9 months of circling and ceremony

next 2022 online women’s circle dates for newcomers: 3rd sundays @ 10am-2pmPDT
mar 20, apr 17, may 22, jun 19, jul 17, aug 21, sept 18, oct 16, nov 20, dec 18
$333 monthly energy exchange, small cohort
interested? please email to connect

this circle is loving, powerful, and life changing…and the loving hand of the goddess has guided you here.  the goddess has been honored planetside for 30,000+ years, and she appears wearing thousands of enigmatic and loving faces.  whether she presents as fierce protector, nurturing mother, wild dreamer, shy child, wise elder, or beloved friend, she reveals herself to us in her own timing.  she is alive and thriving, mysterious and accessible.  welcome!

Many goddesses

a thing that makes our circle unique is that we’re each working with the goddesses that uniquely speak to us.  before circle begins, we each quest (guidance provided) for a face of the goddess that resonates with our sacred hearts. she may whisper to you as elli, and roar to me as sekhmet….trust that she will reveal her most perfect form to you. the strength of this approach is that we all get to learn about new goddesses from each other, and our experiences are individually shaped within the larger circle.

just as we visit experiences of youth & wonder, maturity & tending, and wise woman & elder many times throughout our human lives, our 9-month experience cycles through three larger archetypes of maiden, mother and sage.  ‘the goddess & me’ is designed to cultivate priestess aspects within, and create direct, living relationships with the goddess(es) who move and delight you.  some of what we get up to:

  • sing, journal, draw, craft, quest, ceremonies, journeys
  • circle together every third sunday
  • create a goddess altar and prayer bowl
  • receive monthly activations with the goddess
  • meet 18 goddesses on new and full moons
  • connect in the timeless miracle of women circling together
sacred geometry

One Circle

our circle has natural cycles, just as women do, and opens to newcomers every 3 months.  whatever archetype we enter in, we all stay in circle for 9 months, meeting many lovely folks, and adventuring together. there is both a live circling and deep sisterhood component to this experience, and also a self-guided ‘you get out of this what you put in’ aspect that distinguishes the path of skilled seeker, with many tools and prompts to support you in your exploration of the feminine mysteries.

really, the goddess & me is a loving circle of kind women supporting one another as we play, learn from our sisters and the goddess, and come home to ourselves.  our circle culture is based in deep kindness and respect, and we’ll laugh, cry, celebrate, mourn, listen, and grow through the magic of circling together.   we don’t give advice or offer counsel – we simply connect deeply, and witness with love.  warm welcome!


  • let’s share a cup of tea together and learn how we flow together.  once you enter circle, I’ll help you quest for your goddess, and create a personal ceremony of activation with her
  • before circle begins, you’ll create your goddess altar and prayer bowl, and find a special ‘goddess & me’ journal to draw in and chronicle your experiences

Special Goodies

in every 3-month archetype (maiden, mother, sage), we meet and welcome new women and new goddesses.  we sing, craft power objects, receive activations, journal with prompts, read books, circle together, and can attend optional mid-month support circles.

each of the ‘special goodies’ is handcrafted and completely unique.  sprinkled throughout, they include:

  • activations: the temple of the goddess, the maiden’s meadow, the many faces of mother, the hallway of esoteric sage, the goddess cottage, the animal mother, the cauldron at the heart of creation, the sacred mystery, blessings of the old ones
  • power object creation: goddess doll talisman, herb purification besom, weave a pouch of memory
  • ceremonies and quests: labyrinth walk, bath in the sacred grotto, 28-day mother quest, death mysteries
  • dyad exchanges outside of circle: give and receive healings with women in circle, send lovenotes via post
  • life reviews and healings: initiations of youth, motherhealing exchange, preparing for death
sacred geometry

How We Show Up

some folks choose to attend the live circles, and that alchemy is enough to fill and sustain our hearts through setting magic and sisterhood into motion in our lives.  some folks show up in circle, work with the altars and community prayer bowls, perform pilgrimages and have adventures out on the land, speak daily with their goddesses to receive teachings and guidance, create and perform ceremonies…like everything else, this circle is what you bring to it, and holds potential to change you in some beautiful and unexpected ways.  however you show up, you are welcome and loved.


my journey with the goddess began a long time ago in the high desert of new mexico, after an unexpected initiation in a labyrinth  since, I’ve gazed at thousands of images of her, devoured libraries, offered art and song and dance in her honor, made pilgrimages, and sought her through direct revelation.   mother bast (feline majesty and motherlove), and beloved sekhmet (fury and healing) are sacred to my heart, are my friends and my family, and I cherish them with all that I am.

Which goddesses are calling you?


may the goddess, the fierce protector,
the divine mother, the wild one, the shy child,
the fearsome warrior, the enigmatic sage, the great her,
shower miracles down on you like rain,
lay blessings at your feet like roses,

love, anna


as guardian of the circle, I chat with every applicant (below).  welcome!