water rabbit year

happy year of the water rabbit:

happy lunar new year to you!  we are beginning water rabbit year today, january 22, 2023.  water rabbit has showed up a lot in the unseen realms in my recent spirit journeys, and here’s a journey with her for our community, to support you this lunar year:


‘bringing a big bunch of vibrant orange carrots with bushy green tops, I journey to meet water rabbit – and discover to my surprise that she’s already with me, quietly hopping alongside me on a well-worn and loved path in the spirit realms. she is long and lean and beautiful, with softest fur and gently shining eyes. there is a bright sweetness to her, and we arrive together at otter’s mesa, next to the burbling river of life and infinite ocean, under the starry skies.

water rabbit accepts a carrot, gently nibbling with a thoughtful look on her face. she looks up into the cosmos, and murmurs the thing all of my helping spirits are saying since 2023 began: ‘humans will need to be strong this year. it is a year where you will be invited to birth your gifts, in a strong way.’

‘strength and wisdom will be needed, and compassion most of all.’

I ask how we can best navigate the year? sweet water rabbit, glowing contentedly in the starlight, replies ‘by setting time aside time for yourself now, so you can be gentle and go within. the year will require much of each of you, in your own ways. without time set aside now for resting, you may feel stretched thin, and unable to meet coming energies with skill and grace.’

she showed me a marvelously cozy, welcoming burrow for her little ones. ‘the tender little ones cannot be nourished without a burrow made in advance for their arrival. so it is with your human lives…make the burrow now, soft and sweet, so when you need to recharge, it will be there for you. set aside time and guard it as you would your little baby bunnies, your precious heart, your fleeting experience of time. know that you are loved, and come speak to me at need.’

with gratitude, I ask how we can honor water rabbit this year? ‘make little treasures for yourself, and invite me in,’ she says. ‘smelling a flower bloom, savoring a bite of food or the embrace of a friend, smiling at a cloud. these little things honor me in a peaceful way, and help you feel into the web of life.’

‘be wise like rabbit this year, my little ones, guard your time wisely, savor sweet moments, and hop gently along. my love to you all!’

she hops away on quiet feet, fuzzy tail sparkling in the starlight, leaving a sense of sweetness and peace in her wake.’


all of my helping spirits are saying the same thing about 2023 – ‘humans will need to be strong this year. set aside time now in your year to recharge.’ over and over, the same message. my colleagues who teach and work with spirit also share they’re getting the same information.

as such, I invite you into an annual practice with me, where we set aside monthly time to recharge…let’s calendar that sacred time for ourselves now.

using myself as an example, I take personal retreat 3 days a month, so I can replenish my personal energies and live in the magic that sustains me. those 3 days a month are on the calendar for 2023, and on those 3 sacred days, nothing is allowed to nibble at my time and energy (‘b’ is for boundaries, after all). I’ve learned to gently decline even the most wonderful invitations, like friend visits, beloved clients, cherished family, and fun events…so I can feel recharge, feel nourished and strong, do my spiritual work, and be of service to creation in a healthy way.

that’s what I need, and your model will be different.

listening to water rabbit’s message, what down time can you calendar and set aside now for sacred rest in 2023 for yourself?

(actually doing this is more powerful than reading it)

I wish you the happiest lunar new year, thank water rabbit for her wise counsel, encourage you to actually schedule sacred time in your calendar for rejuvenation and sacred rest, and send you all my love.

with heart,