Personal retreat with the goddess

spring equinox, monday march 20

replenish & renew

why this matters

our culture has lots of ways to keep you rushing, doing, achieving, tasking, responding, clicking, engaging, producing, and being ‘on’ all the time (gah!), and it’s become ‘normal’ to feel ratcheted up and unable to relax, especially if you’re a sensitive or empathic creature.

you might be feeling a deep heart weariness if you haven’t had real down time in a long time.

there’s a pattern of disconnect that causes this, and it usually voices itself as:

  • ‘I’m on my phone all the time’ (usually followed by how empty and addictive you find social media, but participate anyway)
  • ‘I can’t seem to really relax or slow down’ (usually followed by awe or yearning over the idea of regular, effective rest)
  • ‘I feel like something is missing in my life’ (usually followed by an incredible litany of how busy you are)​​

the disconnect and weariness comes from one place: the absolute lack of space in most lives to ever really slow down.

you might have been going for even weeks at a stretch with only weekends ‘off,’ and those days might get filled with errands (did you wash the car?), visits (did you wrap the birthday gift?), cooking (did you make the weekly meal plan?), and an urgent-feeling slew of ‘I have to hurry up and get the list done so I can finally relax’ tasks.  eep!

perhaps at the end of a weekend you’ve finally ‘done all the things’…just in time for the whole week to start up again against a backdrop of next weekend maybe being better somehow.

probably, there was no real time in the middle of all the doing in your ‘time off’ to be able to slow down, relax, or truly exhale – and you might be dropping into how much you’d like to just…stop.  rest.

anna laughing autumn

why I care

personal retreat saved my life.  sound dramatic?  it’s actually true.

long ago, in a state of total burnout and crispy exhaustion, personal retreat practice helped me discover how to be happy again.

since, every person I’ve walked through personal retreat (large, small, solo, group) has had alchemical, profound experiences that changed life as they knew it.

I’d love to show you how.

I’ve been helping people connect with the mystery for 20 years, in hundreds of classes, circles, workshops, and retreats.  in all that time, one underlying thing has always been true – connecting directly with the mystery, slowing down enough to heal and come home to yourself, and engaging in kind community are the strongest and most transformational magics I know.

why retreat?

personal retreat is a special kind of container, where you intentionally step outside of all your usual daily rhythm and flow, because even the most beautiful life can start feeling rote or ‘meh’ without dedicated time to recharge and go within.  wonderful things happen when you engage personal retreat…

because there’s actual space for the magic to unfold.

my spirit helpers have a special name for what naturally happens in personal retreat – they call it listening for ‘the song in the silence.’  there is a particular magic that happens when the song in the silence makes itself known to you, that simply can’t appear in the cacophony of busy you might have been enduring.

the song in the silence is the wisdom of your own heart.

who is this for?

this retreat is crafted for genuinely kind and gentle women who relish slowing down and connecting with kindred spirits…and enjoy time going within and deepening with your own magic and the bigger feminine mystery.

you might be feeling like your spirit is craving a magical space for restoration after trudging along through our times.  you might remember that you used to feel alive, balanced and in flow, and hear the women’s mysteries and your sisters whispering for you to come home.

you might love connecting with the goddess in her many faces, and want to bask in her presence.  you might want to hang out with some radiant women and relax into a solid experience with the divine.

if you love deep self-care, inner exploration, kind women, and engaging the mystery, this is a space to fill your well and return to your own magic.

why aphrodite?

aphrodite’s day started when the pandemic began, and I was trying to figure out how we could nourish ourselves, connect safely in community, and touch the magic.  I have a deep affinity for the goddess in her many faces, and it was the goddess of love and beauty who first stepped forward to hold this container, when she guided this half-day, at-home retreat to replenish and restore women through sacred bathing practice, feasting, and questing.

aphrodite was a surprise, and her magics and medicines are glorious.

there are many so faces of the goddess to align with, and that’s the joy of it all.  I walk in reverence with sekhmet, quan yin, and bast, and there are other beloveds who visit from time to time.  it might feel right for you to bring other faces of The Great Her into retreat with you  – excellent!  the retreat ceremonies are designed to welcome both aphrodite and additional faces of the sacred who call to you.


this retreat is really interesting, because there’s both a lot to it and a very strong container…and there’s deep simplicity and joy in the process, too.

