they discover themselves living a magical life, with strong habits, patterns, skills, and structure built in to keep it in place along the way.

they discover that even in our topsy-turvy world…life can still feel interesting, magical, and and nourishing.  your own personal version of a unique and wondrous life will look different than everyone else’s (and so will your journey through the healing basket and it’s tools)…

and your healing journey will fit you just right.

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let’s go slow

learning to live in the magic and slow down takes time (literally).   I want to welcome you into the world of the dreaming otter, help you to get to know me, meet the work, and understand why calling to joy, ease and poetry in your life is so vital and sweet.

slowing down means not taking rapid action – I invite you to join the email list and for us to go slow.  in the email list, you can taste some of the work and receive support via small, nourishing lovenotes that arrive at perfect moments.

the lovenotes are both practical and magical, and the whole point of them is to deliver regular magical ideas that accumulate over time, so magic seeps into your life in a friendly way.

from there, you’ll know whether this work is for you, and if your heart wants more.

if you’d like to learn a little more about me (hullo!) before joining the email list, please come join me here.