hulloa magnificent sensitive one!  I hope holiday time is feeling kind to you – even if you don’t celebrate the holidays yourself, as a sensitive, empath, or starseed, you may be acutely feeling the collective energies right now, which are certainly bumpy on both personal and planetary levels.

I’m hearing one strong message from clients, friends, and colleagues all over the globe…we want to slow down, nourish ourselves, and simply recover in the lovely still magic of wintertime.  we want to fill our wells.

and some of us, in this particular december month, aren’t able to do that.  eep!

depending on where your bright and beautiful heart is (even if you have the best self-care imaginable), this can be a pretty stressful month, especially for sensitive and gifted ones.

a biggie that I hear clients and friends speaking about at this time of year is family visits, and all the dynamics that go along with them.  or, the lack of family visits, and the complicated emotional territory that might have you feeling isolated or lonely. (big hug if so)

one of the things empaths, starseed, and sensitives are really excellent at is creating safe environments filled with beauty, plants, art, and things that make us feel happy and grounded in an often overwhelming world.  enter holiday time, with all of the hustle and bustle of visiting, expected cards, message, and gifts, spiritual or religious honorings, the collective impact on everyone’s personal and professional schedules, and the total weirdness of our animal bodies saying ‘hey, it’s winter!  let’s slow down!’ in the face of conflicting human messages like ‘hurry up, shop, visit, and put a tidy bow on it all before the end of an arbitrary calendar year!’  (gah!)

at holiday time, there’s no longer the comfy and cherished safety net of carefully curated surroundings our sensitive hearts crave.


we can of course survive the destabilizing energies around holidays – even though we’re energetically and empathically gifted, that doesn’t mean holidays break us like fragile flowers.  but if we can avail ourselves of support so we don’t have to be pushed to tension (or near-breaking points), super!

I was chatting with my wonderful acupuncturist the other day – we’ve been working together for years, and enjoy the easy rapport that comes from many healing sessions and transformational adventures together.  we shared about how our wonderful clients can sometimes feel like ‘adding’ anything into this nutty month is counterintuitive when they feel holiday-time overwhelm…

when in fact this is THE month when sensitives need the most support in healing sessions, so we don’t get bruised, weary, or destabilized.

enter…the ’empath’s holiday survival sessions,’ available through december.

these sessions are like little stand-alone life rafts in the turbulent waters of the holidays.  water is a great metaphor here – if you want to change the course of a river, that’s going to be a big, ongoing project, like the sustained work we get up to in several sessions.

if you want to stop a flood – which is pretty much how overwhelm feels to us sensitive folks – that’s pretty darn immediate and you pile sandbags at the side of the road.  this is the kind of ‘on-the-ground’ healing we can tackle in a single ‘empath holiday survival session.’

note: longer, sustained work and ‘in the moment’ work we can do at holiday time are very different – and both are key to supporting you as a sensitive, starseed, or empath.

here’s an example: a lovely client of mine, ‘samara’ has a pretty complicated family background.  there are some old funky family dynamics (codependency, depression, self-medication, sarcasm), and it’s historically been really hard for brilliantly sensitive ‘samara’ to get through a few days of holiday visiting without feeling frazzled, frayed, and quietly desperate to escape from her family at all costs.  that’s tricky, because even in their dysfunction, she loves them a lot – and there’s a lot of interacting at holiday time that she might rather take in small sips instead of what feels like a biblical flood.


‘samara’ knew she’d be heading to the annual family gathering, and booked a session to support herself in advance (brava!)  we had a limited amount of time together, so we rolled up sleeves and hopped right in.  she lightly described the dynamics at play, what she’d tried, how she ended up feeling after a gathering, and what she wanted to feel like instead.

what can be handled in a single empath holiday survival session?

in a single session, we can tend to immediate support.  helping spirits repaired some big tears in her energy body that were letting others’ energies in, brought in a powerful spirit protector to deflect power plays as they happened real-time, and we created a ‘medicine key’ for immediate use.  medicine keys are fun – they’re custom-crafted bursts of healing and power, like little apps you can launch at need that help handle a situation with calm and ease.  we calendared some intentional down time after the holiday for her to recover and replenish.

and, ‘samara’ reports that she did great!  the same family dynamic was there as before, but she was able to take intentional micro-breaks (here’s a recent blog article about that for you), feel her new energetic intactness, use her medicine key as needed, and fall with grace into the already-set-up self-care time afterwards.  hooray!

in these sessions, we attune you to your own magic (with help from the spirit world for you as a sensitive) as you head into complicated family ‘nutso time,’ especially as your family may have been part of what disconnected you from your magic in the first place.

note: the same ‘holiday survival session’ goes for sensitives navigating loss of family, grief, isolation, or loneliness at the holidays – or recovery after an overstimulating holiday gathering.  essentially, beautiful sensitive one, let’s get you through the holidays in an intact way…and longer, sustained change and deep work can come later in the new year.

if we haven’t worked together before, and want to do one of these sessions, but are wanting more details about what my work is like, you can read through the 3 session package here before booking a single empath holiday session.

in attending to my own spaciousness and self-care, I only have 12 of these sessions for december.

if you’d like to book one, please click here.  if you need a time that isn’t available online, you can email me and we’ll see what we can work out.

please take good care of you this month!