I’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible below, so you can feel into your heart and see if this is for you.  if you have a question not covered here, please email and let me know.

this retreat is one of the most special, unique, and rewarding experiences I know, and I’d love to share it with you.  welcome!

the magic of the goddess and personal retreat is strong.  the circle will hold you.

before the retreat, you receive detailed instructions, including how to create a sacred bathing chamber in your home (this is really fun and lovely), with foods, sacred objects, and tools to have on hand.  expect to spend an hour or two preparing before circle.  each act of cleaning shower or tub, selecting fresh flowers, or creating a simple altar for the day is an act of love.

preparation sets the stage for the divine to hold you in tangible ways.

when we circle online, I’ll invoke, channel aphrodite to clear our energy and arrive together. I’ve been leading circles for two decades, and have a natural knack for helping people quickly feel at ease, even if you’re a shy and sensitive creature like me.

with beautiful music, we’ll journal around themes offered from the goddess and share what arises for us – this feels sweet, potent, and unexpected in the best ways.  we’ll review the step-by-step instructions for our time offline in retreat, and tend to any questions so we all feel ready for the experience.

once offline, with all of your preparations in place, the synchronized (but not rigid) flow of retreat begins.  you’ll start with a recorded activation in aphrodite’s sacred grotto that sets the medicine in motion.  from there, your materials walk you through your opening ceremony, sacred bathing process to purify and restore (potent!), intentional feasting for the body and heart, and a particular kind of mystical questing in your own space to receive an omen, sign, or message from the divine.

you’ll have lots of spaciousness for offline retreat between the opening and closing circles together via zoom – you won’t feel rushed at any point, and will instead have time for napping, savoring, or time outside with nature if that feels good for you.  you’ll be having your own personal, unplugged experience on retreat, and may also feel aware that you’re not doing this alone – there is a group of magical women all over the planet engaging the mystery with you.

after about 3 hours bathing, feasting, questing, and resting, we meet again online to witness and close, glowing and serene.  we’ll savor and share our experiences from retreat together – and we never advise or counsel.  instead, we listen deeply, and drink in the wisdom our sisters share from their direct experiences.

we’ll explore how to re-enter daily rhythms after retreat, and you’ll spend the remainder of the day integrating and resting.  this surprisingly sacred and effective online/offline hybrid experience weaves together technology to connect us, and also invites the divine to fold us in loving arms.

aphrodite’s day helps you rest in your calm center in both solitude and community, so you can find your own ‘song in the silence.’  as women have done since ancient times, we come together to speak our hearts, connect with the divine, and deepen into the women’s mysteries.

you don’t need a palatial bathtub, a cleaning crew, personal chef, or to have achieved enlightenment to come play – thank goodness!

you will need an hour or two to prepare before circle, and about 5 delicious hours to be undisturbed once circle begins.  you might shop for healthy food and fresh flowers the night before, wake up at 8am, prepare your bathing space, and engage the retreat from 10am until 3pm.

plan on a whole day, with time to rest afterwards.

before circle, you’ll receive a PDF with all of your materials, and the preparation is important – it shapes your experience in a lot of ways.  you’ll need:

  • uninterrupted time (no cell phones, kids, or other disruptions)
  • healthy foods and teas you enjoy for the day of your retreat, ready to go
  • journal and pen, comfy clothes to relax and lounge in
  • stable zoom connection with good audio and video
  • a very clean bathroom – the PDF outlines how to turn this into a healing chamber
  • fresh flowers, bath salts or bubbles you love, lotions or oils, candles
  • sacred objects that are meaningful to you that you wish to weave in

there’s certainly solid preparation involved.  it’s worth it.

this is a special experience.  your efforting in a sacred way is part of the journey – you’re showing yourself and the divine that you’re ready and willing for the magic to come and lavish you in love…and the feminine divine and her magics will answer you back.

there are big, deep, juicy mysteries afoot in this circle – the magic of women circling and sharing in kindness as we’ve done since there were women, slowing down to engage contemplation and the song in the silence, and working in a conscious way with the divine.  do you need special skills to join us?

you might have an established, rich spiritual practice that you’ve been traveling with for many decades or years, and that’s perfect. you might be brand new to working with spirit, retreat, or the goddess, but feel like you need this and have healthy curiosity and an open heart. that’s perfect, too.

you don’t need any special skills to join this circle beyond truly wanting to slow down, curiosity about engaging the mystery, and being fully willing to show up with love and respect for everyone in circle, including yourself. aphrodite and the goddesses will show up teach you – all you need to do is show up in with kindness, curiosity and respect, and be willing to receive.

