hi folks!

in some cases, I’m able to offer partial scholarship.

I journey with my helping spirits about every request,

and honor every ask with an open heart.

please complete the form below

if you need a helping hand.


I’ve been there

I know healing arts can seem expensive, especially when we’re in need – I’ve been there.  I also know what it takes to run a healing practice, and understand why honorable energy exchange is so important – I’ve been there, too.

full transparency – I’m a one-woman show with a finite amount of time and energy, and the work I do is demanding and unusual.  I love all beings, see capacity for goodness everywhere, and I want to help.  there must be a balance between these truths…and I hope to have found a happy one.

enter…the helping hand scholarship.  folks who feel I’m a good fit and don’t have the energy exchange can apply, and if I’m able and also feel that I’m a good fit, I’ll do my best to help out.  if I can’t meet your needs on energy exchange, or feel another practitioner or teacher might be a better fit, I’ll be a breadcrumb on the trail that hopefully points you in the right direction.  blessings!

sacred geometry

The container

I’m happy to share that folks can add $33 (non tax-deductible) to the helping hand scholarship fund as they purchase select sessions or classes, which makes it more possible for me to extend support to folks in need.  we’re all in this together, and helping each other out in small and simple ways can ripple out and change lives forever.

I work with my helping spirits about timing and alignment for all scholarship requests, and follow the guidance I receive.  if my helpers let me know that timing isn’t right, or I’m not a good fit, I’ll respectfully let you know, with love and gratitude.  beyond the counsel of my helpers, scholarship is shaped by how many programs are going, and what’s on my personal plate.  no matter what, I’ll do my best I can in the moment I’m in.

still reading?  awesome!  I honor you for being here, and everything that you survived and thrived through to arrive here.  If I’m able, I’ll show up for you, holding strong boundaries and lovingkindness.

For consideration

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