Healing is Magic

I taught shamanism and reiki for 18 years.  I’ve retired from teaching, and still offer sessions.

my spirit helpers taught me that healing is ‘the art of holding more light’ – we can all heal.

there is an extraordinary world of spirit, healing, and peace waiting for you…

I love this work more than anything, and I’m happy you’ve arrived.

here’s to your joy, healing, miracles, and goodness.

with heart,

ceremony creation

ceremony creation: $350, 2 hours
(via phone or zoom)

in our modern culture, we may feel distant or removed from magic and powerful milestones that mark significant transitions in our lives.  in an effective ceremony, there is ‘life before ceremony’ and ‘life after ceremony,’ because our identity and way of relating to life changes.

we’ll chat about what wants to change or shift in your life, and I’ll ask my helping spirits for a ‘ceremony recipe’ for you to perform after our time together.  the possibilities for ceremony are limitless, and helping spirits create living poetry for us to perform in 3D.  good ceremony has lots of mindful detail – here are two very broad ceremony summaries, from hundreds offered by spirit over the years:

  • healing after losing a child: standing in the surf, a grieving father whispered each memory he had hoped to have into prepared rose petals, releasing them and his sorrow into the ocean.  his friends held a dinner of honoring, where they shared stories of tragedy and triumph.  a toast was raised in his child’s name with a promise to remember her…she lives on in many memories and hearts.
  • honoring the birth of a women’s collective:  all of the women cooked a meal from scratch that evoked memories of joy and belonging, and ate in a sea of flowers and firelight.  a candle from a cherished leader lit each woman’s candle as she shared her hopes for the collective, until everyone’s dreams held symbolic light.  after singing to the stars, each received a special bracelet, a dedication to the collective dream.

after session, I’ll send you a ceremony template and special preparation list.  you perform your ceremony, and we check in afterwards to learn what has changed within you as a result.  ceremonies help us become present and aware of the rich lived tapestry of our lives – they help us make sense of living with acceptance, awe, and wonder.

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custom & returning

custom sessions/returning clients: $350, 2 hours
(via phone or zoom)

I’ve been teaching and offering healing work since 2004, and there’s a lot in the healing basket beyond soul retrieval, reiki, and ceremony creation.  it’s an eclectic and extraordinary mix!

if you’re feeling called to a different kind of healing than is listed here and it’s in my skill set, we can do that, too.  offerings include cord healing, power restoration, psychopomp, releasing and rewriting spirit contracts, medicine keys, magical council, extraction, light codes, dowsing, crystal healing grids, or (this is so fun) kinds of healing that don’t have names, because your helping spirits will bring it through here planetside for you.

the world of spirit and mystery is our oyster!

time permitting, I also officiate weddings, opening ceremonies, celebrations of life, and women’s circles.  these are all really unique, and we use custom session time to vision, dream, and plan together.  I love creating beauty and performing ceremony with folks – if you’re interested in something like this, let’s explore it in a session and learn what’s calling.  if timing doesn’t line up for me to facilitate an experience for you in person, I’m happy to reach to my network to find someone who might be able to help.

please note: if you’re looking for something like officiating a wedding or women’s circle, there will be additional cost to cover my travel time and services.  please always feel free to email me about this – I’m here.

last and certainly not least, big hug to all of my students and previous clients.  I love you!  if we’ve worked together before, and you feel like you need a tune-up, are at a crossroads, or just need some support, please feel free to book a custom session.  our connection is strong and sacred, and I’d love to reconnect – even if it’s been a decade or two!

soul retrieval

soul retrieval sessions: $350, 2 hours
(via phone or zoom)

soul retrieval is a beautiful form of shamanic healing that helps us recover from trauma, a long hard time, illness, exhaustion, or major upheaval in our lives.  most folks can benefit from this kind of healing.

when hardship happens, part of our soul (vital essence) can split off to help us survive, which is a great strategy in the moment, but can leave us diminished.  ‘soul retrieval’ is exactly what it sounds like – helping spirits literally bring you back home to yourself.  in a session, we spend 2 hours together with a little rest break in the middle, and start by chatting about what’s happening in your life.  I’m an easy person to talk to, listen well and deeply, and our spirit helpers set the stage while we chat and find our ease.

I’ll sing to raise power on your behalf, and drum to connect with spirit helpers who bring back lost soul parts and power for you.  usually, soul retrievals include meeting a new helping spirit for you to integrate your healing, or sometimes a talisman or healing object. I’ll share your healing with you while recording, and email that to you after session with aftercare invitations.

we’ll follow up at a time we agree on (a week, a moon, three months, etc), to see how your integration is going.  often, helping spirits offer a small, meaningful ceremony for you to perform as part of your healing process.

soul retrievals are joyful, powerful, and magical…welcome home!

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reiki treatment

reiki healing sessions: $150, 1 hour
(via phone or zoom)

reiki is intelligent healing energy, a particular frequency of love.  although reiki feels peaceful and gentle when we receive it, it’s also very powerful and effective at releasing energy blockages, helping us find our center, releasing energy that isn’t our own, and restoring vibrance and joy in living.

in a session, we’ll chat about your intention and what brought you to reiki, along with any particular physical, mental, or emotional areas to focus on.  we’ll get you comfy and relaxed to receive (think ‘blissful healing cocoon’), and I’ll offer a healing prayer on your behalf.  as you relax with restful music (I’ll send you a few tracks to check out when you book your session).  I send you distant reiki, and make a recording of intuitive impressions that arise.  I’ll email those after session with aftercare invitations.

as you receive reiki, you may feel calm, drift into sleep, feel euphoria or a sense of being home, receive insights or intuitive information, or communicate directly with your concept of spirit.  emotions may come up to be released, and the effects of a session usually ripple out for a few days, as reiki engineers goodness in your life.  I loved every second of teaching reiki for 18 years, and will always offer it – it’s my first true love in the healing world, and I’d love to show you why.

special note for sensitive creatures in our times – reiki is a kind oasis of hope and healing.  think, ‘simple, potent, restorative, sweet.’

Lived Experience

‘everything feels so much sweeter, more magical, and full of hope.  at the same time, it’s also a perspective that’s deeply grounded in truth. doing this work together was another unbelievable sweetness.’ ~emery