my spaceholding style has room to navigate both intensity and struggle, and also lightness and play.  I truly believe that each of us can feel loved, be happy, and live our purpose.

most folks show up for healing because something hurts, a new dream is calling, or you’re ready to ‘level up.’  whatever has brought you here, I’m honored to show up for you.

Card & Council

$177 for divination recording + custom tarot card

these sessions are totally fantastic – they blend working with spirit, divination, healing, and art.  each ‘card & council’ is crafted especially for you, with lots of love and care.  the idea came for this after a dear friend (thanks, des!) performed a powerful divination for me and sent me a recording.  I received it in my own time, and felt so deeply met, seen, and cherished!

that was the spark that ignited ‘card & council.’  in these enchanted remote sessions, you go about your day, and I open ceremonial work for you at the time you choose.  I’ll bring your powerful question or inquiry to a council of possible helping spirits (so fun to see who shows up!), and receive information or healing about your question.  the divination in response to your question is delivered with a specific lightcode image to anchor the work.

these are exquisitely fun to perform and receive.  no two are alike, and it’s fascinating to see what our helping spirits offer us.

sacred geometry

How it Works

when you sign up for your ‘card & council,’ you’ll pick an available session time and write a powerful question about a situation, crossroads, trajectory, or puzzlement in your life.  at the time you choose, while you go about your day, I perform a divination journey to a council of helping spirits with your question.  they offer information and healing, and also a lightcode image to anchor the work.  sounds fun, right?

here’s where it gets really fun…after making you a 10ish minute audio recording of the work (they’re like fairytales, and wondrous to receive), I spend some time questing about online for the image spirit described to help you around this question.  I purchase an image (usually from istock, $33ish, included) and then hop into photoshop to create a custom digital tarot card for you.

each ‘card & council’ arrives with a PDF describing how to best enjoy your audio file and your custom tarot card, sized to act as wallpaper on your phone, or printed for your altar.  these divinations and digital lightcode cards are potent, playful, and useful…’see’ you soon!

On the path before you

below, a few samples of the custom digital tarot cards that accompany each divination recording.  each image is specifically suggested by helping spirits in your divination, and acts as a helping lightcode to anchor and alchemize your divination or healing. sized to fit most cell phones as wallpaper. (tip: this is great for integrating the work!)  these are lovely as gifts for friends, especially during times of transition, grief, new beginnings, or celebration.

magic awaits sample card

gifted by a friend for someone in an intense alchemical process requiring faith and trust

the mystery sample card

support for a brilliant academic person changing professions into intuitive arts

coming home sample card

powerful house blessing and clearing for a new home after a traumatic event

here are some reflections from folks I’ve worked with over the years, to support you in your discernment.  happy healing!

Magical Council

$333 for 2 hours, via phone

these sessions are totally unique – there is a magical council within you, and wonderful guests there who can answer questions, or offer healing.  my role is to be a helpful facilitator who knows how to lead you into your own creativity, so you can enjoy a magical adventure of your very own creation that brings hope, help, and guidance.  the best thing about a magical council is that it’s you bringing forward the magical guests and interpreting your own powerful wisdom.

I think the most fascinating thing about a magical council is who shows up.  the place that pops *poof* into your imagination after I set the space for you with my helping spirits might be under a canopy of brilliant stars on mt shasta, deep in a lush jungle paradise, or an enchanted underwater castle.  wherever we begin, you might discover that your guests for the day (for example) are a cheerful animal helper, a childhood friend, a figure from a beloved story, and a mythic mystery guide.  we’ll welcome each honored guest with creativity, gifts, and kindness, and then get curious together about what they have to offer about your question.

things get really fun as the magical council progresses, and your honored guests start interacting with each other.  worry not – I’ll facilitate the entire inner experience for you in an easy and fun way, whether you think you’re intuitive or imaginative or not.  the really amazing thing is that this work has such sentience behind it – each magical council is like a totally new fairytale adventure that brings insight and voice to the answers you already have within.

sacred geometry

How it Works

magical councils are intersections of guided meditation, spiritual healing, facilitated adventure, and inner quests…and they’re FUN! we’ll hop on the phone together at the time you choose, and chat for a bit about what you’re seeking guidance about.  that might be a troubling interaction that left you feeling emotionally bruised or frightened, a moment in your life holding a crossroads decision, a sacred dream you’re bringing into being (right on!), or discovering a new direction or solution on your earthwalk.  there’s literally no limit to what we can bring to magical council!

once we’re clear on the question you’re bringing, I’ll invite you to get comfy and relaxed, and I’ll facilitate the council for you.  you might think of me like a friendly guide, or an experienced hostess – it’s my job to help you discover who wants to offer wisdom, and have everyone in your magical council feeling safe, welcomed, and tended to.  I’ll guide you to meet the helpful characters within who want to support your question, and we’ll essentially move through a really magical narrative…that comes directly from you.

that’s really neat, because instead of someone saying ‘this helping spirit offered this’ or ‘this healing energy offered that’ (which is also fantastic, scroll about on this page for those sessions), it’s wise and wonderful you who brings the adventure to life, with a little help and a lot of love from me.  whether you think so or not, you’re a brilliant author, artist, healer, and elder all at once, and it’s a delight to discover in a conscious way what your heart already knows.

here are some reflections from folks I’ve worked with over the years, to support you in your discernment.  happy healing!

