Short & Sweet

we’ve all had a moment when we were at the right place at the right time – an unexpected meeting in a bookshop that led to true love, a surprise sunset encounter on the cliffs that launched a movement, a phrase uttered in passing that changed our lives forever…

ephemeral moments can plant powerful seeds.

there’s no ‘schedule’ to the dreaming otter ephemerals…
they’ll pop up here and there, and do their magical thing.

…how delightful!

‘Cosmic Bonbons’

the ephemerals are sweet treats, and they’re meant to be fleeting.  the basic notion is an opportunity to be in circle together with lovely teachers from all over planet earth, in the comfort of pajamas with a cozy cup of tea.

I’m a cheerful and loving hostess, and I’ll make sure you feel comfy and welcome.  it’s a real joy to savor potent teachings from global teachers  and healers, and then share what magic we receive with our communities…all in a short and sweet half hour together.

sacred geometry

How it works

these are simple and sweet!  once you sign up, playful otter paws will send you a zoom link.  on the day of the ephemeral, we all log on early for smooth tech, and pour a companion cup of tea and rest until circle begins.  we’ll set a safe space, meditate together, enjoy receiving brief and helpful teachings, reflect, and then hop off into the day with full hearts.

the ephemerals are designed to make us feel good, offer effective and useful teachings with global luminaries, and support us on our earthwalks in a simple, accessible way.


Jan 9: Philip Carr-Gomm

mystic, druid, elder, author, and teacher from england

it’s my deepest JOY to welcome you to circle with philip carr-gomm!  I first discovered philip a long time ago in a magical bookshop, when the ‘druid animal oracle deck’ fell into my paws.  oh, delight!  that opened me up to philip’s world, and his body of work is truly amazing.

philip was the head of the order of bards ovates and druids for 32 years, from 1988-2020, and now embraces the encompassing path of the universal mystic.  you might consider checking out his 25 books, oracles, and meditations here, learning about sophrology, or visiting his online school, the art of living well.

we’d love to welcome you to circle with philip, who joins us from sussex, england.  he’s a lovely, welcoming spaceholder, and a delight!  to philip, kind and reverent thanks for creating such beauty in our world.

think short & sweet.  think cosmic hors d’oeuvre.  think welcome home…see you soon, friends.

there is special magic in circling together live, joining as global family from all over planet earth.  at the october 2021 ephemeral, bracha goldsmith joined us from greece to channel the pleiadians and look at 2022’s astrological landscape.  we’ll record the ephemerals as we’re able, and I’ll post bracha’s visit for you shortly.  more soon!