to help you receive nourishment and rest, aphrodite’s day is offered on a sliding scale at $225 (‘the grotto’), $375 (‘the sanctuary’), or $425 (‘the haven’).

each price includes *exactly* the same access, and includes:

  • preparation instructions
  • opening circle (clearing meditation, journaling, sharing)
  • step-by-step instructions for bathing ceremony, feasting, questing, reflecting, resting
  • recorded, channeled audio activation from aphrodite in her sacred grotto for your offline bathing ceremony
  • closing circle (deepening meditation, sharing, gratitudes)
  • contact information for women who choose to share, so you can connect with sisters from circle

if you’d like to join us, you can choose the price that works for your heart and budget below.  I’m so excited for you to come join us…this is one of my favorite circles!  :)

you might be wondering, as part of this experience is a sacred bathing ceremony, if you’ll be bathing online.  no, indeed!  (laughter)

we prepare for circle, and get everything we need set for the day.  we gather online to circle, connect, journal, and introspect…and then we all hop offline so we can move through the bathing ceremony on our own time in our own home sanctuaries.  we follow this with feasting, questing, and resting, with spacious time to enjoy each experience, and then at an appointed time we all gather online in circle again to witness, celebrate, and close.

there’s ample time for everything, so you’ll never feel rushed.  even when you’re offline luxuriating in the bath, relishing your feast, questing in your garden or backyard, or quietly resting, the love of aphrodite and support of the circle is with you.

yes!  we do indeed gather on a monday, because this is the actual day of spring equinox.  it is a holy and special day, and allows us special access to magic, replenishment, and healing.

it may feel counter to what the world demands, but it’s absolutely vital to slow down (especially as a sensitive)…so you can reconnect to your own inner magic, release what doesn’t serve, and welcome more of what makes your heart sing.

it’s unusual in our fast-paced times to prioritize a monday for self-care and connecting with your heart…and extraordinary things happen in spaces where we can truly slow down.

there is power in setting time aside for ourselves to be with the rhythms of nature, deep connection with kind humans, and honor self-care above everything else.  my spirit helpers often share with me that when we ‘put ourselves out,’ the divine responds.  the rewards of this gathering and sacred time for rest are rich, and deep.

lived experience:

‘I turned my bathroom into a crystal plant jungle! this circle was so beautiful and healing, I’ve been trying to make an important life decision, and after today I got so many signs that I know it’s time to make that decision. ​it was just what I needed.’ – carla

‘I realized I haven’t been allowing myself as much cherishment as I could. when I was in my jungle of a bathroom with the flowers and vines, steam rising, candles, and music, I blew bubbles in the bath like a little girl and laughed. I found myself thinking, ‘I wish I could do this every day!’ I’m in awe of how aphrodite works and moves. what a joy.’ – anna

‘it’s pretty amazing that you can turn your bathroom into a sacred divine grotto because you decided to! incredibly, surprisingly powerful, profound, healing​. I learned my body is sacred, and that feels so beautiful. I loved this so much – thank you all.’ – julie

‘the bathing ceremony was really emotional. I remembered my worthiness of love, and acceptance of my body. I saw that I have this creativity in me that I’m not allowing to come through, so I wrote a song and a poem, and I drew a picture – it was so enriching.

I would love to have this intentional time more often, and I kept wondering, how can I keep this going? thank you so much.’ – amy

‘I went to this deep place of stillness. my mind has been really full, and I understood that in the end slowing down is more productive than trying to push forward. having that place of connection to allow motion instead of trying to make it happen, that was the gift today. I feel wonderful.’ – heather

welcome to the retreat

aphrodite’s day is offered on spring equinox itself.

wait – isn’t that a monday?  yes.  this is a powerful day to gather, when the veils are thin and the numinous is more accessible for us.  I honor that a monday retreat and may seem unusual for human schedules – and we’ll gather on it to honor how special the energies of the day are, and what becomes possible on it.  just like crossfit is for hardcore folks, this retreat is for women who truly commit to honoring self-care and spirit work.

join us by choosing one of the sliding scale prices below.  all three choices give you *exactly* the same access.  you just choose the price that feels best to your heart and situation: $225 (‘the grotto’), $325 (‘the sanctuary’), $425 (‘the haven’).  once your choose which price, click ‘book’ and follow the prompts.

note: the deadline to join the circle is saturday evening, march 18, so you can prepare at a gentle pace.  welcome!

choose a price & join the retreat