Helping Spirit Session

$333 for 2 hours, via phone

what has brought you here, loved one?  you might be feeling the need for an energetic ‘tune-up,’ wanting to release old energy that hurts, lighting a beacon for a new dream to pop into form, or feeling a powerful call to level up in your mission here planetside.

whatever brought you here, it can get better and hold more light.  generally, I see healing as one of two things – releasing what doesn’t belong, or welcoming home what’s ready to come home.  above all, these sessions are a remembrance of how loved and cherished you are, whether you’re in struggle or celebration.

healing techniques might include speaking with helping spirits on your behalf, storytelling, power restoration, extraction, reiki, soul retrieval, medicine keys, harmonization, light codes, dowsing, oracles, healing songs, psychopomp, meditation, power animal retrieval, sacred stone grids, ritual recipes, transmutation, divination, blessingwork or ceremony.  really, you’re unique, and so is your healing session.  there’s magic and grace to healing work, and we’ll find our way together with what’s happening for you in the moment, supported by loving helping spirits the whole way home.

sacred geometry

How it Works

happy magics have called you here – welcome! if you choose to book a session, kind alchemy is set in motion…you may notice that your helping spirits begin accelerating or rearranging things for you in preparation for your session. it’s an act of power to allow yourself to receive, and tend your health and happiness. well done, you!

if you’d like to be held in a safe and loving container to relax and receive healing with me live for a couple hours, we’ll hop on the phone and set sail. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and make sure these sessions are easy, relaxed, potent, and fun – even if you’re bringing what hurts most. we’ll chat until you feel deeply heard and met, and then I’ll sing some healing songs and consult my spirit helpers with you on the phone, drawing on a pretty robust set of techniques. I’ll make a live recording of your healing story for you to keep, and follow up with you after some integration, at a time you choose.

healing doesn’t have to be serious or somber, or hurt. I have a lot of experience holding space for intensity, gentleness, or big dreams, and really love working together and making healing joyful and sweet. if this feels good, let’s enjoy a cup of tea together, and support your lovely self.

here are some reflections from folks I’ve worked with over the years, to support you in your discernment.  happy healing!

Distant Reiki

$155 for 1 hour, via phone

reiki is my first love, and I’ll always work with this simple, powerful, and sentient energy.  I taught reiki for 17 years before the pandemic, and have since shifted into offering distant treatment and retiring from teaching reiki.  turns out, it’s really sweet for folks to curl up in their healing nests at home, and receive!   distant reiki is like a soothing and restorative healing pod to hop into during your day.

everyone is super different in the way we receive distant reiki.  while receiving, some folks feel that they receive intuitive information, feel energy moving, release emotions, see colors, connect with their concept of the divine, have a deep nap (yay!), or have a subtle experience that then ripples out in days following treatment.  some folks feel refreshed, some inspired.  really, reiki knows what it’s doing, and will offer what you need.

like other healing modalities, reiki continues working with us for a few days after a treatment, as we integrate what we receive.  this is when life is like a treasure hunt, to discern what’s being revealed and healed.  the most beautiful aspect of reiki is how powerfully it can support anything we bring for healing.  reiki, you’re wonderful…thanks for supporting us!

sacred geometry

How it Works

reiki has led you here…welcome!  if you feel that I’m a good fit to support you, you can book a session via this page.  I’ll call you at the time you choose, and we’ll say howdy for ten or so minutes to see what needs support, as this can change a lot from the time you book the session.

once you book your distant reiki session, you’ll receive a confirmation with some suggestions for preparation for your treatment, like lighting a candle or having music you love at hand in a safe and quiet space to receive.  usually, the mind chatters quite a bit in the first five minutes of receiving, and after that, a big warm wave of reiki comes to greet you, and everything settles and calms.  while I send reiki, some folks like to stay on the phone and some like to hang up and I call back after sending for 30ish minutes.  either way, I’ll make little notes of any impressions that come through, and make a recording of sharing them with you at the end of your session.

after session, I’ll send you some aftercare invitations along with your reiki recording, and you’re on the reiki adventure for the next several days!  it’s really fun to just be comfy together, let reiki do it’s magical thing, and help you feel supported and happy.  welcome!

here are some reflections from folks I’ve worked with over the years, to support you in your discernment.  happy healing!